Staircase Spirit

Hello, we are Denise (aka ritabuuk) and Rosy (aka dubiousdisc), and this is Staircase Spirit, a collection of our long-winded thoughts and rants about this and that.

We are a married couple of bisexual feminists -- both artists and computer scientists, although we criss-cross with one of us as a hobbyist and one of us as a professional in each of these fields. Denise is from the United States and Rosy is originally from Italy, so we also bring together different cultural perspectives on everything.

In our spare time, we enjoy media together: video games, books, and the like. We're often not up-to-date with current trends, so we are usually enjoying things with release dates from several years ago. While we are watching or playing or reading together, we often have long discussions about our thoughts on the media we are consuming. We sometimes jot our thoughts down, and we have, over the years, saved some of these snippets in random notebooks and in a myriad of .txt files. Staircase Spirit was originally born out of these discussions and notes.

The name of this site comes as a translation of the French idiom "L'esprit de l'escalier" - which is a term for the perfect comeback that comes way too late, when you're already all the way to the bottom of the staircase. In our case, it's the thought that comes at the bottom of a staircase of an entirely different building, ten years later.

To be completely fair, this site is not all about what we dislike. It's also about things we like enough to complain about. And it's also about things that we just plain like and want to write positively about. Considering that we both also enjoy making fansites, we also think of this site as a potential incubator for ideas that are maybe not enough for a full stand-alone fansite yet, but may be the start of a new project in that regard.

Since we write extensively for other projects too, we've decided to use Staircase Spirit also as something of a hub for accessing articles we've written for our other sites, like Memento Mori, our Agarest fansite.

As the point of these articles is that they are written out of many years of condensed thoughts over this or that, don't exactly expect regular updates, but rest assured: we never run out of things to rant and rave about.

And, as a small warning: expect excessive amounts of Pokémon rants.

Denise, aka ritabuuk

Denise, as drawn by Rosy

Denise is the professional computer scientist who has an educational background in bioinformatics - using computers to make sense of the vast reams of data that come from studying genetics and other aspects of the medical field. She likes making graphs, so if you see any sort of bar chart or trendline in any of these articles, it is probably her fault. She has lived on both the east and the west coast of the United States, and first met Rosy because of her Pokémon fansite Copy Cat, a fact well-documented by the US government.

Rosy, aka dubiousdisc

Rosy, as drawn by Denise

Rosy is the professional artist, writer, and web designer. Her résumé includes the illustrated book Cathemerals, the Italian for my Girlfriend project with associated anthology, all the fansites on Rigelatin, and the currently running webcomic The Gifts of Darkness. She will likely be the person initially drafting or finally wrapping up most of these articles, since she is so good at bringing ideas to reality and seeing every project she sets her hands on to a satisfying conclusion. She's lived in both the northern and the southern parts of Italy, and while she can conjure an amazing pizza from scratch even from an electric oven, she doesn't really like pasta, so don't ask.

Other things we've worked on together

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