Xaero - bio
Mutated, Cybronic Human
1.78 m
131 kg

The most dangerous enemy in the arena, Xaero embraces honorable death. He longs for the day when he will meet the opponent who frees him from the shackles of life eternal-if such a warrior exists.

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Entering a game

"Now that we are all here, let the lesson begin."
"Welcome unenlightened ones. Learn, and then die."
"The bee is drawn to the flower, yet the spider lurks below."
"Do I hear a sharp intake of breath? Did you not expect me?"
"A mole tunnels endlessly to dig his warren. I command it; it is done."
"Today's lesson will be pain."
"Greetings, [random enemy], You come for another lesson?"

Exiting a game

"Would a dragon swat a fly simply because he could?"
"You could not stand in a gentle breeze, yet I am a hurricane."
"Greater mountains to climb, though not yet have I found a challenge."

Level start

"This day shall the new prophecy be written. Your blood shall be my ink."
"Pray for a quick death, and if you are fortunate, I shall answer."
"It is time for your first lesson: humility."
"I can feel the terror as my shadow crosses the Arena."

Level end

"Only through worthy opponents can I ascend beyond this."
"I walk the edge of a fine sword. On one side, mediocrity. On the other, victory."
"Confusing is the heat of battle. I fear the count is not correct."
"At last the slate has been put to the chalk."
"There is success, or failure. There is no mediocrity."
"Only the Chosen can reveal the Chosen, [winner]. We are one in glory."

Level end: victory

"The sun rises. The sun sets. I win. These are the precepts of a logical world."
"Wise is the warrior who appreciates his opponents. Alas, I am a fool."
"The rain yields to the stream. The stream cowers before the river. I am the ocean."
"Your blood is my wine ... my cup overfloweth."
"All fall before me."
"Your parts intermingle. I cannot sort them out."

Level end: defeat

"At last, the irresistible force has met the immovable object."
"The lesson I could not teach myself: to see battle through the eyes of my foes."
"Now that I am finished stretching, the real fighting may commence."
"Humility is a lesson that you will not teach to me."
"You have not defeated me, you have freed me to seek the higher level."
"Only time conquers all."
"Only the Chosen can reveal the Chosen, [winner]. We are one in glory."

Hit when talking

"[Enemy], it takes a child but once to learn that a flame will burn."
"If there is not honor, I cannot teach. I will kill you without instruction, [enemy]."
"[Enemy], when the master speaks, the student would do well to listen."
"Grab every advantage, [enemy]. It will not be enough."
"This is no victory, [enemy], for glory pales with treachery."

Hit by an attack (no death)

"The bee stings but once ... then it dies."
"So, [enemy]
has the kitten found its claws?"
"Follow the road of chance, child, but follow it to the end."
"The instructor is pleased that you did not sleep through ALL of his lessons, [enemy]."
"The rungs of the ladder are narrow. There is no room to pass."
"A true master kills with one shot [enemy]."
"The wind must have corrected your errant shot, [enemy]."

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

"That is the first of the seventeen points of pain, [enemy]. Sixteen to go."
"Well done, [enemy]. You show the enviable ability to attract your foe's weapons."
"Be proud of your scars, [enemy]. They were given by the master."
"Honor demands that you fall on a grenade [enemy] for making such a whimper."
"[Enemy], the smell of your charred flesh is incense that speaks to my soul."
"The beast is surrounded. Then it is struck. Then it tires. Then it dies."
"Do not fear, [enemy], for your wound will have no time to fester."
"That is but a hole through which the maggots might enter."

Death by telefrag

"Alas, the coward will seek any means to victory."
"The intervention of fate alone allows you this hollow victory, [enemy]."

Death by falling damage

"I descend from on high. Too fast, I fear."
"Every creature finds its niche, where its form is perfection. Would that I was a bird!"
"Alas, gravity, the universal truths apply to all. Even to Xaero."

Death by lava

"Alas, the elements beckon me."
"I embark upon a river of stone, and the flames free my soul."
"This is the essence of creation, and destruction."
"Every creature finds its niche, where its form is perfection. Would that I were someplace else entirely."

Death by slime

"The simplest creatures are oft the most deadly."
"The willow bends to the wind, as the slime absorbs the strike. I am caught."
"As it was in the beginning, so it shall be in the end."

Death by drowning

"The irony: that that which gave me life, now gives me death."
"Every creature finds its niche, where its form is perfection. Would that I was a fish."
"I know a thousand ways to kill, and yet, I could not spare a day to learn to swim."
"Remember little one: he who is the best armored ... sinks."
"How I have envied its perfect motion, and now at last, I join the fluid bath."

Death by splash damage/cratering

"It would seem that I have to do for you that which you cannot do for yourselves."
"A true warrior controls the fight, from beginning to end."
"A true warriors does nothing without purpose."
"In facing you, I have dishonored my sacred oath, and so I have fallen on my sword."
"There is honor in dying ... sometimes."
"I err. This is a new experience."
"Even in death, I am greater than thee."

Death by gauntlet

"You show promise, [enemy] ... perhaps too much so."
"Perhaps I have underestimated you, [enemy]."
"You have touched perfection, [enemy]. Can you grab onto it?"

Death by railgun

"The snake can strike but once against the quick of hand."
"I feel the sting of an insignificant wasp, and yet, I fear I am allergic."
"You fear to face me openly, [enemy]? You are wise beyond your years."

Death by BFG

"Your tactics offend the philosopher in me, [enemy]."
"Chaos reigns when a gnat is given the power of the bear."
"I end in a green blaze. There could be no other way."
"The candle that burns twice as fast, burns twice as bright."

Death by kamikaze

"Fate has thrown you a powerful tool. Though such are often wasted upon fools."
"The mosquito has borrowed the dragon's teeth."
"The flame of honor burns low and flickers in you, [enemy]."
"Where will you hide, [enemy], when the divine wind deserts you?"
"The tiger faces death fiercely, [enemy]. You are no tiger."

Death insults

"Cowards cannot comprehend the joy of valor, [enemy]."
"The weak can win ... once."
"It must be true: fate is a path of many unforeseeable twists and turns."
"When all logic is cast aside, and all reason is reduced to madness, there is chaos."
"Call the scribe. This is an occasion which you will want to remember, [enemy]."
"Brief are those moments of insanity, fortunately. Enjoy yours, [enemy]."
"Boast of this kill, [enemy]. It is the one mask to hide the fool that is you."
"Thrice cursed [weapon] [animal]! You will learn your manners."

Death praise

"There is no trophy greater. I pray you are worthy, [enemy]."
"You are my peer, [enemy]. We are rare."
"I will see you on the higher level, [enemy]."
"I salute you, [enemy], for magnificent deeds should not go unheralded."
"My corpse is my shrine. Build well your own, [enemy]."
"You have taken a great step along the road to perfection."

Killing with railgun

"I easily slide the thread through the eye of the needle."
"You must learn to anticipate, little one."
"A clean kill. Rejoice, [enemy], for I was merciful."
"You die, [enemy]. Any way I choose."

Killing with gauntlet

"Often the master must take matters into his own 'hands'."
"The true warrior is a shadow within the darkness, a whisper among shouts."
"I am all about you, [enemy]
omnipotent and ever-present."
"You see, [enemy]? The scorpion has a tail."

Killing with telefrag

"Out of my way!"
"It is good to know that there was nothing of significance blocking my entrance."

Killing with kamikaze

"Loose the dragon. Unchain the thunderclap. Let chaos rule!"
"Waste not, the providence of Heaven. It may not come again."
"A warrior knows that victory may not come til his own life is spilled out."
"The fire of my soul reaches out to caress the the spirits of my foes."
"Such power should not be wasted upon lesser beings."

Another player kills self

"Once there were people that honored such an act. They have inexplicably disappeared."
"Why do you try to steal the serpent's strike, [enemy]?"
"I agree with your choice, [enemy], for what was the point?"
"He who accepts the inevitable is not a fool, [enemy]. But he is still dead."
"You have taught me, little one, what not to do."

Kill insults

"They say there is honor in death. Do not believe them, [enemy]."
"My soul for a true challenge!"
"They waste my time by feeding me insects like you."
"The elephant steps on the ant. Does he even notice?"
"You should die childless. Your existence insults the theory of evolution."
"There are among us those rare creatures who move better dead than alive."
"You lived as a coward, [enemy]. And you died as a coward."
"With you in mind, [enemy], I tremble at the concept of reincarnation."
"Have you encountered [random character]? That one failed against me also."

Kill praise

"Fine is the line between risk and foolishness. You stepped too far, [enemy]."
"Great is better than good. I win."
"Take heart, [enemy], for those who do not try, cannot win."
"For a brief moment, you were a true fighter, [enemy]. Sleep now, for that moment is passed."
"[Enemy], you have rekindled my hope that one day I will be truly challenged."
"I have killed the likes of you a thousand times, [enemy]. Warriors who nearly made the grade."

Random insults

"You walk as a drunkard, [random enemy]! One step ahead, two to the side, and three backwards."
"I would kill you quickly, [enemy], if I wasn't taking such pleasure from your shortcomings."
"Jump into the void, [enemy] ...your chances will improve."
"[Enemy], what made you choose this road of utter annihilation?"
"They speak of bravery so that you will blindly walk to your death."
"I will prove to you that you are made of the basic elements, [enemy]."
"Avoiding death by my hands is like avoiding fate itself."
"Does your world truly see you as a champion, [enemy]?"
"If you tremble upon seeing me, [enemy], you are a coward. If you do not, you are a fool."
"What words of comfort would you have me tell your next of kin, [random enemy]?"

Random misc

"Where am I on the scale? At the top, because I CAN kill? Or at the bottom, because I DO?"
"Tell me of your sensei, [enemy]."
"The hawk or the wolf? One works in concert, the other, alone."
"Tell me of life outside the Arena."
"Anarki annoys me. His very name speaks of chaos."
"Perhaps I will keep you alive, [enemy], to serve as Klesk's translator."