Rigelatin Update Log

July 4th, 2017

Three things:

1) Updated the JRPG Generator with more words everywhere. Most importantly, the list of possible character names has been dramatically expanded, and there are now many more synonyms of the evil and gloomy category that appear a lot in certain descriptions - now a main character's sad past can be also a woeful covenant, and an evil queen can be described as immoral, horrendous, etc. Also, one new function has been added in which now certain descriptions can generate a rank for a character's role - for example, a master sorcerer or a novice ninja. In any case, press that button and have fun!

2) Rigelatin's main page has been slightly redesigned. The changes are very subtle for the most part, but I've also added a section of links to my art-related sites since both Denise and Todd have been asking me where the hell are the links in here. Sorry for not really linking to them more before, I just thought that people didn't care to look at that if they came for my fansites...
In any case, if you scroll down the main page of Rigelatin, you'll also notice...

3) ...that there is a new site! It's called Staircase Spirit and it's a joint project of me and Denise. It's essentially a collection of articles about this and that. Some could become fansites in the future, some are self-contained. We've been working on this behind the scenes for a long time and we'll progressively release more stuff for it, so come back often!

May 25, 2017

After like seven years of just writing a quick note on the index page to announce any updates, I've decided to start an actual update log. Now you can read more than one update at a time, and I can read this and remember what the fuck I was even doing in here. Wow!

Today's update is that I've added a fun filter to the favorite characters page. It's really just for my own amusement, but it was an interesting thing to make. Don't take it too seriously.
Since I was already there, I updated that page's CSS a bit - among the other things, now the characters are centered by the power of flexbox (when I made that page, flex wasn't a thing yet!).

Super thanks to Denise for yelling at the Javascript with me.