Tank Jr.

Tank Jr. - bio
Tank Jr.
Cybronic Human/Strogg Crossbreed
2.21 m
771 kg

The spawn of a human Tank Commander and an Iron Maiden of Stroggos, Tankjr is a sadistic bio-tech nightmare.

Like Alexander, son of Phillip of Macedonia, Tank Jr. is the rightful heir to a kingdom carved out be conquerors like its sire, the Tank Commander from Stroggos. Descended from that dreaded and feared military leader fought and defeated during the Stroggos Wars, this machine of war possesses an innate desire to crush all foes beneath its metal-shod heel.

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Entering a game

"Power up ... systems on-line. Pathetic carbon-based [fighter]s targeted."
"Selecting [random enemy] for initial termination."
"Sensors indicate [random enemy] as best choice for minimal risk 'frag.'"
"Nothing but inferior lifeforms indicated in [map name]."

Exiting a game

"Carbon life forms inadequate ... Executing search program."
"Initiating depature sequence."
"Exiting loop."

Level start

[random quote: level_start0]
"Systems indicate multiple units for replacement parts."
"Systems indicate sniveling baby that's ready to die."

Level end

"Damage assessment underway ... report: damage minimal ..."
"Re-run previous combat matrix ... correct for maximum efficiency."
"Current data incompatible with world domination program. REBOOT."
"Read-outs indicate insufficient hierarchical position."

Level end: victory

"Multiple fatalities indicated. Activating mulcher/bagger systems."
"Situation read-outs indicate satisfactory program results."
"Ultimate victory achievable."
"[Loser], report to Arena Masters for disassembly."

Level end: defeat

"PRINT: I will wind your entrails into pretzels, [winner]."
"'Luck' incompatible with logic. Analysis of [winner] inconclusive."
"Researching contextual defination of 'llama."
"Attempts to initiate nuclear self-destruct sequence failing."
"Biological units are to be exterminated in future encounters."
"[Map name] is yet to be conquered."

Hit when talking

"Evisceration? Decapitation? [enemy] may choose."
"PRINT: 'Ow ow! Help! Help! Help!.... ha ha ha ha.'"
"[Enemy] will need to locate a bigger [weapon]."
"Data stream interrupted."

Hit by an attack (no death)

"DATA LOG: Systems functional. Return fire indicated."
"Damaged biological components require replacement. Collect from, [enemy]."
"Inferior Unit! You will not survive to make that mistake again."
"Provide me with a target, [enemy]. Tankjr challenges you."

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

"ANALYSIS: Inferior ordinance."
"Preparing target for processing."
"DATA INQUIRY: How many hits to reach the juicy center?"
"SENSOR READOUT: Biological infestation implanted in foe."
"Will your entrails spill out when I shake you up and pull your head off?"

Death by telefrag

"PLAYBACK RECORDING: '[fighter]! Scumsucking re-wound ball of puke!'"
"SENSOR READOUT: Uable to reconstruct data structure."

Death by falling damage

"SENSOR READOUT: 'Terminal velocity reached in 1.3409 sec ... '"

Death by lava

"CRITICAL WARNING: 'System meltdown imminent.'"
"Critical temperature exceeded ... systems shutting d ...."
"DANGER! DANGER! Will Robi ...."

Death by slime

"SENSOR READOUT: 'Substance analysis incompatible with known lubricants.'"
"SENSOR READOUT: 'Substance incompatible with biological components.'"
"PLAYBACK RECORDING: 'I'm melting. I'm melting. What a world. What a world.'"
"I didn't think I'd meet your family until after our first kiss." (unused; commented out)

Death by drowning

"Braaaaaaaaappppppp! Zzzzpt!"
"Undercoating failing. Terminal corrosion imminent."
"HUMOR: 'My male parent was a tank ... not a U-boat. *[laugh track]*'"
"Hull compromised. Taking on water."

Death by splash damage/cratering

"WARNING: Targetting system malfunction."

Death by gauntlet

"WARNING: 'Grenade in the hatch! Grenade in the hatch!'"
"SENSOR FAILURE: 'Target range undetermined.'"

Death by railgun

"PLAYBACK RECORDING:'You maggot-lapping piece of fly snot!'"
[random quote: death_rail1]

Death by BFG

"PLAYBACK RECORDING: 'My exit wound is bigger than you, [fighter].'"
"PLAYBACK RECORDING: 'Ow. That really hurt.'"
[random quote: death_bfg1]

Death insults

"C'mere so I can fall on you, squishy boy." (unused; commented out)
"Biological units cannot compete with Tankjr."
"You're lucky I was still hurt from yesterday's battles."
"I can be repaired. Can you, little squishy [fighter]?."
[random quote: death_insult4]
[random quote: death_insult3]

Death praise

"SENSOR READOUT: [enemy] is worthy to be assimilated."
"When I am repaired, [enemy], I will etch your name onto my hull."
[random quote: d_praise2]

Killing with railgun

"Don't die, [enemy], Tankjr must run over you a few times."
"STATUS: 'Terminal Penetration of Opponent acheived.'"

Killing with gauntlet

"Taste Strogg steel, squishy, [fighter]."
[random quote: kill_gauntlet0]

Killing with telefrag

"SENSOR EVALUATION: 'Target data stream fatally interrupted.'"
"ACQUIRING TARGET: 'Scan Failure. Cannot locate."

Another player kills self

"Opponent [enemy] succesful in activation of self-destruct sequence."
"Opponent self-terminated."

Kill insults

"The Strogg Empire will rise again."
"Tankjr has pistons bigger than [enemy]."
"How do biological units live with the smell?"
[random quote: kill_insult0]

Kill praise

"DATA SEARCH: 'Cannot find praise string. Search aborted."
"I will keep your organs as a memento of this match, [enemy]."

Random insults

"I have been created to be your worst nightmare, [fighter]."
"Opposing life forms considered non-sentient."
"OPPONENT EVALUATION: 'Nonlethal/mostly harmless.'"
"Tankjr will enjoy ripping you into components, bio-failure."
"[Enemy], your skills suck."
"Surrender now. Cyborg steel will dominate."
"Your race has been targeted for elimination, [random enemy]."
"Our spawn will use your flesh as hosts."

Random misc

"I think I slipped a gear."
"SYSTEMS OVERHEATING: Must stop processing Angel images."
"All will be taken to the flesh vats."
"Daisy, daisy ... "
"Mother, is that you?"
[random quote: misc12]
[random quote: misc9]