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During a time of civil unrest on Earth, Razor and his gang of vigilante followers enforced a rigid, brutal code of justice in the Pacific Northwest. Razor never admits defeat and shows no mercy in defense of order.

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Entering a game

"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood."
"For the right offer, I could probably let you get out of here."
"The game's afoot!"

Exiting a game

"Time to move on to better hunting grounds."
"Hitting the road again ... "
"Parting 'tis sweet sorrow ... "
[random quote: goodbye]

Level start

"Ah, [map name]. I know this place so very well."
"Welcome to my zone of pain ... well, it's really just your pain that interests me."
"What a coincidence, meeting you all here again."
"Welcome! Just leave your valuables with my assistant."
[random quote: hello8]

Level end

"All this fighting doesn't leave much time for my boys to practice their dancing."
"Don't smile, [winner]. You just got a whole convoy looking for your sorry behind."
"Here's a career pointer, [loser]... Learn to cook."

Level end: victory

"[Map name] looks so much better when I turn you all into little stains."
"I win! Alas, no mountains left to climb."
"And you're wondering, how can one man be so good?"
"Hey, [loser]. Just to be sporting next time, I'll lash you to death with my tongue."

Level end: defeat

"Conventional wisdom says no fooling before a match ... I should've listened, eh?"
"Okay, winner buys the first round."
"I'm afraid I'm not taking this at all well."
[random quote: death_insult3]

Hit when talking

"Argh! Foul! Foul, I say!"
"The old brick-in-the-gauntlet trick, eh, [enemy]?"
"I try, oh how I try to observe the rules. All bets are off, now."
[random quote: death_talking]

Hit by an attack (no death)

"Well done, [enemy], Well done!"
"My, my, [enemy]. Getting a bit big for your britches, eh?"
"I definitely didn't enjoy that."
"Well, I'm waiting for an apology, [enemy]."

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

[random quote: death_insult5]
[random quote: hit_nokill0]
"I hear the pitter-patter of dripping blood. Must be yours, [enemy]."
"Will you stay down, [enemy]? These [weapon] cost money!" (unused; commented out)

Death by telefrag

"Quit crowding the road!"
"Have you no manners? I was here first."
[random quote: telefragged1]

Death by falling damage

"I can see the grou ... "
"I always wanted to jump a canyon on my hog ... but this is ridiculous."

Death by lava

[random quote: death_lava0]
"This isn't going well with the Mexican dinner special I just ate."
"And here I forgot to bring marshmallows."
"It's a luau, and I'm the roast long pig."
"I'm the toast with the most!"

Death by slime

"Somebody forgot to clean the spa! Oo oo oo!"
"A bit too much caffeine for my tastes."
"A spoon, a spoon! My kingdom for a spoon!"
"Roto-Ryders just hate oil... or whatever... slicks."
"Aren't there government agencies that deal with this stuff?"
"I think I just found a batch of melted politicians."
"And here I am wearing dry clean only."

Death by drowning

"Well, I guess I can't drink my way out of this one."
"I think we can safely assume that the drought is over."
"Could somebody get me a towel?"
"Call me a looney, but I think I saw the blue jet down there."

Death by splash damage/cratering

[random quote: death_suicide6]
"See, it takes a god to kill a god."
"I'm always willing to make a noble sacrifice."
"There, [enemy]. That should help you catch up."

Death by gauntlet

"Okay, okay, but don't touch the bike!"
"Why is my hair standing up straight? Oh, not the hair, man!"
"So, [enemy], you can use a gauntlet without hurting yourself."

Death by railgun

"I didn't even hear the shot."
"See what happens when they let children play with guns."
"I thought I recognized that rail trail color, [enemy]."

Death by BFG

"Drat! The house maids aren't due for another two days."
"Whoa, I feel like I just got locked up with a convoy of eighteen wheelers."
"I would have sworn that the BFG was banned by the Arena Masters."
"Now I know how a bug on a windshield feels."

Death by kamikaze

"Did anyone get the license number off that eighteen wheeler?"
"My bike! Where's my .... awwww crap."
"Becoming one with the universe sucks."
"How long before we can look back on this and laugh?"
"How nice for you, [enemy]. You've finally found a weapon to match your skill."

Death insults

"Lucky and good aren't the same thing."
"Next time, try it with your eyes open, junior."

Death praise

"The road is yours now, [enemy]. Use it well."
"Okay, so I can't beat you with one hand tied behind my back, [enemy]."
"Wow, was that the new and improved [weapon]?"
[random quote: d_praise4]

Killing with railgun

"Just a whisper on the wind, eh? Not!"
"Adopt a highway, skidmark."
"So you're a member of the 'slow-moving target gang,' eh, [enemy].?"
[random quote: kill_rail2]
[random quote: kill_insult10]

Killing with gauntlet

"Look, I'm a bug light."
"Think I'll use this to weld a new tailpipe on my bike next."
"Sorry, [enemy], gotta run. Bitterman needs a jump start."

Killing with telefrag

"Hey, [enemy], it's not my fault. I skidded on the sand."
"Thanks for cushioning the entry, [enemy]."
[random quote: telefragged5]
"Pull yourself together friend!"
"Sorry. I didn't know this stall was occupied."

Killing with kamikaze

"Clear the road!"
"Why yes. I DO own the road."
"You are all bug-splats on my windscreen."
"Actual mileage may vary!"
"Did I miss seeing the warning label on this kamikaze thing?"

Another player kills self

"I'm next, right?"
"I like your technique, [enemy]. Could you show me that again?"
"**[shakes head]**"
"Bravo, [enemy]! It's not everyone who can frag themselves with their own gauntlet."

Kill insults

"How many times do I have to kill you before you get a clue, [enemy]?"
[random quote: kill_insult0]
[random quote: kill_insult5]
"The joy I have in wiping out galactic scum like [enemy] is incredible."
[random quote: kill_insult21]

Kill praise

"It was an honor to kill you, [enemy]... I'll gladly do it again and again."
"You're good, [enemy], but only the best can survive."
"You are a challenging target, [enemy]."
[random quote: praise4]

Random insults

"Nothing personal ... well, seeing you, [enemy], it becomes personal."
"[Enemy] you smell too wretched to even think of hiding."
"If owning the road means having [enemy] as a tenant, I'm giving the road back!"
"The bigger they are the harder they fall ... and you look about redwood-sized."
"Prepare to be stomped!"
"You don't look so scary to me."

Random misc

"The shades are bionic, but the baby-blues behind them are all mine."
"No, the Roto-Ryders don't clean drains. That's someone else."
"Shades fogging again? I must have lost a seal on these things."
"Is this some kind of entertainment ritual?"
"So this is what you rogues call entertainment."
"I'd keep an eye on that storm coming in, if I were you."
"A rather studious looking ensemble, if I do say so myself."
"You've just violated my third law of fairness, [enemy]."
"Threedy Relmz? Oh, you mean ol' Duke!'"
[random quote: misc0]
[random quote: misc11]
[random quote: misc14]
"Hey, [enemy], wanna buy a full dresser?"
"We're not a gang, we're a club!"
[random one-liner]