Detective Conan Anime Review: Ep 44 - 54

"That’s almost my favorite number."

Written by ritabuuk and dubiousdisc
Posted on January 2nd 2023
Last Updated on January 28th 2023

Part four of many more of our episode-by-episode review of the Detective Conan anime. For some more background on how we're doing this, see the introduction to Part 1.

The Three Hotta Siblings Murder Case

Anime Original
First Aired
January 20, 1997
Our Quick Blip
No good deed goes unpunished for Kogoro.
Kogoro makes sure to drink the expensive wine

It happens a lot in this show that Kogoro helps someone in need and ends up wrapped in murderous drama. In this episode, Kogoro helps a man whose car has broken down and gives him a ride to his mansion. The guy insists that Kogoro stay for his birthday party, as repayment. There will be a feast!

The rich guy pulls out a vintage wine, Surilie Brothers 399, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Ran asks Kogoro, is that a good wine? And Kogoro says, it's so far out of our price range, we can't even look at it. Drink it while you can!

But the family drama begins almost immediately. There are two brothers vying to take over their father's company, so they're all sucking up to him while trying to sabotage each other, and the father is saying things like, I bet you wish I'd died in an accident... and then in the middle of dinner, the estranged sister shows up, and there's yelling and fighting, and the whole table gets upended, and there goes Kogoro's dinner and glass of wine. Cry.

The rich guy yanks the tablecloth Everything has spilled

Instead, they end up having spaghetti in the side kitchen under the fluorescent lights with the butler, and all shaken from having witnessed this awkwardness.

And then the house explodes.

The rich guy opens the whiskey case

Actual Funimation dialogue:

  1. Rich Guy

    Well, at least this won’t ever disappoint me...
    (Promptly explodes)

The old man is dead, from a bomb in the whiskey case. Everyone in the room has a motive, except for the butler, who just started working here not too long ago. (Toggle whodunit...)

The butler did it.

Turns out that the sister was dating a pianist, and he proposed to her, and went to beg for her father's blessing, and not only her father didn't give his blessing, but he stomped on the pianist's fingers and broke his hand, making it impossible for him to play piano ever again. The pianist later committed suicide. This is why the sister left the family. She keeps a photo of her fiancé in a locket.

The daughter cries

And the butler is secretly the pianist's dad, and he became a butler to be able to murder that guy, and also the daughter, since he thought she dumped his son.

No???? She didn't??? Where did he get that information from?

So, the butler had planned to murder her, but Conan caught on about what was going on and prevented it. Imagine if the butler did manage to kill the daughter and then learned that actually, she was completely guiltless. So in the end, he only murdered the father, who was by all accounts a horrible person, but probably still didn't need to be exploded.

The episode ends with the daughter saying that while she's mad at her asshole father, she's also mad at her fiancé for committing suicide and driving his poor dad to murder.

The Facial Mask Murder Case

Anime Original
First Aired
January 27, 1997
Our Quick Blip
This is a good one to just watch and enjoy the mystery.
Creepy facial mask

Like in Episode 21, everybody fucked with the crime scene for different reasons. (Toggle spoilers...)

The murder was committed in a rage, so the culprit didn't really have a plan, not for the murder itself, and not for trying to get away with it afterwards. He just left the scene, had no alibi, did nothing to conceal his crime, and the best he thought was to just drive away in the opposite direction. It was only because everyone else tampered with the scene that he accidentally ended up with an ironclad alibi.

Kogoro with the suspect

Kogoro at the beginning was so sure it was him. And he was right! To be fair, the suspect was acting so shifty that something must have been up. Conan can be there saying that his shiftiness is irrelevant if he has an alibi, but that's not how it works. Especially not in this series, in which a bulletproof alibi is usually an extreme sign of guilt.

In the beginning, Kogoro has just finished dinner at a Chinese restaurant, and he says, man, nothing beats authentic noodles from an authentic restaurant. And Conan is all, noodles are noodles. Conan is such a killjoy. No joy for life. He understands nothing. Noodles are noodles, but can Kogoro not enjoy something, and enjoy eating in the authentic Chinese restaurant? What has he done to you?

The Snowy Mountain Lodge Murder Case

Manga Canon (Volume 10-11)
First Aired
February 3, 1997
Our Quick Blip
This is the episode with all the doctors and not any other episode you might be thinking of that also involves a snowy mountain lodge murder case. The characters-of-the-day are kinda interesting, but ultimately the puzzle is unfun because there's not enough information for the audience to solve it before Conan gives away the answer.
The professor covered in blood and stabbed in the back

Kogoro, Ran, and Conan are out skiing, and they meet a group of student doctors who are on a ski trip with their professor. Kogoro and all end up invited to their lodge, where MURDER happens. The professor went to the other room to watch his favorite show, and later he's found gruesomely dead. He was stabbed multiple times in the back, which pierced his lungs, which means he must have died slowly and agonizingly. This means that the culprit is likely someone with medical knowledge and wanted to make him suffer. Yikes! Don't make a doctor want to murder you.

Yet, which person with medical knowledge committed the crime? This is another episode where everyone wanted the victim dead, but who actually did it? And everyone has been so suspicious, but some of them have to be red herrings. Attention everyone, I'm going to take out the trash now! And I've suddenly decided to go skiing at night!

(Skiing-at-night guy isn't the culprit, he's just a freak like that. His alibi was incredibly solid, because he had the lift ticket with the timestamp. And for once, such an incredibly solid alibi was actually genuine and not part of a ruse. This guy just likes skiing at night!)

Conan explains that the lighter's position on the checkered tablecloth is a reference to shogi

While dying, the professor managed to set up a whole shogi-based dying message puzzle. In-universe, we kinda have to admire that this guy was in such extreme pain (to the point that all the doctors in the room went D: at the discovery of the wounds), and yet he still managed to invent and set-up this whole puzzle as a dying message. Then again, out-of-universe, it's just that the manga author is completely enamored with ridiculous shogi-based puzzles, and we're kinda not.

The culprit's alibi was... (Toggle spoilers...)

The culprit in the car with a bag of snacks, including ice cream
Actually, she did think ahead and bought some ice cream, but she spent so long in the car (with the heater on) thinking about her father before committing the murder, that the ice cream melted and she had to discard it from her plan.

...that she had bought the alcohol for after dinner, but they can't have alcohol with no snacks! So she gets the list of all the snacks that people want, and she's going to rush to the convenience store to buy the snacks before it closes. But she had pre-emptively bought all sorts of snacks, so, actually, she just came right back and murdered the professor. She was almost caught because she said the store was sold out of ice cream, and Conan was like, why would they be sold out of ice cream in a blizzard?! Then again, maybe they didn't restock. Who knows.

And the motive was... (Toggle spoilers...) ...thesis-stealing! The culprit's father died of cancer, and she was studying the same cancer and wrote her thesis about it, and then her professor stole it.

Overall, this was kind of a stupid episode. The puzzle involves the fact that all the suspects have shogi-related names, so you're probably not going to be able to guess anything unless you know about shogi. And even there, all the pieces were knocked off the table, so we didn't really get to see the dying message to be able to solve the puzzle ourselves. So it's one of those episodes where Conan just explains everything, but the audience couldn't have really guessed much.

The Sports Club Murder Case

Anime Original
First Aired
February 10, 1997
Our Quick Blip
The first sign of Kogoro's fear of heights
Kogoro wakes up on the high dive and freaks out when he realizes where he is

We were really surprised this episode was anime original, because it provides one of the first hints of Kogoro's fear of heights. It's less pointed at than we thought we remembered, but it does lay the premise.

This is another episode where we meet this one guy who is a jackass who makes enemies wherever he goes. He's dead. Who didn't do it?

The mystery itself is not that compelling and not that well-presented. The critical piece of evidence is... (Toggle spoilers...)

...a drawing a witness made of what turns out to be the murderer, and the witness just so happened to include the gleam of the moonlight on the earring, and the culprit is the only one wearing an earring. But is this really admissible evidence? It's not a photo. The supposed gleam of the earring could have been a stray hatch mark, or a sparkle of water, or complete fiction. It's only because the culprit feels discovered that he gives a full confession.

The sketch turned so that the figure is right-side-up The sketch with the dude superimposed over it
Yeah, and the other hatchmarks must represent his pectoral piercing and his deltoid piercing.

More solid evidence is that they later find the cinderblock which was the actual murder weapon. Why hadn't it been found sooner? We suppose because there was no real investigation, since the case had been immediately ruled as an accident. But Conan had to go there and find the chloroformed towel himself and, really, what was the forensics team doing, wanking?

It's cute that, while Kogoro needs to work out to stay in shape as a private eye, Ran turns to Conan all, let's go check out the pool! :D

The Diplomat Murder Case

Manga Canon (Volume 10)
First Aired
February 17 and 24, 1997
Our Quick Blip
Critically important canon episode that introduces an important character, and there are important events between Ran and Shinichi.
Conan calling Ran from the pay phone with Shinichi's voice

Conan is on the phone with Ran as Shinichi. He's got a cold, and Ran yells at him for never ever calling, and now he calls but he has a stupid cold. And Conan is all, I don't understand women. Why does she say all the time how she wants to hear from me, but when she hears from me, she's mad? That's because she tells Conan that she misses Shinichi, but she's also pissed at Shinichi. She wants to tell Shinichi that she's so mad at him for being essentially non-existent to try to convince him to take a good hard look at the situation and stop being an asshat. But she can confide in Conan that she cares a lot about Shinichi and is worried about him.

This also links into how Shinichi has no filter and no difference between what he thinks and what he says out loud. He cannot understand the concept of having a thought that you don't immediately say out loud. That's why he doesn't understand that Kogoro is not an idiot, and why he can't understand why Ran isn't gushing at him about how much she loves him when it's the first time he's called in a month. If he's only going to call once a month, the priority is telling him how much he sucks. Maybe call a bit more and have a pleasant conversation and maybe she'll be nice to you. Rather than you just admonishing her for crying and saying she better be grateful for the Christmas gift.

Heiji's introduction
Man, in his first appearance, Heiji was about as pointy as a Yu-Gi-Oh character. He could open an envelope with his bangs.

So, Conan goes back to the office just in time to see that a strange teenager is there questioning Ran about the whereabouts of Shinichi. Conan is sick, and Ran comments that both Conan and Shinichi are sick. The teenager is all, how do you know Shinichi is sick if you don't know where he is, and Ran reminds this brilliant, famous teenage detective all about the wonderful new invention of the telephone.

Yes, because this is Heiji Hattori, son of the head of the Osaka police department and famous high school detective of the West, and sworn rival of Shinichi Kudo, the high school detective of the East.

This would be lovely if Shinichi had any idea who his rival was, but this is the first he's heard of it, lol. Then again, Shinichi pays very little attention to things that don't matter to his own ego.

Heiji is here because he is always being compared with Shinichi, so he wants to see Shinichi in action to know if the comparison is at all valid. He questioned Sonoko, and she pointed him to Ran, since she's his girlfriend. Sonoko thinks Ran is hiding Shinichi in her house.

Ran, Conan, and Heiji all think about Sonoko
...She's not wrong... Maybe she really is the Deduction Queen.

Heiji questions Ran about the content of her phone calls with Shinichi, and he points out that Shinichi never seems to ask Ran about how she's doing and what's going on in her life. His deduction is that the reason why Shinichi doesn't ask is because he already knows! He must be very close by and have some sort of means of spying on Ran!

Ran has a crisis thinking about how Shinichi might be spying on her

...Easier answer: Shinichi is a dick who doesn't ask about how his girlfriend even is, and only ever talks about himself.

It turns out both are true! Shinichi is a dick, and he's nowhere near considerate enough to even pretend to ask Ran questions about her life because he already knows the answer, and he doesn't have enough social grace to be bored for a few minutes to let Ran tell him about her life and to keep any spark of their friendship alive. Like, wow, their phone calls apparently consist of, so what are the others doing in high school while I'm playing hookie. And I read this great mystery novel, let me spoil the ending to you!

however Flareon is the only fully evolved Fire-type Pokémon that cannot learn SolarBeam
Shinichi once again talking about Sherlock Holmes on the phone with Ran. (source)

Ran is weirded-out at the idea that Shinichi could be spying on her. She's perfectly willing to believe it, and Heiji's words are making her also consider, yeah, why doesn't Shinichi care about me...?

Dump him!

Meanwhile, Conan is there, sick as a dog due to his cold, and Heiji says he has something that'll fix that for him: chinese alcohol!!! It was meant as a gift to Kogoro and Ran to compensate for him charging in and asking them all sorts of questions about Shinichi, but he opens it up and gives Conan a cupful before anyone knows what's happening, including Conan. This alcohol is Baijiu (called Paichū in Japanese), and it can range from 35 to 60% alcohol!! Yikes!!!

Heiji showing the Baijiu Conan is now completely drunk
Now Conan is as sick as two dogs.

But they are all interrupted by the murder of the day!

A client arrives, and she wants Kogoro to look into her son's new girlfriend because she's just too perfect. Her husband is a diplomat, and they can't possibly have any scandals. They all go together to meet with the husband and continue the conversation in his office....

The wife goes to wake up the diplomat who appears to be sleeping in his chair The diplomat on the floor, dead

Except that the husband is dead! And it's a LOCKED ROOM MURDER that no one could have possibly committed!!!

Conan and Heiji bonk heads

While they are trying to find clues, Conan and Heiji both think to investigate the same thing at the same time and wind up bonking heads.

As the investigation goes on, Heiji deduces that Kogoro is a moron and that his famous deductions must be somehow coming from Shinichi. He's right, but he has no reason to be right.

Megure trying to encourage Kogoro

Heiji is just like Shinichi in that he completely underestimates Kogoro, and worse yet, Heiji doesn't even have any reason to be underestimating Kogoro like this. While this episode certainly doesn't showcase Kogoro's brightest day, Kogoro doesn't have any real reason to interrupt this hot-shot teenager who keeps stealing the show. Kogoro doesn't feel like his ego is on the line here. (Although Megure is all like, dude, are you gunna let this annoying young punk show you up like this?)

And why should Heiji think that Kogoro's deductions must somehow be coming from Shinichi in particular? Couldn't it be some other detective or anyone else? Tokyo is a big city and everyone is a detective. Why not Shinichi's dad? Or Sonoko? Or Inspector Megure? Or the detectives from the North and the South? Or... (Toggle spoilers for characters that haven't appeared yet...) ...Akai, or Akai's sister, or Akai's brother, or Akai's brother-in-law, or Akai's cousin, Akai's girlfriend, Akai's rival, Akai's mom, Akai's ferret, Akai's ferret's brother-in-law? Or many other characters that we could also name?

Heiji imagines Shinichi as his rival

So then, because Heiji imagines that the ghost of Shinichi is there listening to his thoughts, he's like, daring Shinichi inside his own brain, thinking to himself, yeah, Shinichi, beat that! Do you have any objections? I guess not! I guess that means I'm superior to you in this contest that you had no reason to even know was happening! For all he knows Shinichi is having a nap and has no idea any of this is going on. At this point in the plot, Shinichi is Heiji's imaginary rival.

Heiji is there deducing the deductions, but Conan's cold is taking a turn for the worse, and he says he has to solve this case on his own before he passes out, because... because he doesn't like this Heiji guy. Because he has to. Because his ego. But Conan passes out, the doctor is called, and in the other room, Heiji is giving his deductions, making Megure play the part of the dead body.

Heiji with the discovered fishing line

Heiji found fishing line in the garbage can of the other room, and he proves that the murderer could have used the fishing line to thread it through the pocket and past the crack underneath the door and therefore it was grandpa! And grandpa says yes, I did it.

Conan spontaneously combusts from the wrong deduction, and turns back into Shinichi, thankfully while Ran is not in the room. He puts on whatever clothes he can find in the closet and comes back to the crime scene, all hot and bothered. Ran initially goes to talk to him, and Shinichi says to wait for him, because first, he must solve the murder. The most important thing to do before he turns back into a pumpkin is solve the case.

Shinichi arrives in the doorway Shinichi walks past Ran and tells her to wait for him

To be fair, at this point it's likely that Shinichi doesn't think this cure is temporary, and that he's just back to himself now, and he'll have plenty of time to explain everything to everyone later. More like, he'll need plenty of time... And, to be fair, the wrong person was about to get arrested...

But everyone explains that they don't really need Shinichi's help here since Heiji has already solved everything.

Megure explains that Heiji has already solved the whole case

Actual Japanese dialogue:

  1. Megure

    He even did an experiment earlier using my pants!

But it wasn't the grandpa, and Shinichi explains that, if you see, the key will not fall into the inner pocket as Heiji was theorizing, and there's no way it will, and there was fishing line hidden all over the house so that some of it would be sure to be found during the investigation, and the grandpa admitted to the crime for personal reasons even though he didn't actually do it, and the murderer is actually... (Toggle whodunit...)

...the very lady who brought us all here in the first place! She drugged her husband to put him to sleep beforehand, and when they arrived, she poisoned him right in front of everyone, and then acted all surprised that he was dead.

The son and his girlfriend
They're half-siblings. Oh noooo.

She's actually the mother of her son and of her son's girlfriend. The girlfriend was her first child, who she had with her first husband, who was wrongfully imprisoned and died because of her second husband, who she somehow married and had another child with, and then one day the truth came out about the death of her first husband, and she swore revenge.

And yet the ones who lose the most here are the kids, who now know they are half-siblings and can't date anymore, and oh god, how far did they already go? And instead of the culprit telling her daughter that she was her secret mother, she acted all cruel towards her so that no one would know that she knew, and she'd get away with murdering the husband who was guilty of the earlier crimes, and grandpa will go to jail as he deserves (since he was an accomplice in the past, and his guilty conscience is why he went along with getting arrested), and she even got a detective involved, so if everything goes right, the detective most likely find out about the mother and the daughter's relation and prevent the half-siblings from marrying.

This all being solved, Shinichi turns back into a pumpkin in this tiny, weird bathroom.

The same scene in the manga Ran finds Conan transformed on the toilet
This bathroom is so weird. The family appears to be relatively wealthy, but then this bathroom is just barely big enough for the toilet. The bathroom is so small that even the sink is built into the top of the toilet tank, which is kinda clever in terms of space-efficiency, but also kinda gross. It's already weird in the manga that this bathroom is so small, but at least it is shown in black & white. Then the anime team got ahold of it and they were able to pick the colors for the interior design. And they went with dark brown tiles, a brown toilet, and purplish carpet, the same color as the wall of the hallway. The anime team must have thought, what if instead of just being weird, this bathroom was absolutely revolting?

Shinichi regrets that he wasn't able to say all of the important things that he wants to tell Ran. At least he was able to clear up the concern that Heiji raised earlier - that he might be spying on her. Shinichi says that he's a detective, so he knows how she's doing by just the sound of her voice, so he doesn't need to ask. Yeah, but it's still polite to talk with your friend and show that you care!

Ultimately, Shinichi spent the majority of his time as himself giving his whole deduction show just to prove his superiority to Heiji, because one-upping this perfect stranger is more important to him than his relationship with Ran. Shinichi even took the time to have a whole private scene with Heiji, to discuss that in detectiving, there is no win or lose, only truth!!!! Or, more accurately: in detectiving, there is no win or lose. For you. As long as I win.

Shinichi thinks of Ran as he transforms back into Conan Shinichi and Heiji talk in private
Shinichi bothered to have a private scene with Heiji, but not with Ran.

And even once he's Conan, and he has one last chance to tell Ran that Shinichi said something as he was leaving... and all he says is to make sure that they don't put Shinichi's name in the newspaper. Nothing about how Shinichi had to run, but he says he was very glad to see you, and he's so sorry that he couldn't stay longer... Nope, just, he remembered he had another case, bye!

Conan grinning with a whole cup filled with alcohol
A kinda problematic image.

Once he's back home, Conan realizes that it must have been the alcohol that caused his transformation. He goes to drink some more, thinking that one big cupful would cure him forever. Yeah, that's totally how medicine works. But Ran catches him and takes the bottle away from him, because oh my god, you're seven. Shinichi mentally complains that he's in high school... and then remembers that, oh yeah, even at his actual age, he's also too young to drink anyway.

The Funimation dub also gives Ran the line, "I have to go through this with Dad, I won't put up with it from you, got it?" Good point that Ran would be hyper-vigilant about this sort of thing, and for that reason...

But yeah, this case marks Heiji's first appearance. Ran points out that he looks so much like Shinichi, making him the fourth Shinichi lookalike in the anime. What even is the deal with that?

Ran thinks that Heiji looks a lot like Shinichi
Ran looks like she is there thinking... what if there were... two Shinichis...

Overall, this case is a good introduction for Heiji. During these events, he ends up being a bit of a jerk, but that works out well, because the audience doesn't know if he's good or evil yet. However, at this point, he's definitely an antagonist, in the sense that he's making things happen.

The Library Murder Case

Manga Canon (Volume 10)
First Aired
March 3, 1997
Our Quick Blip
Some important conclusions are drawn about the previous episode.
Conan thinks that this library sucks

Conan has been out sick with his monstrous cold, and today the Detective Boys have come to help him do his book report at the last minute. Just because he was sick, it doesn't mean he gets any leniency about anything. The book report is due tomorrow. The rest of the kids had three more days, and Conan gets to be suffering for three days and then do his book report at maximum speed. Now, Conan has the mind of an adult, but it's still not fair. They would have still done this cruelty to a normal child. Just, school.

Conan complains that the child-suitable books at the library are shit. We don't know if it's because Conan won't read anything that isn't Sherlock Holmes, or because this library legitimately sucks.

The Detective Boys drag Conan to the library

After the events of the last episode, Conan thinks he now has the cure to his little problem, but if that's the case, he realizes that this will be his last chance to spend time with his elementary-school friends before he turns back into a high schooler that they would want nothing to do with. So he's decided to have this one last hurrah with them. Which is weirdly considerate of him. Conan has spent most of his time with the Detective Boys groaning and rolling his eyes at the fact that they're seven-year-olds. Maybe it's one of those things that he can see how important it was now that it's almost gone...

Unfortunately, this book report activity is derailed... by MURDER! The cops come in to inquire about a library employee that has been missing for three days, who was last seen at the library with the head of the library. Ayumi's reaction to the cops arriving is hilarious (and the Funimation dub already did our joke).

Ayumi sees the cop cars from he library window.

Actual Funimation dialogue:

  1. Ayumi

    Conan, come here, quick! It’s a police car!

  2. Mitsuhiko

    I wonder what happened.

  3. Ayumi

    Do you think it’s a murder? :D

The Detective Boys set off the elevator's weight limit
It's been a rough day for Proto-Takagi: he failed to find the corpse, and he is looking particularly proto today.

The cops look all over the library and can't find the guy, or the corpse thereof, even though Inspector Megure is pretty suspicious. Ultimately, they go home for the day.

The kids instead hide in the library until afterhours, sure that they will be able to find the corpse that must be stashed somewhere in the library. Conan noticed some weird books, so he looks closer and finds out there's a whole hidden shelf of fake books full of cocaine. Like, a metric ton of cocaine.

And now they're looking for the body. Unfortunately, the head of the library noticed that someone is still in the building, and he's coming to murder the children. The anime team drew him in the shadows with glowing red eyes, and yeah, he deserves that sort of evil depiction, since he's plotting to murder all four innocent children, just because they're there.

Ultimately, Conan deduces where the body is. Earlier, they set off the weight limit of the elevator, but because they are children, how could that be? Conan had forgotten that he only weighs 18 kilos right now.

Conan's pain as he reverts back into Shinichi

As a side note, when Conan turned into a child, he obviously lost mass... maybe that's what that smoke and glowy effect is about - his mass is converting directly into energy and radiating away. But how does the inverse happen? When he returns to his teen-aged self, where does the missing mass come from? Reabsorbed from the world around? Does his metabolism regenerate a whole teenager worth of body? Yikes, remember puberty? All in one minute? No wonder he screams.

So yeah, the corpse is on top of the elevator, which was the extra weight that triggered the weight limit earlier. The kids earlier were all "We want to find the body! :D" but now that they get to see the elevator coming up in the empty shaft with the corpse on top, they're regretting their excitement.

And then, inside the elevator, is the murderer. They are chased all around, but ultimately the kids knock the bookshelves over in a domino effect and trap the guy. They came pretty close to dying though.

After this whole horrible adventure, Conan says goodbye to the kids, not telling them that it's goodbye forever, although Ayumi gets a presentiment, just like Ran did in the amusement park.

Ayumi watches as Conan runs away Ayumi watches as Conan runs away

Conan returns home, steals the bottle of alcohol, and brings it to Agasa's house. Before Agasa can stop him, Conan chugs the whole thing, which does nothing but make him super drunk. Agasa presumes that it only worked the one time, and now Conan is resistant, and there's no amount of alcohol that could fix this now.

Conan chugs the liquor straight from the bottle Conan is so drunk
How many things are wrong with these pictures?

The Golf Driving Range Murder Case

Anime Original
First Aired
March 10, 1997
Our Quick Blip
This is a great one for Kogoro. It seems lots of our favorites, especially about Kogoro, were anime original episodes actually.

Kogoro has accepted to appear in a televised charity golf event together with Yoko! But he doesn't know how to golf. So, he goes to the driving range, on the ultra cheap at 6 in the morning, and for some reason brings Ran and Conan along. For moral support, maybe.

Because Kogoro is an absolute disaster at this one sport. He cannot hit the ball. The ball doesn't even move. He swings beautifully to be fair, but completely misses the ball. He says that he doesn't like sports that use equipment beyond his body. Ok, fair. He likes judo and he was a catcher at baseball (if we recall). He has difficulty figuring out where things are. The club is not part of his proprioception and it shows.

Kogoro completely misses the golf ball Ran watches as Kogoro completely misses the golf ball for the twentieth time

Actual Funimation dialogue:

  1. Conan

    This stinks. He should stick to sleeping.

Ran and Conan are mostly there heckling him though. Ran in particular is like, keeping count of how many embarrassing failures in a row has he done. That was your twentieth miss in a row! (toot toot)

Conan is so bored with this, he decides to just walk around to see other people hitting the golf ball, which sounds like the pretty much most boring thing ever, but at least it's better than watching someone not hitting the golf ball.

The brown-noser gives away some of his balls to the boss
Hey, boss, boss, you can have my balls, boss

A group of businessmen arrives to hit some golf balls before work. The boss is present, and one of the underlings is such a brown-noser. He gives away some of his golf balls to his boss, and he's always going NICE SHOT after every hit and wagging his tail all around. Even Kogoro is like, ew. And Kogoro can brown-nose with the best of them.

For all of this adoration, the boss explodes. He hits the ball, and a bomb goes off. (Toggle spoilers...)

The boss explodes

Now, only moments ago, the suck-up underling left the area to go get coffee for the boss - just the way he likes it - so he's the only member of the group who didn't get injured. So, everyone starts suspecting him, and rightfully so. The police find a golf ball full of gunpowder, and this underling was the one who gave balls to the boss, and he seemed to know precisely when it was time to get out of the way, and he had a motive just like the rest of the employees, since the boss apparently stole his girlfriend.

Kogoro himself makes this whole deduction, and Conan agrees that it makes sense... Too much sense.

Conan's issue with Kogoro's deduction is specifically that all the evidence points to this guy so much, that either this guy is an idiot, or he's being framed.

And he is being framed, specifically because he made it so easy to predict his actions to make it look so much like he did it. He always gives away some his balls, and he always hits his balls really fast so that he has enough time to go fetch the boss's coffee in that incredibly servile way, making sure that it would be ready and waiting for the boss just as he's done with his last golf balls, and it would be made with just the right blend of beans and the perfect amount of milk...

The culprit shields himself when the boss explodes

Yet the bomb wasn't in the ball, it was in the golf club itself. One of the other employees tampered with it. Though, Sleeping Kogoro does point out that, the real culprit really incriminated himself by keeping the golf club in his possession for the last few days. So, going back to Conan's original conclusion that either the culprit is an idiot or he's being framed: the culprit was framing the other guy, but it's not like he was exceedingly smart. He intentionally let himself be injured to try to deflect suspicion, but he also reflexively guarded himself in such a way that revealed that he knew the explosion was coming before it actually happened.

Megure yells at the culprit

At the end, Megure yells at the culprit all, what the hell, you wanted to murder your the boss, okay, but you were willing to risk injuring perfectly innocent strangers to pull off your revenge?! And the culprit says, yep, totally. And he gets taken away. But he did this plan at the driving range at the crack of dawn, when very few other people would be around. So, it was mostly bad luck that this plan ended up potentially involving other people. And Conan knows that the culprit specifically warned him to stay away from the area, saying that it was dangerous. Conan and Ran muse that maybe the culprit is not such a heartless killer as he is trying make himself out to be.

Since the boss was getting transferred overseas the next week, the culprit felt he had to do this murder plan now or never! But we wonder though, at this point, couldn't he just let the boss leave, and then all his problems are over? Or, you know, he could quit and find a better job with a better boss? But, no, the boss needs to DIE.

In the post-credits, Kogoro does end up participating in the televised golfing charity event. Yoko is doing okay, we guess, but Kogoro manages to do even worse. He loses the grip on his golf club and it goes flying directly into the camera, destroying it and knocking down the poor camera guy. We hope they could recover the footage, because that must be amazing to rewatch.

Kogoro is dressed in over-the-top golfing clothes and grinning as he goes to take his shot The golf club flies into the camera and ricochets off and the camera man falls on his ass

The Legendary Kiri Tengu Murder Case

Manga Canon (Volume 11)
First Aired
March 17, 1997
Our Quick Blip
A special hour-long episode, and the mystery is okay, but we had even more fun writing about it here.

Given that this special hour-long episode was sponsored by Playstation, we presume this was when the Detective Conan anime really started becoming something of a sensation. In this special episode, the anime added a whole re-introduction of the premise of, I'm Conan, but I'm secretly high school detective Shinichi Kudo etc. etc.

During this recap, Conan narrates that he's hunting down the two men who shrunk him, the men in black, codenamed Gin and Vodka. This is the first time in the anime that their names are stated.

Vodka with his code name in a blue box Gin with his code name in a blue box

Actual Japanese dialogue:

  1. Shinichi

    (narrating) I went to Tropical Land with Ran and witnessed a mysterious organization’s business. The men in black: Vodka... ...and the one that I didn’t notice, Gin, who came from behind, struck me, and poisoned me with something their organization had developed.

If you have only been watching the anime, this information comes out of nowhere. Maybe you think you must have missed an episode or forgot a detail, but, no. In the anime, Conan never had any means of obtaining this information, and it's just getting dropped now during this recap for the sake of giving these characters names, and the audience is expected to just take it and not think about how Conan even knows this.

Conan overhears the codenames of Gin and Vodka

This is entirely the fault of the anime team. In the manga, Conan learns the codenames of the men in black in a natural way, back in Volume 4. Conan is on the same train as the men in black, and when he bugs their seats, he overhears that the crooks are codenamed Gin and Vodka, and that's how both Conan and the reader get to learn what to call these characters. However, when that story was adapted into anime episode 5, the anime team for some reason changed Gin and Vodka into two ridiculously-coincidental lookalikes who just so happen to shop from the same Criminal Fashion Catalog. So, the scene where Conan bugs their seats can no longer serve as a namedrop for Gin and Vodka, because they're not there… and there never was another point where the anime team could have invented a situation where Conan could learn their codenames in a more natural way, and upcoming in Episode 54, their codenames are going to be important to already know, so the best the anime team could come up with was to add this awkward namedrop during a narrated recap in Episode 52. Bummer.

It really is odd how the anime adaptation of Detective Conan is usually so faithful to the manga as to adapt scenes panel by panel, and yet sometimes they decide to change something that catastrophically breaks major plotpoints like 50 episodes later. And we still don't understand why would they go and change the plot in a way that makes it so much less exciting. It's like, omg, the protagonist has finally stumbled into the main antagonists that he's been hunting for! Wow, how intense and exciting! Let's adapt it into the protagonist thinking he's found the main antagonists, but actually, they're just two randos in black. Fooled you! *blows raspberry*

Heiji stands behind Shinichi as he's falling over ill

Actual Funimation dialogue:

  1. Heiji

    Chinese liquor can be strong, but not half as strong as Gin and Vodka. You should really watch out for those two - they’re killers. If I had known you had such a weak stomach, I’d have offered you water instead. [...] Oh, you might be interested in the names of those drinks I mentioned... they’re interested in you.

It seems that Funimation also thought it was just completely unsatisfactory to drop the names of Gin and Vodka during a pre-episode recap. Instead, their English dub of the series has Heiji allude to this information for Shinichi to pick up on during their private scene together near the end of The Diplomat Murder Case. While we agree with the motivation behind this change, this unfortunately has drastic implications regarding the character of Heiji as he appears in the Funimation dub. It is implied that he already knew from before he arrived that Shinichi was transformed into Conan, and that his shrinking is because of the Black Organization, and that Heiji intentionally gave Conan the alcohol knowing that it would change him back into Shinichi, and that Heiji already knows so much more about the Black Organization than Shinichi does, including the codenames of its members and that they know or care if Shinichi is still alive and are trying to find his current whereabouts, and Heiji doesn't share this information with Shinichi in a friendly way, but instead rather antagonistically (and even with a jab at how Shinichi can't hold his liquor). None of these implications are actually true about the Black Organization or Heiji (except maybe he would actually tease Shinichi for being such a light-weight). We think this is all waaay too much to alter just for the sake of dropping the codenames of Gin and Vodka.

A doodle of a hypothetical top secret file about Gin.  It is heavily redacted, except for the word 'gun' in the middle of a paragraph.
We were discussing the possibility, what if Conan found out their code names from some sort of top secret file instead? Denise doodled what Gin's (heavily redacted) file might look like.
Kogoro, Ran, and Conan view the cherry blossoms

But anyway, Gin and Vodka are not actually relevant to this particular episode. After all the reintroduction, we see Kogoro taking the family on a vacation to see the cherry blossoms. Kogoro muses that while there are cherry blossoms in the city, it's just not the same as viewing the cherry blossoms in the countryside. Conan rolls his eyes, but dude, Kogoro is right. Conan has no sense of atmosphere. And why is Conan so against the idea of Kogoro getting any joy out of life? It must be all misery and sarcastic eyes at all times.

Unfortunately, on the way home, the rental car winds up getting not one, but two flat tires. Is the road covered in nails? How does that even happen?

Conan notices a nearby shrine, and they go there to ask to spend the night. Before they even get to say hello, the head monk starts ranting about, no journalists and no cops and no snoops, I know you're here because of that and you're not looking into it, nope, not on my watch, go away and never come back! And Kogoro is there meeping about, ...actually it's just the car broke and we're stranded.

Kogoro checks his soon-to-be-empty wallet

And the head monk goes, Oh! Oh! Why didn't you say so! :D That's customers. Haven't seen as many lately, what with the… well, you know. THE MURDERS. I don't like to talk about it much, as it's bad for business. At any rate, would you care for a bed for the night? That'll be 280 dollars! Thanks for your patronage! :D :D :D

Kogoro checks in his wallet and he's like... what with the trip we just took and the rental car, now with staying here, we're going to have no more money for the rest of the month. :(

Previously, Kogoro was considering if they shouldn't just sleep in the car and deal with it the next day, but Ran was getting spooked by the idea of sleeping in a car in the woods. Now, having walked into this mess and charged this ridiculous rate, if they maybe thought that you know what, the car in the woods sounded great actually... the head monk talks about, you know, THE MURDERS, and starts alluding to the presence of EVIL in the woods that comes out specifically on such rainy days. The tengu is in the woods! You totally want to stay in here. For 280 dollars. Plus tip.

The shrine during the sunrise

For 280 dollars, you bet they're at least getting the complimentary tour of the shrine. To be fair, it is a beautiful place. It's on the side of a mountain and there's a waterfall coming down and over the side of the railing, and the cherry blossom petals flowing through the water from upstream, and just, wow. This would be great, if not for... THE MURDERS.

The monk giving the tour shows them the main shrine room and mentions that hey, we also do funerals by the way, if you wanna book :D What's wrong with him?!

Conan notices a door with a lock on it. He does the most logical thing, which is to go open the door and snoop inside. The monks mention that this is the "training room", where, if a monk needed "course correction", they'd be imprisoned in this empty closet with no light and a strangely super high ceiling, and they'd be left there to... "meditate". But it hasn't been used much, ever since... THE MURDERS.

Roll from Mega Man asks: What is a Tengu anyway?
Roll from Mega Man has the same question.

Over dinner, Conan decides to ask more about... THE MURDERS. And what is a tengu anyway? The head monk explains that the tengu is the monster that feasts on the tender flesh of young virgin women... just like Ran!!!! Ran is rightfully creeped out. This guy is being extremely lech.

And what about THE MURDERS? The monks all freak out about being asked that. But once it's revealed that Kogoro is a famous detective, the other monks want to ask him his opinion about THE MURDERS, to see if the mystery could be solved, but the head monk shuts it down, and tells everyone to go the fuck to bed, never talk about this again, and Kogoro, as soon as it's morning, get the fuck out of here. Could he be any more suspicious?

When the three of them retire to the room, Ran has a whole conversation with her father about... by the way, the tengu... there's no such thing as tengu, right? Oh god Ran of course not, says Kogoro, next you'll tell me that demons and kappas exist too. Conan gives the whole etymology of the word tengu, thinking that will help. It doesn't help. So Ran pulls the mats really close together, and she's going to be in the middle mat.

Ran sleeping between Conan and Kogoro Ran is too afraid to sleep
  1. Ran

    Conan, just so you know, you can snuggle up if you get scared. (three seconds later) Conan, just so you know, you can snuggle up if you get scared. Making sure you heard that. (three seconds later) Conan,

The jerk doesn't snuggle with his girlfriend when she's scared! He sucks.

Kogoro screams after seeing Ran wearing a tengu mask

In the middle of the night, Ran needs the toilet, and insists that both Kogoro and Conan be awake and guard the bathroom door while she's inside. While Kogoro and Conan are there complaining that the tengu isn't real and who would even be scared by this stupid idea, a tengu appears. Kogoro screams his head off, but it's just Ran in a mask. For some reason, there was a tengu mask in the bathroom. Maybe it's branding. We mean, we've been in some pretty weird toilets around the world with some pretty weird branding. We saw one themed around foosball with smiling photos of people on the floor watching you piss and ceramic cactuses bas-relieved all over one wall... and the one that was essentially a mirror maze... and the one with vintage lady faces on all the wall tiles and the triangular shower... A tengu mask is not the weirdest thing we've found in a bathroom.

The next morning, all the monks have had terrible sleep due to the bloodcurdling scream in the middle of the night. Kogoro is supposed to leave immediately, but for 280 dollars, he's going to get his complimentary monk breakfast first!

Unfortunately, THE MURDERS.

The head monk hanged on the rafter

The head monk is found hanged to death from the rafter of the training room. It comes out that this is the same as the famous murder that has been alluded about so far. Two years ago, another monk was found hanged just like this. The room has a ridiculously tall ceiling, so the body couldn't have been slung over the bars. And since there are no marks on the wood, it couldn't have been pulleyed there. And there's a big hole in the wall that couldn't have been created with human strength... at the time, the carpenter they called to fix the hole said that it must have been made by a tengu!! And that's how the story started. At the time, the incident was called a suicide of some sort, or blamed on the tengu, or something.

The tengu murders the head monk
Imagining what it might have looked like if a tengu was the culprit.

And now, it's happened again. The monks think it might have been suicide over grief that the head monk's granddaughter couldn't marry the dead monk, and now she's marrying someone else. But this is so obviously foul play that we can't believe anyone would even explore the suicide angle. Why would someone commit suicide by making it seem like an impossible murder, and like the tengu made him do it? (Toggle spoilers...)

It turns out that one of the monks is the brother of the dead monk. He figured out how the crime was committed, but didn't know who did it, until he saw the head monk flip his shit over dinner yesterday, and then he knew it must have been him. He got a full drunken confession, and he wasn't even going to do anything in particular about it. He just asked the head monk to turn himself in. But when the head monk gloated that it's been two years and nobody knows and he might as well continue saying that it's the tengu, since it's good for business, the brother saw red, and strangled the head monk. Then he ended up using the same trick to mask the murder.

The trick was to create a chute for the water from the waterfall to fill the entire room with water, and put the dead body in a boat, and it'll float up to the top, and then the murderer can tie him to the rafter, escape out the window, and break the wall at the bottom to release all of the water. It's actually the water pressure that blasted the big hole that no human could have made. But to do this, the culprit would have had to spend the whole night waiting for the room to fill up with water, and while he was there, he didn't hear Kogoro scream.

The culprit points to Ran as the one who screamed

When Sleeping Kogoro asks him, so, you surely heard it? The scream? Who screamed? The culprit says, oh, of course, for sure, I mean, who couldn't know, of course it was, everyone heard Ran scream, right? And the whole room turns to face him, realizing that he was the murderer. This is how Sleeping Kogoro entraps him, but this scheme has a ridiculously high chance of failure, because the culprit just needed to pick who screamed, and he just might have coincidentally picked the right person, and there goes the grand deduction. And even if he does get the identity of the screamer wrong, so what? He was mistaken. That's not actually evidence of anything. The Funimation dub even muddied it further by adding some jokes about how Kogoro screams like a girl, in which case, someone might have even heard him scream, and assumed it was Ran, and that doesn't make them the murderer.

Inspector Megure even says this sort of thing wouldn't be admissible in court, so then Sleeping Kogoro brings out the real clincher evidence: the fingerprints on the duct tape on a broken piece of wood. Why does Conan waste his time with such flimsy trickery when he's sandbagging the solid evidence?

By the way, this episode is the introduction of the Dr. Agasa's invention of the adhesive speaker that works wirelessly with Conan's voice-changing bowtie. This lets Conan put the speaker on Kogoro and have the voice seem to come from him, but in the meanwhile, Conan is free to move around without ruining the illusion that Kogoro is the one speaking. For this case, Conan sticks the speaker discretely right in the middle of Kogoro's forehead.

Conan places the speaker on Kogoro's forehead

Actual Funimation dialogue:

  1. Shinichi

    (internally) Eh, as good a place as any.

But what in the fuck was the deal with the head monk? (Toggle spoilers...)

The head monk hung on the rafter

In what way wasn't he a bad person? He's a lech to Ran, and while we hope he didn't actually intend to act upon it, he seems to enjoy watching her squirm. And he murdered one of his monks, who was his granddaughter's boyfriend, just because he preferred it if she married someone else. And they made the point that she'll be the one inheriting the shrine, and he wanted to choose who she'll marry so that that person will also co-inherit the shrine... but, no matter what, she's getting the shrine anyway, so why does it matter who else is in the family? And by then, he'll be dead anyway, so really, what is it to him? Micromanaging from beyond the grave, like Arch-Mage Traven? So his way to solve this is to ruin his granddaughter's life and murder this innocent man that in no way wronged him, and then do this elaborate masking, and blame it on the tengu, and then use that as a publicity stunt, and extort travelers to pay outrageous rates, and make it so they can't leave for fear of the tengu.

Usually in this show there would be some kind of narmy moral at the end about how, by doing evil and murder, you became the tengu... but not this time around. It's awkward that it happened, but everyone in the room can understand why the revenge happened. Instead, the culprit's last comment was, I wish Sleeping Kogoro had been here two years ago to solve the case back then, and prevent this second murder from happening.

Sleeping Kogoro calculates the room would hold 72.9 metric tons of water weight

Also, we can suspend our disbelief, but we're not really sure this whole method would actually work. As Sleeping Kogoro himself said, the room would be filled with 72.9 metric tons of water weight. But the monastery is lifted on stilts and presumably all made of wood, so wouldn't the floor give out much before the whole room gets filled completely? And even if it didn't break before then, wouldn't the blasting of the water through the hole cause structural damage to the whole shrine? And could duct tape really hold that much weight? We looked up a video demonstrating that two strings of duct tape can hold up like 100 pounds of boxes, which is impressive, but that's orders of magnitude less than 72.9 metric tons...

This is the first time the Shadow Man representation for the culprit, with a visible body and face, appears in the anime. There's been obscured bits of the culprit in other episodes, but so far it's always been an arm in the shadow or other well-obscured features. This time around, we see the face... except that since we're not supposed to know who's there yet, they appear as a person of darkness. Also the culprit in this case (Toggle spoilers about the culprit...) is notably really short - like, only a head taller than Conan... this guy must be like, 140 cms at most. But the Shadow Man is always drawn as a 7.5 heads tall wooden anatomy model.

The Shadow Man peering from behind the tree The Shadow Man watching Ran and Conan

We're not annoyed at every instance of a Shadow Man. When the Shadow Man is used as a visual stand-in for when, say, Megure is explaining what he imagines the culprit might have done, we can accept that the Shadow Man is a mental construct, since Megure doesn't know who it is. But while Conan is out there in the grass, in bright sunlight, and there's the Shadow Man behind the tree... That's just silly. They could just have shown a hand on the tree, and we don't know whose hand it is. Or maybe omit this scene entirely, since it's not even relevant to anything - just for a double fake-out, of oh, no, is Conan in danger? Oh, don't worry, it's just Ran. But wait! There is still someone else watching from behind the tree! ...Who doesn't actually do anything. Very pointless.

The Mystery Weapon Murder Case

Anime Original
First Aired
April 7, 1997
Our Quick Blip
The poor little bird. Don't worry, it lives!

The victim was a land shark who was about to tear down this apartment complex to replace it with a mall. Nobody in the room has anything good to say about him.

The wife going through a messy divorce The family friend driven nearly to suicide The guy who lost his fishing shop
The three suspects all had plenty of reasons to want the land shark dead.

The one who found the body was his wife, and they were in the middle of a messy divorce. At the crime scene, there is a family friend (apparently their matchmaker) who visited to beg for some money to help in a desperate time, and the land shark refused, and it got to the point that the poor guy was seriously considering suicide over this, and he made it all the way to the edge of the roof, and was only dissuaded because he heard the wife screaming upon discovering the body. And there's also a guy who lives in the building - not only is he soon going to be out of an apartment because the land shark is going to destroy the whole building, but he also recently lost his small fishing shop because the same land shark bought it and demolished it too. While the shop owner was begging to be able to keep his shop, the land shark broke his merchandise and laughed at fishing. (Toggle spoilers...)

Fishing to DEATH

That's why the fishing shop owner decided to show the land shark the power of fishing... TO DEATH. He apparently did a whip cast from the building on the other side of the street and nailed the guy in the head. His alibi was that he wasn't even in the building. And yet the doorman noted that this guy had said he was going golfing, but he came back within ten minutes. This is the initial point of suspicion. If the guy just finished beaning the guy and then went out to play a round of golf, he probably would have gotten away with murder. But he just had to return to the scene of the crime to see how it all played out. Typical!

Conan playing with a makeshift fishing pole and hitting a penguin bank Kogoro realizes what must have happened in the case, and is a bit suspicious of Conan

This is an episode where Conan does not dart Kogoro into submission. Instead, he feeds Kogoro clues, and lets him solve it. And Kogoro does a good job of solving it with those hints. Once he catches on, he gets it. Though, he does stop and think... did Conan just do that on purpose? Why did he tie a coin to a pencil like a fishing pole and knock it between the penguin bank and the books? As if to tell me that the culprit swung the fishing line from the other building and knocked out the bird on the way...

The fishing line clobbers the bird
Don't worry, the bird is ultimately fine, just dazed!

Because that is how they solve the case: earlier, when they passed in front of the building, Conan, Ran and Kogoro found a dazed bird on the ground. The poor bird was also clobbered by the fishing line that was used to kill the land shark. The bird was the real victim in this.

But the dead guy... nobody will miss him. And actually, this probably saves the life of the family friend, because now that the guy is dead, the wife will inherit all the money, and assuming that she's any less of a jerk than her husband was, she can loan the guy the money he needs in his desperate time, so he doesn't need to commit suicide. And are the buildings actually going to get demolished now? Maybe not. Gentrification is defeated!

The Game Company Murder Case

Manga Canon (Volume 12)
First Aired
April 14, 1997
Our Quick Blip
This is the "season finale" of "season 2". This one is actually about the Black Organization, for real this time.
The looming faces of Vodka and Gin

This is the first actual reappearance of the Black Organization in the anime since Episode 1.. It only took 53 episodes for the next shred of a plotpoint! Well, welcome to Detective Conan, the show with the slowest main arc you've ever seen!

And what do we learn in this episode? That all of the members of the Black Organization seem to have alcohol-themed codenames, and there's at least one more member beyond Gin and Vodka, called Tequila. (Toggle spoilers...) Or, well, there was. He explodes five minutes after his introduction. Rest in pieces.

In this episode, Kogoro is invited to the release party for a video game featuring him. It's apparently being released by Mantendo. On, we presume, the Mantendo 65. The game does sound cute: you play as a rookie detective and try to solve the murder mystery, and if you need help, you can play the Kogoro dating sim, and the NPC of Kogoro will give you hints.

Conan is snarky at the idea of Kogoro starring in a video game

Actual Funimation dialogue:

  1. Shinichi

    (internally) Oh, so it’s a fantasy game...

At the party, Kogoro meets the developers and their drama. The first guy is all polite, shakes hands with Kogoro, and says he was the designer of the game! :) Another developer comes behind him, and goes... yeah! You stole it! Like you stole all your ideas! And girlfriends! Right, fellow co-worker? And there's the fellow co-worker, who goes... that was back in high school... I don't want drama.

Awkward. Well, let's go check in our briefcases at the coat check. Kogoro got coat check number 96. The Funimation dub injected a hilarious line here:

Actual Funimation dialogue:

  1. Kogoro

    That’s almost my favorite number.

In the original, Kogoro just receives the number, but the scene is slow and deliberate because it is directing our attention to the number, but there is no important dialogue. We can understand the dub wanting to do something with this scene, which, actually, may make it superior, because the comedy masks the fact that this is a clue, and the added dialogue is in-character, and it's brilliant. It's not like the dub got to pick which number it was, but given the source material, they found the perfect joke to add.

Ran with the tag of lucky 100

Because these guys all cut in line between Kogoro and Ran, she ended up getting number 100. She goes, wow! 100! Lucky! Turns out, Ran is lucky today. They have an arcade set up with all the Mantendo games, and she totally demolishes Conan at a game that looks like Street Fighter as a character that looks like Chun Li. Then there's the punching game. Some loser tries it, and the developer points out that, if you go harder, the screen will flash more. As we are watching it, it's already flashing enough to be uncomfortable... This episode came out not long before the Porygon incident, and the standards for flashing light effects on TV shows were not yet in place. Next, the game designer takes a swing, and gets the full on rainbow effect from a good punch, and he brags that he used to be in the boxing club. All the developers want Ran to try it, and she tries to politely deflect, until they mentioned that hey, it's good for relieving stress! Ran thinks a moment about the stress in her life. She remembers that Shinichi exists. She throws a punch while screaming his name, and gets a perfect score. Conan immediately needs the toilet. For once, it's not a ruse.

The game designer shows Conan to the bathroom. On the way, they bump into a guy wearing a black trenchcoat. Conan asks about that guy, and the designer says, I don't think he works for Mantendo, I've never seen him before.

Tequila talking with Vodka on the phone

After dealing with his soiled pants, Conan goes to use the vending machine. There, the guy in the trenchcoat is using the payphone, and Conan overhears him say into the phone... Hi Gin and Vodka! This is Tequila. I hope you're having a good day at the Black Organization.

Some spy, just dropping all the codenames, not checking that anyone is overhearing, even if it's a child...

And yeah, apparently Tequila is specifically talking to Vodka, but he says, say hello to Gin for me. Well, Vodka is probably in Gin's lap anyway.

Conan manages to bug Tequila and listens to whatever he's doing... for all of one minute... (Toggle spoilers...)

Tequila explodes

...Until Tequila explodes. Well, there goes Conan's lead.

Tequila exploded in a toilet. How fitting.

From here on, there's the whole mystery of the day. It turns out Tequila was only incidentally here for another reason, and the explosion was intended for someone else. (sad trombone)

The game designer was doing shady deals with the Black Organization. Meanwhile, the third employee from before actually does want the game designer dead over him stealing the girlfriend in high school. The murderer wanted to switch briefcases with the designer, and the designer needed to deliver the briefcase full of money to Tequila, and that's how Tequila got handed a bomb, and how the police can now find out who has the incriminating briefcase full of money.

Sleeping Kogoro tells the culprit that he's going to need police protection

Conan, as Sleeping Kogoro, tells the designer he better confess everything and be put under police protection immediately, because the crime syndicate you've been dealing with is going to want you dead. This shoe never drops, as we don't get to hear what happens to this guy.

It's also really troubling that Kogoro is seen here talking about the Black Organization. Inspector Megure is especially alarmed with, wait, what's all this about a secret crime syndicate?! But even more importantly, surely someone in the room is a spy, and now thinks that Kogoro knows about the Black Organization, even though he doesn't, and the whole point of Conan's secret identity is to protect Ran from the Black Organization, so, sure, involve her father.

But all the game designer knows is that he's been meeting with some kind of evil crime group, and his rendezvous with Tequila were usually at a bar called The Cocktail. Because the name of the bar is in English, it probably sounds cooler in Japanese. To our ears, it's like... a bar called... The Drink. It's where you Drink. :)

But The Cocktail is of course where all the alcohols mix and mingle, and Conan leaves immediately and runs straight there so he can go meet Gin and Vodka. What even is his plan at this moment? What was he even supposed to do once he got into the assassins' secret bar as a little kid, and the entire point of everything was to make sure that the Black Organization doesn't learn that Shinichi has become a little kid? But none of whatever Conan was planning comes to pass, since the bar explodes the moment Conan arrives.

A bystander grabs Conan to stop him from running into the exploded bar
Continuing with the complete disregard for his secret identity... when a bystander stops Conan from running into the exploded Cocktail bar, Conan is distraught and yells, "I'm not some little kid! I'm-- I'm---". And what if someone from Black Organization was still around to overhear?

So, presumably, there was another spy at the party who called to report that the game designer had sang and the Black Organization needs to get rid of the entire bar to eliminate any and all evidence. The entire bar! And then there's Conan's stupid thought of like, did Gin and Vodka die in the explosion? Conan! If they were there, they set the bombs themselves and left, silly! That's the whole point, Sherlock!

But somehow, after all of these events, the game designer apparently doesn't get murdered, and Kogoro apparently doesn't become a target of the Black Organization.

And what was the shady dealing about? The game designer gave the Black Organization floppy discs with the list of best programmers year 1997.

Black market floppy discs The silhouettes of the top programmers 1997
The game designer has nice handwriting.

That's it? Just a bunch of resumés? Couldn't the Black Organization have gotten this sort of information from one of those industry books, or simply put out a job offer? Opening for one skilled programmer. Remote work. Must know every language. Must not ask questions. Willing to work at all hours, with the light off.

And yeah, the mostly-arbitrary division of seasons made this into the season finale of season 2. We wholeheartedly agree.

In conclusion

It only took a whole other anime-worth of time , but the main arc of Detective Conan finally took a step forward!

Tequila sitting on the toilet
Waiting for the next plot movement...

…Although it will take 50 more episodes for the next movement… Well, this is Detective Conan, a mostly-episodic crime drama series which happens to also have an interesting overarching plot about spies and assassins, which unfortunately moves at the speed of frozen molasses, even though we're here on the edge of our seats wanting to know more.

Besides that, this is the part of the story where Heiji is introduced. Heiji is one of those characters who doesn't show up every episode, but whenever they appear, you know it's going to be a big deal. We spent a while looking if there's a term for this type of character and couldn't find it, so we're going to say: kinda like Gary Oak. Also like in Gary's case, Heiji is a rival and also a friend to the main character, and many of his interactions and motivations are defined by this dynamic. And also also like in Gary's case, Heiji is definitely a fan favorite.

Heiji and Shinichi
And also also also like in Gary's case, there is much rival-shipping to be had.



  1. A surprising number of these characters are real and also detectives
  2. Or even over 100 episodes later.
  3. For comparison, Full Metal Alchemist 2003 is 51 episodes long. The entire adaptation of Heidi Girl of the Alps is 52 episodes long...