About this website

As it often happens to me, the first idea to make this website came to me several years ago - I think it was in late 2006 or early 2007, which was also when I received my very first piece of Pokémon merchandise - an adorable Sableye plushie. However, I never got to make this website because for the longest time I didn't consider Sableye to be one of my absolute favorites.

Then a few years after that I decided that, after all, I really did like this Pokémon, so I started working on this thing; the website was launched on May 21, 2010 as a participant to that year's Pokéthon.

In April 2011, the website was moved to the current URL at, and in September of the same year it was redesigned into its current layout. You can see the previous one at the layout archive.

Contact information

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dubiousdisc at gmail dot com