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I cannot pinpoint the day that I first started considering Sneasel one of my favorite Pokémon. What I do know is that it's been one of my greatest favorites for a long, long time, as proven by the fact that this site is over ten years old. My liking of Sneasel is such that, through the years, people have begun to associate me with this Pokémon; somehow, I have become the Sneasel person. Friends would often draw pictures of Sneasel for me as a gift, or even find Sneasel toys for me!

Dark Claws, as it was in 2006
This is how Dark Claws looked like in 2006. Behold the bloody blood!

As I wrote at the beginning of this site, Dark Claws was opened in 2006 as a fanlisting with a few pages of content, which was then expanded into a shrine. Back then it was graciously hosted by Kari; in 2008, I purchased blind-dreaming.net and moved the website there, and then to the current - and hopefully final - location in 2011. Through the years, the site was rewritten several times, with a different focus each time; from being data-centered to gallery-centered to essay-centered. Eventually, I left the site in an archived form for a long while, as I didn't think I could really expand it much; how much is there to write about Sneasel, anyway? Well...In 2016, I realized that I had gathered far more thoughts about Sneasel than I knew, and so the site has been revamped and rewritten once more. All in all: I'm not sure how this happened, but here I am with a site about Sneasel that has reached its tenth anniversary. Yikes!

You can view the previous designs for this site at the rigelatin layout archive.

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Credits, contact & goodbye

Most of the images used throughout this site were collected from Bulbapedia and Pokescans. The top artwork is my own picture! Here it is on Tumblr. Since we are not sure what color is Sneasel anyway, I decided to paint it EVERY color. :D

For the current site, I would like to particularly thank Lethe for contributing information about Silver's Sneasel in Pokémon Adventures since I haven't read the manga and I'm not about to read the whole thing just to be able to talk about that particular Sneasel. One day I'll probably read it anyway, but it's a very long series, so that day is probably not today (or tomorrow either). Special thanks to Denise for proofreading the entire site!

Thanks to everyone who have contributed in one way or another to this site through the years. The fan art gallery is no longer part of Dark Claws, but thanks to all who previously submitted pictures and content.

If you'd like to contact me about this site, send your mail to


Thank you for reading, and goodbye!