Sorlag - bio
Reptiloid Alien
1.93 m
174 kg

This mercenary Sorg merchant long ago resolved to do whatever it took to get ahead, no matter how many others had to die in order to line her coffers.

A scumbag of the first order that would not only see her grandmother, but volunteer to do the vivisection first, she's always looking for some way to get an unfair advantage. This Sorg Clan reptiloid merchant mercenary never let sentimentality about lesser species get in the way of business. In the Arenas, her business is simply showing no mercy and gibbing her opponents.

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Entering a game

"[Map name] is-sss the most favored of hunting grounds."
"So many choice ss-specimens to con-ss-sider."
"A pity us-sss must waste such fine resourcessss."
"Sss-sorlag comes."
"Mmm, [random enemy]'s spleen buy me a ss-supper."
"[Random enemy], you too droopy to ssell. I eats you instead."

Exiting a game

"Nothing here worth the harves-ssting."
"Sss-sorlag goes."

Level start

"All ss-stand ss-still. Sss-sorlag kill quick. No much pain. Sss-sorlag promissse."
"Kidneys-ss? Ss-sorlag smell. Ss-sorlag harvest. Ss-sorlag sell."

Level end

"Lucky sss-scum are you, that us didn't get claws-sss on you, [winner]."
"Again. Again! Match not fair. Us-ss not win."
"Let us-sss go!! Much to harvest. Not to waste!"

Level end: victory

"Fat one! Intestines sss-sell by foot."
"Harvest comes early. Us-sss only takes most choice."
"Not kill all ... too many rot before us-ss can harvest."
"Us-sss mus-sss-t remember sss-second body bag next time."

Level end: defeat

"You thinks you good? Sorlag collect you-sses liver next!"
"Us is just making you [fighter]s worth-sss more!"

Hit when talking

"Sssso, you desperate to ss-save sss-spleen from us ssss-scalpel."
"Alien ss-scum! Con-sss-istent you are."
"Us kill you dead, [enemy]!!"

Hit by an attack (no death)

"I fill that hole with your skin!" (unused; commented out)
"It bites us back, it does."
"Ssssss!!! For that, Sss-sorlag must destroy it."
"Vivisection soon for [enemy]. Take parts-ss while still live."

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

"Best to take merchandise alive."
"Die fas-ssst, [fighter]. Damage goods less-sss."
"Sorlag sell you piece by piece if us must, [enemy]."
"Us-ss slow [enemy] down, then Ss-sorlag kills it."

Death by telefrag

"Like sorg death rite. No body to sss-sell."

Death by falling damage

"Arrrgh! All broken."

Death by lava

"Heat too much. Sss-scales not compensate."
"It burns us-ss! It burns us-ss!"

Death by slime

"To my thongue ith thticksth."
"Mmmmm. Like Sss-sorg mating jelly."

Death by drowning

"Sss-sorg not fissss-sh. This-sss bad!"
"Sss-sorg Reptiloid … not Amiphibian."

Death by splash damage/cratering

"Ssssss. Us-ss clumsy like mammal."
"us likes to kill so much, us kills us."

Death by gauntlet

"Put your hand back... Us bites off you fingers!"
"Wretched [enemy]! Us-ss carve pieces off you later."

Death by railgun

"Good weapon. Like Sss-surgeon sss-scalpel in gun."
"AAAARGGGH!!!! So much us hateses sss-sniper!"

Death by BFG

"All ruined. Bad gun. Wasteful."

Death insults

"Us take, sss-sell people of Hunter. Do sss-same to you people, [enemy]."
"Us find you, [fighter]. Repay insss-sult!"
"Is you tasty, [enemy]? Us-sss find out soon."

Death praise

"Worthy sss-savage. Us think you parts sss-sell good."
"Well does-ss [enemy] ssss-shoot. Too well ... hsss."

Killing with railgun

"Sss-shoot clean ... more to dissect and sss-sell."
"Sss-sorlag hopes us not hit exsss-pensive parts."

Killing with gauntlet

"Fry no organs-ss ... Cyborg makes buy much, pay good."
"Good anger release. Sss-sorlag not sss-so mad now."

Killing with telefrag

"No!!! Us needs those pieces!"
"Sss-shameful wastings."

Another player kills self

"Improving the breed, I ss-see, [enemy]."
"Presents, presents everywhere. Is-sss my hatch-day?"
"Us thank you, [enemy]. You brings-ss us profit with no overhead."

Kill insults

"Die slow, [enemy]. Us sss-show you pieces as us take out."
"Ummmmm. Some pieces tastes good."
"Oo-oops-sss. Too much snacking on good partssss."
"No good sell parts in [enemy]. Us make into protein chowder."

Kill praise

"Many credits us would gets for you, [enemy]."
"[Enemy] looks-sss better harvested."
"Sorlag want to clone [enemy]. Then sss-sell many time."

Random insults

"When with you, us am done, Sorlag kill your dog."
"Whisper, whisper ... you ears us clean with us forked tongue."
"Good shooting eye, [enemy]. Sorlag think us dig out and sell."

Random misc

"Catch it? Hmmm? Will Cyborg makers buy it whole?"
"I sss-sense body heat ... hot blood ... profit!!"
"Intes-ssstine make good floss-sss."