What's a Sableye?

Sableye is one of the more than 500 species of fictional creatures called Pokémon, a franchise which you should have heard about at some point in your life unless you've been living on Mars for the last fifteen years. It belongs to the third batch of creatures, whose first appearance was in the Game Boy Advance games Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire (2003).

A quick overview

Dex number:
Darkness Pokémon
0.5 m
11 kg

The lonely trickster

Sableye lead a quiet existence in the darkness of caves. They spend their time crawling around and digging into the ground with their claws searching for rocks and gemstones to chomp on; the minerals on which they feed resurface later in their skin as crystals, which also explains why their eyes have turned into gemstones. They differ from regular gems because they glow of their own light. Although sightings of these Pokémon are rare because they live so deep in rock tunnels, spotting a Sableye is not hard - just look for a pair of unusually sparkling jewels in the shadow.

Many people think that Sableye are mischievous and ill-natured, playing nasty tricks on adventurers who dare enter their domain. The truth is that, since they live such lonely lives, they love company but are not used to deal with other living beings, so their way of showing their interest is pulling pranks on people. They don't mean any harm. There is an old folk tale according to which a Sableye whose eyes are glowing is actually stealing your soul; but it's just a tale to scare children, nothing more.

Since they are so small, one would think that Sableye are not very strong. This was thought to be true for a while, but was later disproved when it was discovered that some Sableye can have a very beneficial trait called Prankster. This aside, Sableye is notable for having a type combination that gives it no weaknesses whatsoever. When the third generation of Pokémon was introduced, Sableye was the only creature with this peculiarity. Well, it's still one of the only two Pokémon without weaknesses, excuse me if it's not enough!