Sableye superstar

The various anime apparitions of Sableye. Now, since I don't really follow the anime episode by episode, I don't know if it appeared in episodes other than the ones mentioned here; if there's something I overlooked, please let me know.

By the way, I also have a page with a collection of Sableye screencaps from the anime.

AG029 - Ready, Willing and Sableye


The 29th episode of the Advanced Generation arc (303rd episode of the whole series), which was first aired in Japan on June 12, 2003, marks Sableye's debut in the anime.

The Sableye of this episode is a little trickster who lives in an abandoned mine, causing the whole main cast to shit their pants. Of course, he just wanted to play, being always so lonely and such; when Team Rocket's Meowth learns this, he pretends to be friendly and willing to pull pranks with Sableye just to use that for his own purposes and trap Ash's group to try and capture Pikachu, as always. Sableye doesn't really understand and even goes as far as to ask Meowth if he will be his best friend. :< In the end he realizes what's going on, but by then Team Rocket has destroyed the mine. Such assholes. Luckily for him, Ash and friends help Sabby get his revenge, and they part ways hoping to meet again.

Cassidy's Sableye

Cassidy's Sableye and Butch's Mightyena

Cassidy, a Team Rocket grunt introduced in the Advanced Generation arc, trains a Sableye. This Pokémon debuted in Oaknapped!, a special episode part of the Pokémon Chronicles, and reappeared in two other specials - A Date With Delcatty! and Luvdisc Is A Many Splendored Thing. This Sableye appears to be there just for generic battle scenes, but in its last appearance we see it fearing to attack two Luvdisc because it can't swim and randomly falling in love with Butch's Mightyena. It was probably an effect of the aforementioned Luvdisc's attacks, but who really knows?