Joker Emoji

We were expecting creepy, but...

Written by ritabuuk and dubiousdisc
Posted on October 24th 2020
Last Updated on April 26th 2021

For some reason, we were looking through a list of emoji, and we were surprised to learn that there is an emoji of the Joker. Not an emoji of a jester, but an emoji of the literal Poker card, with the shape of the card included in the emoji and everything. We're not sure why this emoji even exists... maybe for emoji-based Poker games?

Since emoji designs tend to vary wildly based on what client you are using, we decided to check out what all the different interpretations are for this Joker card emoji. Given the subject matter, we expected some of these emoji to be creepy but... well...

  1. Apple: Goth version of the Joker from Batman. Run.

    And yet, although you should run, this is not the worst compared to some of the others.

  2. Apple iOS 8.3 (and previous): For example, this is an abomination created by Sid from Toy Story. It even has the baby-doll head and creepy tentacles. The unevolved form of the goth Joker above.
  3. Google: It's a dollar-store bath toy for a baby. Oh my god, it's winking.
  4. Google Android 4.4 - 7.0: This is certainly a card. Although the face seems to have been misprinted. Too much black ink.
  5. Google Android 4.3: We like this one. It's monochrome with chubby lines. It looks mischievous, and maybe slightly evil. But just slightly. Probably not a murderer... yet.
  6. Microsoft: A believable card in a hypothetical emoji-themed Poker deck. The Joker depicted on the Joker card emoji is itself an emoji. Very meta, and surprisingly inoffensive.
  7. Microsoft 10 (and older): What happened to Charlie Brown's shirt?!
  8. Samsung: From afar, this is horrible and scary, but from up close, this is horrible and scary. The more we look at it, the more terrifying it gets. It has no scleras and no nose. This is not just a terrifying Joker. This is probably possessed.
  9. Samsung (old): And to think that it used to look like this. A cute child in a cute autumn-themed Halloween costume. They grow up and get possessed so fast.
  10. Whatsapp: The Joker... of Diamonds? Also, it looks like a mime, which is never a good thing.
  11. Joypixels: Bootleg Joker from the 1966 Batman series. Half of these emoji are even confused on what the Poker Joker is supposed to look like, and they end up with the character of the same name instead.
  12. Joypixels 3 - 4: And here he is without his makeup! He looks somewhat caught off-guard and breaking character. No one informed him that they were already shooting.

    The artist was caught off-guard too. They forgot that the bottom J is supposed to be upside-down so that the card can be read even when inverted. There's no point in having just two rightside-up Js.

  13. Joypixels 2: What a smarmy egg. There's something about this one that just makes us laugh.
  14. Joypixels 1: This is an endearing Halloween decoration made out of tissue paper. But we can't tell it's a Joker. It looks more like some sort of witch.
  15. Openmoji: Were you even trying?
  16. Messenger: Scary. Good thing the evil has been sealed away inside the ice cube.
  17. LG: It looks like one of the seven dwarves with a book on his head. Or maybe a clipart of a child in a poorly made elf costume for a Christmas recital. Nothing about this evokes a joker.
  18. HTC: If you take good care of your tamagotchi, it will turn into this. :D
  19. Mozilla: It's a baby in a hat! It's kind of cute, but not a joker.
  20. Softbank: An enemy in a Sega Genesis game. One of the annoying enemies, no less. We always die in that part.
  21. Docomo: Speaking of Sega, this is just Nights.
  22. au by KDDI: The Blue Badger from Ace Attorney.
  23. au by KDDI (old): This is so joyful, we can't hate it. Though, we unfortunately interpret the collar as spread out limbs: two arms, two legs, and... ...Well, he is very happy.
  24. And now, for the grand finale...

  25. Emojidex: Holy fuck… dark and sexy Joker. This Joker fucks. This Joker does BDSM. This Joker invented BDSM. He's doing a come-hither hand gesture, and we accept the invitation. As a card, it is stylish. We want this deck of cards. But we looked at the other Emojidex emojis, and this is an absolute outlier. The rest of the set looks like mediocre clipart at best, and then you have this smoldering fucker. We guess one artist was horny.