November 18th, 2018

ritabuuk: Reworked Mystical Adjectives into three groups; so a character can know the secret knowledge of the elves or the timeless knowledge of the dwarves, but not the blazing knowledge of the merfolk (that sounds a bit weird).

I've also reworked most of the Personal Victims into a new Relatives list, or else merged with the Group Nouns. So the protagonist can be helped by a family of friendly trolls, as well as go on a quest to save their family.

I've also split out a list of Rulers from the bigger Being list, and we added lots more possible rulers to the list. This, combined with the new Relatives list will allow for a new possibility: a character who is the son of a goddess, a character who is the best friend of the queen, and other things like that.

June 30th, 2018

ritabuuk: We've added the possibility of a subtitle in the ridiculous style of Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean. One excellent example we did indeed generate is: Guardian of the Guardians: The Imperial Morning Star and The Storm Cave. We've also added a chance for names that are in the form of Name the Blank (Amy the Brave). Plus, there's now more variety to the phrasing of "unravel the secret" or "discover the mystery", etc.

April 22nd, 2018

dubiousdisc: We added a few more title words, and more celestial objects. This can lead sometimes to the conjunction of Orion with Charon, which is astronomically bullshit, but it's plausible enough that this would happen in a JRPG.

March 28th, 2018

ritabuuk: Did some work behind the scenes that makes it easier for us to draw from multiple word lists at once, which lets us make certain descriptions more flexible. Now the hero might need to embark on an exciting quest or an elven quest.

Likewise, the adjectives associated with various "jobs" can now be adjectives for a McGuffin: it might be The Mystical Pirate Sword or The Magical Chef's Hat.

November 20th, 2017

dubiousdisc: Added a new format for a generated description, which may or may have not been inspired by the prophecy in the opening of Baten Kaitos.

Changed the way some things work behind the scenes - nothing really visible from the front, but it helps to deal with generating character descriptions. Also, the generator can now make up a McGuffiny place - the Angelic Fortress, the Elven Garden, and so on. We've also added a couple new words that we were missing.

November 14th, 2017

ritabuuk: Some small tweaks:

We removed some poetic steed adjectives that were just too obscure. We were having too much fun looking up the words, and maybe went a bit too far the first time around. We doubt there has ever been a back-of-the-box that mentioned a chelonian steed so, yeah, that won't come up anymore.

The adjectives for different races (elven, dwarven, fey, etc.) can now be used to describe a McGuffin or to describe a place.

There is now a chance for hours of gameplay to end in a 5, and the probability of getting a game lasting hundreds of hours is much less likely (thank goodness).

October 9th, 2017

dubiousdisc: Added the possibility of characters riding a steed of some sort. We also added a brand new format for a generated description, made to sound like a disjointed prophecy. It will even mention a conjunction of some celestial body with some other celestial body! We're working on more description formats based on prophecies, so come back soon for more ridiculous prophecies.

Added "back of the box" to the features that a generated game can have for extra meta, so that sometimes you might see "procedurally-generated back of the box". Gasp!

We added a few more features that can be generated, taking inspiration from the back of the box for Exist Archive, because, geez.

And we've added this very page that you're reading! Hi there!

October 7th, 2017

ritabuuk: Made live something I've been working on for awhile: a massive overhaul of the underlying word system, which makes it much easier for us to deal with singular vs. plural versions of nouns. People on the outside probably won't notice much, but this will benefit us.

Outwardly, there is now the possibility of:
-- plural [job]s (a band of friendly sorcerers; fight ninjas and chefs; the clutches of the evil wizards
-- plural weapons (for both a singular heroes and groups of allies)

Celestial Objects have been split from Specific Places. Later, this will probably help us with implementing prophecies. But for now, this lets us fix the problem of the adventure taking place "in Mercury". The adventure will now take place "on Mercury".

We also added more words of various categories. Now the characters can be rollerbladers and skateboarders, and they can be named Al.

July 4th, 2017

dubiousdisc: Updated the generator with more words everywhere. Most importantly, the list of possible character names has been dramatically expanded, and there are now many more synonyms of the evil and gloomy category that appear a lot in certain descriptions - now a main character's sad past can be also a woeful covenant, and an evil queen can be described as immoral, horrendous, etc. Also, one new function has been added in which now certain descriptions can generate a rank for a character's role - for example, a master sorcerer or a novice ninja. In any case, press that button and have fun!

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