Stripe - bio
2.03 m
142 kg

Raised on the mean streets of a post-apocalyptic city, Stripe avoided crime and drugs by being tougher than the gangs and pushers.

Stripe is a tough, smart urban soldier. His experience in the street has prepared him for life in the Arenas. His training in the Marines and then as a mercenary for various armies ranging several continents on Earth makes him one of the harder foes to overcome.

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Entering a game

"Y'all got your boots on. Let's get busy."
"I lived in worse places than, [map name]."
"All the comforts of home and good company too."
"Y'all don't want to get on my bad side today."
[random quote: hello6]
[random quote: hello3]
[random quote: hello11]

Exiting a game

"All y'all just got lucky, [fighter]s. Duty calls."
"No bugs to squash in [map name]."
[random quote: goodbye5]

Level start

"Show me what y'll got, bug-lover."
"Come on junior, let's see what y'all got."

Level end

"I feel like I just kissed my sista'."
"I might as well start raising pigeons."
[random quote: level_end1]
"You're excused, [loser]. But [winner] , I'm gonna pay you back good."

Level end: victory

"What else would ya'll expect from an elite killing machine?"
"Move like a dragonfly, hit like a tank, I looked pretty, but y'all don't even rank."
"I expect you to salute your superiors, [loser]."
[random quote: level_end_victory4]
[random quote: level_end_victory3]

Level end: defeat

"I'm a disgrace to the Legion."
"Where were y'all when I was on Beta-3?"
"Go hunt some bugs, [winner]."
[random quote: level_end_lose0]

Hit when talking

"Y'all wanna street fight punk? YOU GOT IT!"
"All's fair in love and war, right? Y'all are so WRONG, [fighter]!!"
"Y'all don't go messing with Stripe!"

Hit by an attack (no death)

"Either I'm getting slow or y'all're using a sloppy weapon."
"[Enemy], y'all are beginning to irritate me."
"I must have a tracer on me."
"Don't play games with me, [enemy]."
"Y'all hit the man, he supposed to stay down. Y'all messed up."

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

[random quote: taunt5]
"I wish I had my .44."
"Look at [enemy] go! bet that [fighter] could outrun police dogs!"
"Last time I shot something that ran as fast as y'all, I cooked it for dinner."
"Be nice if they give us some live ammo."

Death by telefrag

"Get out of my head!"
"What is this? A friggin' turf war?"
[random quote: death_telefragged1]

Death by falling damage

"I wish I was wearing my game shoes."
"Double-pump, 360 slam!"

Death by lava

"And I thought Louisiana Hot Sauce was hot."
"Man! Almost as hot as a Texas summer."
[random quote: death_lava1]

Death by slime

"AAAAAAAAH! Bug dip."

Death by drowning

"They didn't cover this in basic."
"Well that's just great. Who broke the hydrant?"

Death by splash damage/cratering

"That's not right."
[random quote: death_suicide1]
"I never was a good rebounder."
"Y'all are definitely outta bounds there, [enemy]."
[random quote: death_suicide4]

Death by gauntlet

"I might as well put on a dress and go back to the pen."
"Lean on the car and spread 'em, right?"
"Do that again and I'll cut you, man!"
[random quote: death_gauntlet1]
[random quote: death_gauntlet2]

Death by railgun

"I didn't know I was within five feet of the fence."
"That gun don't mess around."
"Y'all put that thing down, [enemy]. Don't go messing with what you can't handle."
[random quote: death_rail1]

Death by BFG

"Now I know what a piece of toast feels like."
"Y'all don't got the training to use that piece of heat."
[random quote: death_bfg0]

Death insults

"Oh, so you want to play rough?"
"You piece of crap! Are you wearing a rabbit's foot?"
[random quote: death_insult2]
[random quote: death_insult4]
[random quote: death_insult6]

Death praise

"Consider yourself lucky, [enemy]. You just offed a bonafide war hero."
"Just get my name right on the tombstone, [fighter]."
[random quote: d_praise2]

Killing with railgun

"Y'all give a new meaning to reach out and touch someone, [enemy]."
[random quote: kill_rail0]

Killing with gauntlet

"Gonna have me a weiner roast; no need to build a fire ..."
"Y'all are one messed up [fighter] now, [enemy]."
[random quote: kill_gauntlet2]
[random quote: kill_gauntlet1]

Killing with telefrag

"Get off my turf!"
"There's one monkey off my back."
"Y'all can't nap in the stall like that, [enemy]."
"I figured y'all forgot to flush, [enemy]. So I done it for y'all."
[random quote: telefragged1]

Another player kills self

"Taking the easy way out, eh?"
"Step TO the edge, brainchild. Not OVER it!"
"First time with live ammo, [fighter]?"

Kill insults

"The bugs in the kitchen gave me more of a fight than y'all did, [enemy]."
"Let's hope you never go to prison."
"Yo, [enemy]! You take that target off when y'all sleep?"
[random quote: kill_insult6]
[random quote: kill_insult31]
[random quote: kill_insult38]
[random quote: kill_extreme_insult]

Kill praise

"Y'all Consider yourself honored. I'm a trained professional."
"Y'all were a worthy opponent, for an amateur."
[random quote: praise3]
[random quote: praise4]

Random insults

"Are y'all gonna fire that thing or just put us on a fashion show?"
"Does your momma know where y'all are, [random enemy]?"
[random quote: taunt4]
"Does [map name] feel like home to y'all? Good, cuz they'll bury y'all here."
"Y'all needs to practice more with live ammo."
"Firing them video guns in the arcade don't count as field training."
[random quote: taunt7]

Random misc

"I can't believe I still have my safety on."
"I could go for a big plate of [food], the way my momma made it."
[random quote: misc6]