Originally, I wrote this generator in one evening with the intent to lampoon how a lot of JRPG titles sound the same. The title came with a little plot description that sounded like "the story of [protagonist] who saves [object] from [villain]".

In 2016, it was expanded to generate a back of the box blurb. This time around, Denise joined in the revamp: we compiled the word lists together, she wrote the awesome new code, and I made the layout and the background pictures. We wrote the blurb templates based on existing ones from games we own, and we wanted to poke fun at how they all sound the same...except that, in the process, we accidentally added a few fun words, and now the descriptions can sometimes sound more creative than any game we've ever played. In an astonishing turn, making up a game plot by madlibs can sometimes sound more exciting than real existing ones. Whoops...

The generator is a perpetual work in progress, and we're always adding new things to it. Check the update log for the latest features.

As a side note: even if we poke fun at them and even if they often make us mad, we still love these games.

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