Slash - bio
Cybronic Human
1.91 m (with blades)
65 kg

A young force-blade punk from the streets of Los Angeles, Slash became a test bed for the hottest cybronic implants, turning her into a barely-contained bundle of energy.

She is fast, nervous and deadly. Her slender frame is heavily cyborged. She moves around on force skates with glowing blades. She is very competitive and quickly displays her skillz when challenged, showing you why she's earned the title of Dragon Blade.

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Entering a game

"Konnichiwa, campers."
"Ooooo. Gimme some room, I feel a victory comin' on."
"My wetware is hot tonight!"
"I'm ready to log in and get virtual."
"Been here, done this and am ready to do it again."
"Whoaaaa. I need a global positioning implant to find my way around in here."
"Like, dibs on the BFG!"
[random quote: hello4]
[random quote: hello10]

Exiting a game

"Sayonara, babies."
"I'm going offline."
"Like, I feel a major download comin' on. Gotta scoot."
[random quote: goodbye1]
[random quote: goodbye2]
[random quote: goodbye4]

Level start

"Been here, done this and am ready to do it again."
"I'm ready to jack in and get virtual."
[random quote: level_start0]

Level end

"So soon?. Like, I'm not breathing hard yet."
"I see I underestimated you fellows."
[random quote: level_end2]

Level end: victory

"Winning comes naturally to me."
"I think I'll have my gun bronzed."
"This is, like, so sweet."
[random quote: level_end_victory2]

Level end: defeat

"I have brought, y'know, dishonor to those who trusted me."
"Where I come from, they don't, like, teach you how to lose."
"I just hate losing."
[random quote: level_end_lose1]

Hit when talking

"I can't believe you shot me while I was talking, [enemy]!"
"I'll guess you're not a very popular person, [enemy]."
"That was one cheap shot you took there, [enemy]."
"Ow! Right through the cell phone."

Hit by an attack (no death)

"You'll have to do better than that to keep this blade-lady down."
"Nice shot, [enemy]. But definitely not nice enough."
"Oooooo! You like me. You really like me.!"
"Frack! Do you know how it is to replace those implants, [enemy]?"

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

"One shot, one .... Ok, I guess I'll have to make it two shots."
"You've been whoring the armor again, [enemy], haven't you?"
"Don't run off, [enemy], I've got more just like that for you."

Death by telefrag

"no way...."
[random quote: death_telefragged0]
[random quote: death_telefragged2]

Death by falling damage

[no response]

Death by lava

"That lava stuff really messes with my wetware."
"I'm gonna need another cooling fan implant."
[random quote: death_lava0]

Death by slime

"That slime reminds me of a guy I once dated."
"It's 'Slime Time' again."
"That slime overloaded my implants."
[random quote: death_slime0]

Death by drowning

"All that water and no hunky lifeguards. No beach either."
"If I were meant to swim, I'd have gill implants."
[random quote: death_drown0]

Death by splash damage/cratering

"So. Like, I suppose you never off yourself? Right?"
"Like, 'Ow.'"
"There is, like, no honor in wasting one's self like that."
[random quote: death_suicide0]

Death by gauntlet

"Did I give you permission to touch me?"
"Y'know, that really pisses me off."
[random quote: death_gauntlet1]

Death by railgun

"That won't happen again."
"Camping Scum!"
[random quote: death_rail2]

Death by BFG

"I, like, take special delight in fragging BFG campers."
"That was a mistake. You've made me, like, very angry now."
"Gross! Like, fragged by my own fave tool."
[random quote: death_bfg0]

Death insults

[random quote: death_insult4]
[random quote: death_fem_insult]
"Like, am I supposed to be impressed by that?"
"Son of a ...? Am I, like, some kind of loser magnet?"
"Totally uncool. Totally."

Death praise

"This match might be, like, interesting after all."
"Consider yourself lucky. I only let the Adrianator do that."
"Nice moves! Like, are they yours or implants?"
[random quote: d_praise]
[random quote: d_praise4]

Killing with railgun

"I love modern technology."
"So I'm a camper. Sue me."
"Ka-POW!! **[giggle]**"
"Not a BFG, but I, like, do what I can."
[random quote: kill_rail0]

Killing with gauntlet

"Nothing like a friendly touch to make a girl's day."
"I've got more where that came from."
[random quote: kill_gauntlet0]
[random quote: kill_gauntlet2]

Killing with telefrag

"That was so wrong in all the right ways"
[random quote: telefragged1]
[random quote: telefragged3]
"Too much data, not enough storage."
"I'm a terminal download!"

Another player kills self

"Laughing? Me? Of course I'm laughing at you, [enemy]."
"Wow! Do you do that often, [enemy]?"
"Death by papercut. What a terrible way to go."
"Wooohooo. Can we catch that on instant replay, [enemy]?"

Kill insults

[random quote: kill_insult2]
[random quote: kill_insult9]
[random quote: kill_insult22]
[random quote: kill_insult30]
"And the Lady Slash scores again."

Kill praise

[random quote: praise2]
"You dance really fine, babe. Just not fast enough."
"Nice moves, but not quick enough, [enemy]."
"Hey, [enemy] Let's see you try that move with skates on.!"
[random quote: praise3]

Random insults

"You! [enemy]! Out of the gene pool!"
"Did you buy those implants in a pawn shop, [enemy]?"
"Can't you [fighter]s die with a little more style than that?"
[random quote: taunt4]
[random quote: taunt_fem]
[random quote: taunt_fem1]
[random quote: taunt_fem8]
[random quote: taunt7]

Random misc

[random quote: misc0]
[random quote: misc6]
[random quote: misc10]
[random quote: misc13]
[random one-liner]
"Like the skates?"
"I so love a challenge. But I guess I have to take what I'm given."
"Zaphod? Isn't he just 'some guy'?"