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Sneasel in Crystal

Hello! Welcome to Dark Claws, a site about Sneasel from the Pokémon series!

Dark Claws has been around since 2006 in many incarnations - it started as a fanlisting with a shrine side that collected game information about Sneasel, which was of note as Bulbapedia was still in its infancy; it eventually expanded to include much more content, among which a large screenshot gallery and a list of Sneasel collectibles. The site stayed online in archived form for a good while.

In one way or another, we've reached the site's tenth anniversary: for the occasion, Dark Claws has been completely revamped and rewritten! Today, I'd say that Dark Claws stands as a retrospective of sorts. It contains essays about everything that relates to Sneasel, from its role within the Pokémon series and its fandom to the origin of its concept, from its design through the years to theories about this species and how it is integrated within the universe of Pokémon. Most of all, it is my way to pay a tribute to this awesome creature.

Let us begin. I hope you will enjoy reading this site!

Table of contents

  1. Introduction On the Pokémon game series and Sneasel
  2. The final wild Pokémon A little history of Sneasel through the years
  3. The demon weasel On Sneasel's design and concept
  4. Sneasel in nature Speculative biology and ecology of Sneasel
  5. The most famous Sneasel About a few Sneasel of note
  6. The conclusion Site information, credits, etc.
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