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For untold eons, Mankind has known and feared Uriel's diabolical kind. The aura of evil and death hanging around this gladiator is enough to send a chill down the spine of any opponent.

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Entering a game

"My wings do droop in anticipation."
"How many must I kill before my scale is balanced again?"
"[Map name]. This place looks too familiar."
"The call of the ages beckons me once again."
"Tremble, mortals, Uriel returns to [map name]."

Exiting a game

"I am doomed to return. There will be no rest."
"Perhaps I will find some worthy to ascend... next time."
"My rest will be short, of that, I am sure."
"Farewell. Even Death takes a holiday."

Level start

"Again I am summoned to show insects the way to perfection."
"I am the darkness and the way."
"This place is filled with inferior beings."
"This will not take much time or ammunition."
"Tremble, mortals, and more so if you survive."

Level end

"Some will ascend. Others must try again."
"It all blends together."
" **sigh** And now again... always again... ever again."
"Eternal is the Arena... I fear that more than I fear you, [winner]."
"I am mired in the midst of foolish ambition."
"Defeat is not you greatest worry, [loser]. That will be victory."
"What is it that you have truly won, [winner]?"

Level end: victory

"Behold the Dark Angel of Death!"
"I take no pleasure in killing you [loser]. It is expected."
"There can be no other outcome, lesser ones."
"Do you not understand who I am?"
"Where is the thrill?"
"Defeat is not you greatest worry, [loser]. That will be victory."

Level end: defeat

"If you defeat a thousand, this will remain your greatest trophy, [winner]."
"Perhaps there is rest, at last."
"Too long have I toiled to sate the egos of inferiors."
"Move on, [winner]. Ascend, and then descend, and know despair."
"Where the heart cannot go, the body cannot follow."
"Weigh carefully the choice of being victorious, [winner]."

Hit when talking

"Your deceptions will not elevate you, [enemy]."
"Too long have I lived to suffer such cowardly acts, [enemy]."
"Your treachery will find you out, [enemy]."

Hit by an attack (no death)

"[Ememy]! Shoot straighter, I say! For the heart!"
"Scars upon scars upon scars."
"Curse this life!"
"You think yourself worthy, [enemy]? Prove it."
"I must retaliate. It is the way."
"Is there no end to this madness? Nay, none, and so your death will not be swift, [enemy]."

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

"Only a child should weep so."
"[Enemy], you would not last a span of five heartbeats in Vadrigar."
"Insignificant worm. You spill your life upon halls stained by the blood of thousands.?"
"Ah, the eternal sound: an inferior wailing in agony."
"A thousand times a thousand rockets will not bring you the pain I have known, [enemy]."
"Is this the life you willingly choose, [enemy]?"

Death by telefrag

"They crowd the Arena, eager to ascend... but there is only death."
"A fit end for an insect, [enemy]."

Death by falling damage

"Too close to the sun have I flown, and thus my wings are no more."
"I fly on wings of lead!"
"I will rise again, I fear."

Death by lava

"Sweet heat, release me these mortal bonds."
"Encase me, molten stone. A fitting statue for the Dark Angel."
"I burn. I care not at all."

Death by slime

"Indignity. Once I ruled, now ..."
"In the end, the slime will rule and all the rest shall be dust."

Death by drowning

"All my life I see before me. There is only pain."
"Darkness take me, before I rise up, only to fall again."
"There is a peacefulness here that is appealing."

Death by splash damage/cratering

"'Tis my own doing ... none shall ascend!"
"Was this done on purpose? I must examine that which is in my heart."
"I have lost my edge. The mighty have fallen."
"Immortal weariness has stolen my edge."

Death by gauntlet

"Are you worthy to ascend, [enemy]? Or have I sunk so low?"
"The ages have diminished the mighty to the level of ... [enemy]."
"The mewling child dares swing at the father?"

Death by railgun

"I did not see it, [enemy]... that is preferred."
"How? Where? Nay, the question is 'why?'"
"There is promise in one who displays such stealth, [enemy]."
"Sudden and without warning, [enemy]... you have perfected one aspect of death."

Death by BFG

"But how would you fight without such firepower, [enemy]?"
"It is a challenge reduced to throw weight. There is no honor."
"Scatter me across all the world, [enemy]."
"I pray that this mighty weapon is enough power to end my reign."

Death by kamikaze

"Though our blood and ichor co-mingle, we are not brothers, you and I, [enemy]."
"I am spread to the winds, a fine mist, floating upon fate's dark vapours."
"Tis no honor to slay your foes thusly."
"The shadow stain upon you soul flees, yet you remain unclean."
"Again? How tragic."
"Poor little [fighter]. What will you do when you must rely upon skill alone?"

Death insults

"Now you learn the truth, [enemy]."
"Rejoice not, [enemy]. All victory is temporary."
"You are not worthy, [enemy]. You are merely lucky, and luck cannot hold."
"One frag does not an Arena Lord make, [enemy]!"
"If only you understood the truth: that I let you win."
"Dance not, puny one. The eons felled me, not [enemy]."
"What is it that you have truly won, [enemy]?"
"Your cheers reveal your ignorance, [enemy]."

Death praise

"Attach my wings to your coil if you can [enemy]. Wear them with pride."
"My cycle is near completed. Yours is just begun, [enemy]. I pity you." ;
"Behold ye, the new Dark Angel of Death. Enjoy this time of ignorance."
"I fall to you, [enemy], but there are levels you must yet scale."
"I honor you in deaths prayer, [enemy] ... may your fall will be as swift as your rise."
"May death find you in battle, [enemy], and quickly, before you begin the long descent."
"Has the Arena found its next champion?"

Killing with railgun

"I prefer not this weapon, but neither would I waste my time in battling you, [enemy]."
"Ignorance is bliss, but only if bliss is death."
"Sometimes it is preferable not to hear the serpent's rattle."

Killing with gauntlet

"Go home, puny one, this is not your place."
"I waste no ammo on the likes of you, [enemy]."
"The touch of Death. Cold ..."

Killing with telefrag

"The fates have deemed you unworthy [enemy]... obviously."
"Just go away."

Killing with kamikaze

"Here, [enemy], I share with you the darkness that cloaks my soul."
"Pity. Twas but a moment's fleeting distraction, now gone."
"Alas it is done. What glory was there in this ephemeral event?"
"Hmmmmph. I gain so little pleasure from the deaths of so many."
"Mark my words, there will be gnashing of teeth and wailing unto heaven over this."

Another player kills self

"Why do I bother?"
"Hmmph. Hmmmph. This is what you must call humor."
"Well done. You do excel at some things, [enemy]."
"It could go on without me, I see."
"A feint within a feint? Or are you just dead [enemy]?"

Kill insults

"Bah! Each new round brings an opponent less worthy."
"The ease of your execution only heightens my boredom, [enemy]."
"I have forgotten your name already."
"Your race weakens with the eons... your ancestors would still be alive."
"There are many ways to die. I suspect that you have perfected them all, [enemy]."
"In a thousand years, I have never seen one as pitiful as thee, [enemy]."
"Too easy. Where has the challenge gone?"

Kill praise

"Trust me, I have done you a favor and an honor, [enemy]."
"If you so desire the life that I have known, try again. You may get there, [enemy]."
"The Lords shall be grateful that I killed you. You would have brought them pain, [enemy]."
"I will write your name in my great book ... that, I have not done for centuries untold."
"The Dark Angel of Death has spoken. Hear his voice!"
"Show promise and learn well, and learn now that this is not the course for you, [enemy]."

Random insults

"Run faster! Shoot straighter! Do something right and make this interesting, [enemy]."
"This is what they send me? The Masters' respect for me has waned, I fear."
"I will defeat you, [enemy]. That is assured."
"Have you no skill, ", 1, "? Or have you just surrendered to the inevitable?"
"Kill yourself, [enemy], and save me the trouble."
"[Enemy], there is no belt small enough to carve a proper notch for you."
"[Random enemy], you are a worthless [animal] No! Less than worthless!"

Random misc

"Yes, I know. I talk too much."
"Me? I talk too much? You have yet to meet Xaero!"
"Miserable wings, fly me far from this place!"
"My talons once raked through stone. The stone is harder now, I fear."
"The world is diminished! They let inferiors in here!"
"Slime corrupts water; lava melts slime; water cools lava. There is no winner."
"I know every inch of [map name], every trap and every stain."