Sarge - bio
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A grizzled combat veteran with plenty of scars to prove it, Sarge is the master of modern warfare. He's clever, determined, and deadly.

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Entering a game

"Mmmmm... Smells like fresh meat."
"TEN-SHUN! Sarge is in the House."
"Alright, Hero. It's time for some Pain."
"*SNIFF* I smell victory in the air today."
"You think you got what it takes to beat me, [random enemy]?"
[random quote: hello5]

Exiting a game

"Keep up the pace soldiers. I'm up for some R and R."
"Duty calls. Try to keep from fragging yourselves."
"Duty calls."
[random quote: goodbye]
[random quote: goodbye5]

Level start

[random quote: level_start0]
"Alright, Heroes. It's time for some Pain."
"Everyone drop and give me 20!"
"Let's get this over with."
"It's time to separate the warriors from the kiddies."

Level end

"Well fought troops. Well fought."
"I think we all earned a medal for that one."
"You call that a good match? Sloppy. Very sloppy."

Level end: victory

"You call that effort? You're not worthy of my ordinance, pissant."
"Yeah! Better luck next time, [loser]."
"You gave it a good shot, [loser], but next time I won't be so gentle."
"I'm feeling mighty fine right now. Mighty fine indeed."
"Yeah! The sweet smell of victory."
"I wish my momma could've been here to see this day."
[random quote: level_end_victory2]

Level end: defeat

"Frag off. I'll see you again, Jumping Junior."
"Nice shootin' Fragbait. Just don't be getting' cocky."
"Little Pig, you just won by the hair of your chinny chin, chin."
"There will be some serious payback for this."
"Gloat while you can, fragbait. Gloat while you can."
"Looks like ol' Sarge's tactics could use some re-evaluation."

Hit when talking

"What is it that you don't understand about a fair fight, fragbait?"
"You've just moved to the top of my hit list, [enemy]."
"Shootin' a man while he's talkin' just rubs me raw, [enemy]."

Hit by an attack (no death)

"You comin' on to me, Private?"
"Bring it on! Bring it on!"

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

"It'd be quicker if you just hold still."
"That's just me bein' friendly."

Death by telefrag

"Well I'll be a son-of-a ... gun."
"That's gonna cost you a month of K-P duty, [enemy]!"
[random quote: death_telefragged1]
[random quote: death_telefragged2]

Death by falling damage

[no response]

Death by lava

"I didn't come here to be barbequed."
"Blast! Was it my turn to bring the marshmallows?"
[random quote: death_lava0]

Death by slime

"Horrible stuff."
"I think I had that slime crap in an MRE once."
[random quote: death_suicide1]

Death by drowning

"I'm Army, not some waterlogged Marine."
[random quote: death_suicide0]

Death by splash damage/cratering

"Oooo. Don'tcha just hate it when that happens."
"Accidents happen."
"This battlefield is booby-trapped!"
"I did that to make the odds more fair."
"That's no way for a warrior to die."
"There are worse ways to die ..."
"No one said ANYTHING about land mines!"
[random quote: death_suicide0]
[random quote: death_suicide1]

Death by gauntlet

"You comin' on to me, [fighter]?"
"You're allowed to do that just once, soldier."
"That's an ugly way to die."
[random quote: death_gauntlet0]
[random quote: death_gauntlet1]

Death by railgun

"Everyone gets lucky, once in awhile, [enemy]."
"Dirty, rotten, lousy sniper."
"A lucky shot, [enemy]."
[random quote: death_rail1]

Death by BFG

"A real soldier can't depend on weapons of mass destruction."
"Next time, Private, face to face like real soldiers."
"Worthless fragbait."
"Your mommy say you could use that big gun, [enemy]?"
[random quote: death_bfg1]

Death by kamikaze

"Fragbait, you are about to experience a personal tragedy."
"You use enough nukes and you might have a chance around here, [fighter]."
"That might help you win, [enemy]... and I just might be voted Miss Quake III Arena too."
"You shoulda saved that for later, [enemy]. 'Cause now your in deep doo-doo."
"I got nothing good to say to you, [enemy]."

Death insults

"Wipe that smile off your face, [enemy]. You ain't out of the woods yet."
"Anybody can be lucky once, fragbait. Do you understand me?"
"You can dish it out, [enemy]. But can you take it?"
"My dog could have done that better and quicker."
"Sloppy, soldier. Very sloppy."
"That was my favorite cigar back there. Now I'm angry."
"Finally! Is someone else doing the aiming for you now, [enemy]?"
"You've had your lucky shot for the day, [enemy]."
"I'll bet you expect to get a medal for doing that, eh [enemy]?"

Death praise

"Nice shootin', Fragbait. Just don't be getting' cocky."
"Well, [enemy]. There's hope for you yet, soldier."
"Good shooting."
"You see, [enemy], practice does pay off in the long run."
"I see you've been practicing again, [enemy]."
"We'll make a soldier out of you yet, [enemy]."

Killing with railgun

"Remind me to show you my sharpshooter ribbon."
"This is a truly fine weapon."
[random quote: kill_rail1]

Killing with gauntlet

"Lesson Number One: Never let the enemy get that close."
"That's just me bein' friendly, [enemy]."
[random quote: kill_gauntlet2]

Killing with telefrag

[random quote: telefragged5]
"Let that be a lesson to you soldier ... move your butt next time."

Killing with kamikaze

"Let's just say I decided to be generous when handing out whoop-ass today."
"A true soldier uses any weapon at hand."
"You have all failed a crucial test here."
"That ought to dampen your spirits a bit."
"That one had your name AND address on it, [enemy]."
"Alright! Fragbait by the bushel load!"

Another player kills self

"This your first day with that weapon, [enemy]?"
"Oooo. Don'tcha just hate it when that happens."
"Get that [fighter] to the infirmary!"
"Barely enough to send home to Momma."

Kill insults

"It's just like a bad dream ain't it."
"Get used to it, fragbait."
"Alright. That's more like it."
"Whole lot more where that came from."
"Heheh. Now you come in wallet size, [enemy]."
"This your first day with that weapon?"
"Let that be a lesso, [enemy]... move your butt next time."
"It'd be quicker, [enemy], if you just hold still."
"Move around more, fragbait! You're too easy a target."
"You'd last about two seconds in a real shootin' war, [enemy]."
"[Enemy], you are making this far too easy."

Kill praise

"Fancy move, [enemy]. But it still got you killed."
"Finally, a challenge worthy of my skills."
"You may lose, [enemy], but you don't have to like it."
"I see you've been practicing again, [enemy]."
"We'll make a soldier out of you yet, [enemy]."

Random insults

[random quote: taunt1]
"It'd be quicker if you just hold still, [random enemy]."
"Does your mommy know you're here, [enemy]?"
"You're not naturally bad, [enemy]. What you got takes practice."
"You want a piece of me? You gotta take it the hard way!"
"Come and get me fragbait."
"My old granny would be opening a can of whoopass here."
"Smells like a latrine. Or is that [enemy]'s cologne?"
"What? You waitin' for your nails to dry, [enemy]?"
[random quote: taunt4]
[random quote: taunt7]

Random misc

"Bring it on! Bring it on!"
[random quote: misc8]
[random quote: misc2]
[random quote: misc10]
[random quote: misc14]
"You bring any cigars with you [enemy]? I'm almost out."
"This is all some kind of game to you, isn't it?"
"It's time to wrap this up and move on."
"Move your sorry butt around more, [random enemy]! You're too easy a target."
"[Random enemy] you'd last about two seconds in a real shootin' war."