Random quotes

Quotes used by more than one character and lists of things that can be mentioned in other quotes.

Death by BFG - 0

"Use a skill weapon next time."
"You want fireworks? I'll give you friggin' fireworks!"

Death by BFG - 1

"Awful big gun for a puny wimp."
"No-skill puke!"

Death by BFG - 2


Death by BFG - 3

"I think this is [enemy]'s first kill."
"Are you roasting marshmellows over there, Mr. Camper?"
"Who allowed [enemy] to play with daddy's gun?"

Death insults - 0

"That cheap frag is gonna cost you big time, [enemy]!"
"No good, yellow-bellied, weasel-faced ^1CAMPER!"
"I'm keeping track of these cheap shots for later."
"Blast! Shot in the back by [enemy] again!"
"[Enemy], your Judgement Day is on its way!"

Death insults - 1

"I nominate [enemy] for the 'Happy Camper Hall of Fame' award."
"I've got no use for snipers, assassins and campers."
"Well lookit that ...heh, heh. My safety was on!"
"You're allowed one lucky shot a day, [enemy]."

Death insults - 2

"Three strikes and you're outta here, [fighter]."
"Stinkin', [fighter]! What kind of a shot was that?"
"I didn't enjoy that."
"I'm taking off the kid gloves now, [enemy]!"
"That was your last free shot, [enemy]!"
"You better have some tricks you haven't shown me yet, [enemy]."

Death insults - 3

"Warm-up's over. Say your prayers, [enemy]!"
"That's it. It's not your birthday anymore."
"Now the match gets serious."
"Enjoy that one. Your luck is about to run out, [enemy]."
"I give as I get, [fighter] ... and more."

Death insults - 4

"A fluke. Had to be. Won't happen again."
"You just try that again, [enemy]."
"Accidents happen."
"I'm not impressed, [enemy]."
"I got one just like that for you, [enemy]."

Death insults - 5

"Full on LUCK!"
"Hah! That only makes me stronger, [enemy]!"
"You won't get to keep that point for long."
"You must be hurting after that, [enemy]!"
"They're gonna be picking up pieces of you in the next county."
"Ready or not, here I come back at ya, [enemy]."
"I'm learning your tricks, [enemy]."
"Be afraid, [enemy]. Be very afraid."

Death insults - 6

"Wow, [enemy], did your gun misfire or something?"
"My dog is named for you, [enemy]. 'Frag Head' has a nice ring to it."
"So when did [enemy] stop cowering and start shooting?"
"Okay, [enemy], I have your punk-ass figured."

Death insults - female only - 0

"[Enemy], you are gonna be so dead now."
"Drat! There goes three hours at the salon down the drain."
"I'm sorry. I forgot to mention that I hold grudges."
"That's it, [enemy]. We are just so over now."
"Are you wearing your rabbit's foot AND your lucky underwear, [enemy]?"

Death insults - female only - 1

"Mmmmmm, you get a lot of mileage out of your tiny gun."
"GREAT! Now my boobs need another implant."
"I don't do the dance with losers like you, [enemy]."
"HA! You can't really kill me, [enemy]. Not permanently."

Death insults - female only - 2

"Amazing what [enemy] will do to impress a girl"
"Why must we always let the geek squad play?"
"Let me guess, first time for you [enemy]?"
"So is that IT?"

Death by lava - 0

"How do they keep this stuff from setting up?"
"Never a battle suit when you need one."
"My feet were cold."

Death by lava - 1

"That's like Africa hot."
"I meant to do that."

Death by lava - 2

"I hate that burning sensation"
"Never a cigar when you need one"
"Ouch, ouch, hot ... hot..."

Death by slime - 0

"What a world ... what a world."
"Mmmmmmm. Toxic."

Death by slime - 1

"Ahh ... lawyer hell!"
"I think I found [enemy]'s ancestors."
"Who spilled the yogurt?"

Death by drowning - 0

"* Glub *"
"So, I failed Remedial Swimming 101."
"C'mon in! The water's fine!"

Death by drowning - 1

"Next time, women and children first."
"Everybody, out of the pool."
"I'm sleeping with the fishes now."

Death by drowning - 2

"I'm just looking for mermaids."
"Instant death, just add water."
"Now that's a water slide!"

Death praise - 0

"Yeah, Baby, YEAH!"
"You win the prize for that one."
"You go, [friendname]!"
"Rockin' shot, [enemy]. Just don't do it again."
"That one almost blew me to [place]!"

Death praise - 1

"Nice one, [enemy]!"
"Figures. Fragged on the day I don't wear clean underwear."
"OK [enemy] let's dance one more time!"
"Let's dance that tune again ... but this time I lead."

Death praise - 2

"Nice! How you'd do that [enemy]?"
"That rocked [enemy]!"
"I never saw that one coming [enemy]."
"Nice frag."

Death praise - 3

"Not gonna let you do that again, [enemy]. [Negative].
"Rockin' good shot there."
"Nice style!"

Death praise - 4

"You aren't making this easy for me [enemy]."
"... and the nominee for best shot is [enemy]."
"Very Cool"
"Was that a hot shot? [Affirmative].
"Nice shootin' [friendname]!"
"Nice shootin' [enemy]!"

Death praise - 5

"You had me dead to rights with that one [enemy]."
"Magnefique, [friendname]!"
"Some mighty fine shooting there, [friendname]."
"Send me the instruction book for that move!"

Death praise - 6

"I'd take a bow but I can't find my legs."
"Looks like all the legends about [enemy] are true."
"That was bellisimo, baby!"
"They don't come much better than that."

Level end - 0

"Quite the challenge."
"This will not go unavenged."
"Good match ... better if I win."

Level end - 1

"Bunch of losers."
"I'm definitely out of my league here."
"Figures. 'Mr. Camper' on top."
"Figures. [Winner] the camper is on the top."

Level end - 2

"Definitely fun ... let's do it again sometime."
"Very challenging."
"Whew. Let me catch my breath here."

Level end - 3

"That was the biggest waste of time ever."
"I really enjoyed that, except for [enemy]."
"Getting out of here while I still can."
"There's only winning and losing. Nothing in between."

Level end - 4

"This has been truly tragic."
"It saddens me to see tactics brought to such a low estate."
"I will accept this as yet another learning experience."

Exiting a game - 0

"Hasta la vista, [friendname]s."
"Oops. No time to chat. Gotta run."
"I'm so outta here."
"Later folks"

Exiting a game - 1

"Exit, stage left."
"Beam me up scottie."
"I'm outta here."

Exiting a game - 2

"I gotta wash my hair."
"It's been real."
"I got an appointment with my [random counselor]."

Exiting a game - 3

"Sayonara mutha's"
"Anyone for getting lunch? [Food] sounds good to me!"
"This is too much for me."
"Parting tis sweet sorrow ..."

Exiting a game - 4

"C u l8er"
"Gotta fly."
"It's happy hour."

Exiting a game - 5

"Will you look at the time?!"
"[Enemy] is outta here."

Exiting a game - 6

"Gotta fly"
"Miss ya!... Mean it! ... Not!"
"Fairwell my friends."
"May you all die painfully."

Entering a game - 0

"Run for cover [fighter]s! I'm back!"
"Oh look, [Random enemy]'s back for another beating."

Entering a game - 1

"Hey there, ho there, hi there!"
"I'll bet you missed me."
"G'day mates. Time to toss you on the barbie."
"Yo! [Enemy] is in the house!"

Entering a game - 2

"Hey there!"
"I've got a grudge to settle with [random enemy]."
"I got me some primal urges to work here."

Entering a game - 3

"This is GREAT!! I OWN [map name]!"
"Who's going to be the first to die?"
"John C said to tell you guys 'hi.'"

Entering a game - 4

"No challenge here today."
"Run in fear, [enemy] is here!"
"Time to party down!"

Entering a game - 5

"Awright!! I OWN this arena!"
"Crap. Losers in here again!"
"Yessss! New victims everywhere!"
"I see [random enemy] just doesn't know when to quit."
"I'm back!"

Entering a game - 6

"Salutations, [fighter]."
"I'm taking volunteers for target practice."
"It's showtime!"
"Back for more, eh [random enemy]?"
"Oh yeah! I'm so ready for this."

Entering a game - 7

"Let's get it ON!"
"Great! Nothing but easy frags here today."
"Hello. This is the voice of death speaking."
"Let's do it!"
"Let's frag the losers and make 'em cry!"

Entering a game - 8

"Let's get rollin'!"
"I see [random enemy] has healed from the last beating I gave out."
"I'm just thrilled you could make here today, [random enemy]."
"It's time for some fireworks."

Entering a game - 9

"Heh. [Map name] is one of my favorite places to be."
"Today, I am death incarnate! Fear the name of [enemy]!"
"Yo, [random enemy], I've got a rocket with your name on it!"
"[Enemy] is here. There will be no survivors!"

Entering a game - 10

"Hey [random enemy] your mommy said for you to come home right now."
"[Enemy] rules here. You will respect my authority!"
"Hey, we're in [map name]! I thought we trashed this place last time."
"[Map name] again? I'm tired of this arena."

Entering a game - 11

"Yo! I'm back in da House!"
"WOW! Is the circus in town or something?"
"So, [random enemy] we meet again."

Hitting an opponent (no kill) - 0

"I was robbed! That should've fragged you [enemy]!"
"What? You're supposed to be dead [enemy]!"
"You wearing iron underpants there, [enemy]?"

Hitting an opponent (no kill) - 1

"Next time [enemy] ... you won't be so lucky."
"Run for the health little rabbit!"
"That was just a ranging shot, [enemy]."
"Use that medkit now, or the next shot's for the money!"

Kill insults - 0

"C'mon [enemy]! Try to give me some challenge here."
"Bag 'em, tag 'em and drag 'em!"
"You'e slowing down, [enemy]. That was far too easy."

Kill insults - 1

"Nice skull you had there [enemy]."
"[Enemy], maybe you ought to take up chess."
"Do you to practice to be that bad, [enemy]?"
"I'm so good I even impress me!"
"Gotta love this new 'geek-seeking' ammo!"

Kill insults - 2

"You keep this up and I'm gonna run out of insults."
"Like shootin' fish in a barrel."
"Bah! Too easy!"
"You can't win a match with your thumb in your mouth, [enemy]!"
"You gonna be a threat anytime soon, [enemy]?"
"This is too easy."
"Like taking candy from a baby."
"Are you some kind of pacifist, [enemy]."
"That's what a steady diet of [food] will do to you."

Kill insults - 3

"What is this, some kind of game to you [enemy]?"
"There's a lot more of the same where that came from, [enemy]."
"How did you like that [enemy]?"
"There oughtta be a law against me."

Kill insults - 4

"I hope you're not the best there is, [enemy]."
"They got stuff that'll remove those stains."
"How about giving me a little challenge here, [enemy]?"

Kill insults - 5

"Too bad there's no medals for 'best target', [enemy]."
"Let's see ... you were 'on the phone', right?"
"Hey everyone, it's open season on [enemy]."

Kill insults - 6

"That's one more lesson in humility for you, [enemy]."
"You can call me the steam-roller, because I just flattened you good."
"[Enemy] is TERMINATED!"
"Oooo ... such language from one so lame."

Kill insults - 7

"Atomic powered loser remover at your service."
"Now that one must have hurt a little."

Kill insults - 8

"Pathetic. Truly pathetic."
"One unpleasant learning experience, sunny side up!"
"And I'm still just warming up."
"Is anybody taking notes here? That was a classic frag."

Kill insults - 9

"Somebody wanna clean this mess up?"
"Why don't you just give up [enemy]?"
"I'm filing a protest. I deserve better opponents than this."
"I'm far too good to be fighting you."

Kill insults - 10

"Get down and stay down!"
"Surrender now while you still can."
"Can't you at least make this interesting, [enemy]?"

Kill insults - 11

"There's no excuse for that kind of sloppy behaviour, [enemy]."
"Mess with the best, [enemy]; die like the rest!"
"That shot belonged in a museum."
"You do a great 'roadkill' impression, [enemy]."

Kill insults - 12

"better run [enemy] ... I'm catching my stride here."
"Hey [enemy] ... ya shoulda zigged when ya zagged there."
"Hey nice catch [enemy]!"

Kill insults - 13

"Thought so. You got nothing to back up the smack talk."
"You fought the law and the law won."
"Just call me 'City Hall.'"
"Oh, Yesssssss!"

Kill insults - 14

"I thought so. You WERE full of hot air [enemy]."
"That should take you down a couple hat sizes [enemy]."
"Thought I should leave you with something to remember me by."
"OK. I'll stop being so easy on you."

Kill insults - 15

"My how the mighty have fallen. And fallen. And fallen."
"I think this is your exit, [enemy]."
"Clean up your mess before you go [enemy]."
"Too easy. I think I'll switch to the gauntlet."

Kill insults - 16

"Left kidney in the side pocket."
"Ugh. You leave quite the mess, [enemy]."
"Mind if I keep the skull? I'm making a chess set."

Kill insults - 17

"I'm collecting ears, but I got way too many of yours [enemy]."
"That was beautiful, like art."
"Whack 'em and Stack 'em!"
"Respect THAT!"

Kill insults - 18

"I'm simply unstoppable."
"Don't mind me. I'm just takin' out the trash."
"Bang, yer dead!"
"Hey [enemy], you make a great throw rug."

Kill insults - 19

"That shot rocked!"
"I think it's time you evolved into something more talented, [enemy]."

Kill insults - 20

"Happy, happy, joy, joy!"
"We aim to please ... ourselves."
"And another species of loser marches into extinction."

Kill insults -21

"And another one's gone. Another one bites the dust."
"Here lies, [enemy]. Another victim of pointless ambition."
"Skill first, [enemy]; victory later."
"It's always fun fighting with [enemy], 'cause I get to win."

Kill insults - 22

"Let's hurry this up, I'm running out of good lines."
"Say good night, [enemy]."
"Happiness is a warm [weapon]."

Kill insults - 23

"I am so :)"
"So many [fighter]s, not enough ammo."
"My mama taught me that move ... just before I fragged her."
"I'm gonna keep doing this til you get it right, [enemy]."

Kill insults - 24

"Grenade Jump that [enemy]!"
"I need more targets."
"Are you normally this bad [enemy]?"
"You need to spend some more quality time with Crash, [enemy]."

Kill insults - 25

"Maybe next time I just use my bare hands."
"I'm hot and you're not!"
"I've got my groove back."
"[Enemy]'s Arena career looks to be a short one."
"You weren't hoping to win today, were you, [enemy]?"
"You were hoping I'd go easy on you, right, [enemy]?"
"Well [enemy], I see you've met my boomstick."

Kill insults - 26

"I rock!"
"You suck!"
"What was that? You can't even die right!"
"I give lessons. I think you need 'em."

Kill insults - 27

"The TimCo Fragamatic! It slices! It dices!"
"Can I get a doggy bag for that?"
"Don't point that gun at me [enemy], unless you know how to use it."

Kill insults - 28

"You're right. This is all an evil conspiracy."
"Bring 'em on, I'm hot today!!"

Kill insults - 29

"Next time, I use live ammo."
"Another one bites the dust, hey, hey, hey!"
"And that, settles that."

Kill insults - 30

"Mmmmmmm. Revenge is soooooo sweet!"
"You ain't near fast enough, [friendname]."
"I hate you [enemy] ... and this time I mean it"

Kill insults - 31

"Man, there isn't enough left of [enemy] to make gravy."
"Isn't it your bedtime [enemy]?"
"Hey, [enemy] does your mommy know you're here?"

Kill insults - 32

"I'm new and improved. Can't you tell?"
"I don't think I left enough of you to respawn."
"Lesson number one: Shoot anything that moves."

Kill insults - 33

"Two more and I win a free vacation!"
"Mmmmmm. Looks yummy."
"[Enemy], you have the right to remain dead."

Kill insults - 34

"Fine ... just be dead then."
"Cooperate and we'll all be done much sooner."
"Nice catch, [enemy]!"
"Give til it hurts [friendname]!"

Kill insults - 35

"What we have here, is a failure to communicate."
"Next time, I'll do it blindfolded and backwards."
"I'm impressed. That's a lot side meat you had there."
"Ooops. You lose again."

Kill insults - 36

"Ready to be ground into hamburger again [enemy]?"
"Hurry up and respawn. I need another cheap frag."
"I'm like a hot knife and you're butter."
"That was quick."
"Premature Termination AGAIN?"

Kill insults - 37

"Aww did I stain your shirt, [enemy]?"
"Well, [enemy]. Think of this as a really fast diet"
"[Enemy] is now a pizza!"
"One move and [enemy] is dead, ... oopsie!"

Kill insults - 38

"Boom Boom Boom, its time for a broom"
"A couple of shots and you just fall to pieces [enemy]."
"Hahaha! Stop, [enemy], you're killing me. No, wait! I'm killing you!"

Kill insults - 39

"So you're the best, [enemy]. Hmmmm. What planet were you from again?"
"You look good on the ceiling [enemy] ... and on the floor, and the wall ..."

Kill insults - extreeeme

"Maybe you're just in the wrong line of business."
"I'm spittin' on your corpse and dancin' on your grave [enemy]!"
"Stupid, stupid, stupid."

Misc chat - 0

"Anyone seen Bitterman around here?"
"I hate L33T Sp34K"
"Aw crap. Not brown AGAIN."

Misc chat - 1

"Anyone found the dust puppy yet?"
"Gimme some action!"
"No challenge here today!"

Misc chat - 2

"I ain't afraid of anyone here."
"Can we wrap this up soon? I need my beauty sleep."

Misc chat - 3

"You are all just so dead!"
"Go home and play with your dollies, [enemy] ... or are they too scary?"
"I've had it for today"

Misc chat - 4

"Killme. Killme now!"
"Hey [random enemy]. This blood smear looks just like you."

Misc chat - 5

"Anybody out there?"
"I watched your last match, [enemy], no threat there."
"Somebody got a match? I can't see."

Misc chat - 6

"Hey, [enemy], I think I hear your mommy calling."
"Ow ... I bumped my toe on something. Oh, it was your head."
"Warriors, come out and play!!"

Misc chat - 7

"Phooey. I'm lost again."
"Hey. Truce. Let's all team up go after the Arena Masters."
"I can smell fear ... and frankly you stink right now."

Misc chat - 8

"Where's all the lava? I thought all these arenas had it."
"Where oh where has my little dog gone ... ?"
"Who wants to be a hero?"

Misc chat - 9

"I am the rocket lord and I'm giving out samples."
"Who dies first?"
"Am I a god? You even have to ask?"
"I'm surrounded by stinking [fighter]s!"

Misc chat - 10

"I know where all the hiding places are."
"So, are you hiding, camping, or just running away?"
"Face to face, like true warriors."

Misc chat - 11

"There is no honor or glory in camping. Unless I'm doing it."
"Mr. Elusive. Paging Mr. Elusive. Pick up the white courtesy phone."
"I'm confused. Do I have a kick the idiot sign on my back?"
"[Enemy] + [random weapon] = disaster!"

Misc chat - 12

"Where are you hiding little rabbit?"
"You know you are just delaying the inevitable [enemy]."
"You can run, but thre is no place you can hide."

Misc chat - 13

"Use it or lose it baby."
"Hey any of you [fighter]s got a map for [map name]?"
"Holy Crud. Where did that come from?"
"You're a master of disguise [random enemy]. I mistook you for someone dangerous."

Misc chat - 14

"Let's agree right now, [enemy]. I'm the winner and you're not."
"Let's agree right now, you [fighter]s. I'm the winner and you're not."
"When you pull out the pin, Mr. Grenade is no longer your friend."
"Anyone seen my other leg?"

Misc chat - 15

"I've got you [fighter]s surrounded."
"Hot spit! I own this arena!"
"Oooooooo. Now I am so scared."

Misc chat - 16

"Ahh, No one told me it was an ugly party!"
"I've got a prize for the first one who finds me!"
"[Enemy] Needs an ugly slap!"

Guy talk - 1

"*[flex]* Chicks really go for the ripped muscles."
"Oh yeah. That's the way I like it, Baby!"
"I'm just too sexy for my own good."

Guy talk - 2

"All you chicks keep begging for more"
"Did you see the BFG on that one?!"
"I'm not the guy you want to bring home to Mommy."

Praise - 0

"Next time, things will not go so easy for you [enemy]."
"I think a retreat is in order on my part ..."
"Not half bad, [enemy] Not half bad."

Praise - 1

"A solid hit [enemy]!"
"Definitely one for the record books, [enemy]!"
"Nice. Really nice."

Praise - 2

"Die with a smile [enemy]!"
"You can't win 'em all, [enemy] ... unless you're me."
"You need eyes in the back of your head, [enemy]."

Praise - 3

"Some fine work there!"
"Cool. Show me how you did that [enemy]."
"Owww. Way to go [enemy] That definitely hurt."

Praise - 4

"You really die with class, [enemy]."
"You made me work hard for that one [enemy]!"
"Almost, but not quite enough that time, [enemy]."

Praise - 5

"I'll knock back a cold one for ya [enemy]!"
"That one could have gone either way!"
"Heh Heh, you remind me of my younger self, [enemy]."

Level start - 0

"Ahhhh! I OWN this arena."
"Oh good. I always win here."
"Uggh. Why is it always THIS arena?"

Level start - 1

"Raise the curtains and start the band! It's SHOWTIME!"
"Oh yeah! I smell victory already."
"Gonna rock around the clock tonight!"
"It's party time!"
"Everybody out of the pool! I'm swimming with the sharks tonight."

Level start - 2

"Come let us frag!"
"I am so ready for this."
"Is everybody ready for some serious fragging?!"
"Time to settle some scores!!"

Level start - 3

"It's time for 'Bowling for Morons'"
"I'm like a kid in a candy store!"
"Guess its time to mow the grass."
"Let the tears begin!"

Taunts - 0

"Chew on this!"
"You can eat my socks."
"pineapple salad for everyone."
"Want some? Come and get it!"

Taunts - 1

"You can eat my ... dust."
"Hey, catch this."
"Go cry to your mommy."

Taunts - 2

"Fear this!"
"Lemme at ya"
"Kissy. Kissy."

Taunts - 3

"Come and get some [enemy]."
"Hey dummy, the action's over here."
"Say cheese!"

Taunts - 4

"When I'm done with you, [enemy] there won't be enough left to spread on a cracker."
"You want praise [enemy]? Praise this!"
"Run fool! RUN!"

Taunts - 5

"Burn baby, burn"
"[Enemy], is that a mask or are you just naturally ugly?"
"What I have is skill. What you have, [enemy], is luck."

Taunts - 6

"I think you're the red-shirt here today, [enemy]."
"I'm the best and you are the rest."
"Do your best, loser."

Taunts - 7

"I just punched a hole in your luck [enemy], and it's all run out."
"You call this excitement? Not hardly."
"[Enemy], you are hardly even target practice today."

Taunts - 8

"C'mon [fighter], show me what you got."
"You can all go howl!"

Taunts - 9

"**[Sniff Sniff]** smells like [enemy] is runnin' scared again."
"Oh stop whining, [enemy]."
"Hey Zippy I'm over here!"

Taunts - female only - 0

"[Enemy], I feel your pain ... and I'm getting darn tired of it."
"I am nobody's bee-yatch."
"Men are such babies."

Taunts - female only - 1

"Trick or Treat. Hmmmm. Nothing left but tricks."
"I am feeling so nasty right now."

Taunts - female only - 2

"I think someone needs to have the air let out of him."
"The difference is that I look good doing this."
"You ought to let your mommy dress you [enemy]."
"[Enemy], you can kiss my ... [weapon]."

Taunts - female only - 3

"The lips says 'no' ... but my [weapon] says 'Hell NO.'"
"I don't have to pad it to flaunt it."
"Oh ... that WAS a rocket launcher in your pocket."

Taunts - female only - 4

"Ooooooo. Designer combat boots [enemy]. How trendy."
"When was the last time you even saw a REAL woman?"
"You know what they say about a man with a small gun?"

Taunts - female only - 5

"Is that the best you've got to offer?"
"Size does matter [enemy]. Who told you it didn't?"
"[Enemy] is REALLY starting to piss me off."

Taunts - female only - 6

"Don't call me 'girl.' I am nobody's 'girl.'"
"A [weapon] is a grrrl's best friend!"
"Chicks rule. Loozerz drool."

Taunts - female only - 7

"I don't date losers ... I frag them."
"So [enemy] show me what you think you got."
"What a cute outfit [enemy]. Did you dress up just for me?"

Taunts - female only - 8

"It's time to stop letting Mommy dress you."
"If you stare less you may get a shot off."
"Hell Yes, I faked it."

Telefragged - 0

"Slicker'n snot!"
"Whack! Pay attention [enemy]. That's how we do it downtown."
"Ewwww. Now I've got [enemy]'s gick all over me."

Telefragged - 1

"Awww. Did it that hurt poor little [enemy]?"

Telefragged - 2

"That's one way to become one with the universe."
"Gotta move faster than that."
"That is just so funny."

Telefragged - 3

"Move it or lose it ... permanently."
"Now that's what I call a 'moving violation.'"

Telefragged - 4

"So much for trying to get an autograph."
"That was truly evil. Bwahahahahaha!"

Telefragged - 5

"Tag, you're it."
"Beam me up Scotty and we can try it again."
"Billions and billions of little tiny atoms everywhere."

Telefragged - 6

"Oh yeah!! Too easy."
"Tis better to give than receive."

Telefragged - 7

"Ugh. Someone get a mop."
"Looks like gelatin dessert tonight."
"Careful contents under pressure."

Death by splash damage/cratering - 0


Death by splash damage/cratering - 1

"I'm my own worst enemy."
"Just a minor setback."

Death by splash damage/cratering - 2

"I hate it when that happens."
"Stop laughing [enemy]!"

Death by splash damage/cratering - 3

"Arrrrg. I can't believe that happened."
"Care to join me down here [enemy]?"
"Alright, who pushed me?"

Death by splash damage/cratering - 4

"I can't believe I did that."
"I don't plan on repeating this."
"I did that to even the odds ... looked like [enemy] needed the help."

Death by splash damage/cratering - 5


Death by splash damage/cratering - 6

"I did that on purpose."
"There's never a personal teleporter when you need one."

Killing with railgun - 0

"Am I good or what?"
"Just like shooting fish in a barrel."
"WoooHooo. Dodge that suckah."

Killing with railgun - 1

"Click. Bang! Splat!"
"I looove this gun."
"Set 'em up and knock 'em down."

Killing with railgun - 2

"Thanks for being such a great target [enemy]."
"Ewwww. That had to hurt."
"Man, I'd hate anyone doing that to me."

Death by railgun - 0

"Camping Punk!"
"[Enemy]!! You ... CAMPER!"
"Wow. Where did that shot come from?"
"Nice shot [enemy]!"

Death by railgun - 1

"Great! [enemy] gets lucky once and I'm the target!"
"Bet you can't do that again [enemy]."
"[Enemy] is starting to piss me off."

Death by railgun - 2

"You have to run out of ammo sometime, camper."
"Camping's fun, [enemy] But you're going to run out of ammo eventually."
"That's it [enemy]. No more being nice to you."
"When I find one of those, you're in big trouble, [enemy]."

Killing with gauntlet - 0

"You are such an easy mark!"
"That was fun. I think I'll do it again real soon."
"Uh-oh. My 'Loser-meter' detects Zero challenge here."

Killing with gauntlet - 1

"WooHoo. Tag as an 'Extreme Sport'. Gotta love it."
"I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee."
"Reach out and touch ..."

Killing with gauntlet - 2

"Brutal, but effective."
"Definitely Crude, but it does the job."

Death by gauntlet - 0

"Get that thing outta my face [enemy]!"
"Don't you ever touch me with that again [enemy]."
"This is starting to piss me off [enemy]!"

Death by gauntlet - 1

"Yeah. Do that again [enemy]. I just love being humiliated!"
"That really makes me mad."
"I can't believe I let you do that to me [enemy]."

Death by gauntlet - 2

"I'm not going to let you do that again [enemy]!"
"Death by gauntlet. I feel so ... so unclean."

Death by falling

"Alright, who pushed me?"
"Look Jack, I'm flying!"

Death by telefrag - 0

"Dangit, [enemy], I told you to quit following me!"
"What a cheap frag [enemy]."

Death by telefrag - 1

"Do that a bunch more, [enemy], and you just might beat me."

Death by telefrag - 2

"I bet you're pretty darn proud of yourself right now, [enemy]."
"Nice move [enemy]."

Death by telefrag - 3

"Oh heck."
"I hate that. I just hate that."
"Well, [enemy], I owe you one for that."

Level end: victory - 0

"The air smells like sweet victory right now."
"Holey Moley!"

Level end: victory - 1

"I rule this place!"
"I rule [map name]!"
"Game Over Man!!"
"I'd like to thank all the little pieces of those who made this possible."

Level end: victory - 2

"You [fighter]s can all go home now!"
"It's survival of the fittest."

Level end: victory - 3

"Humility is for wimps. I AM the Champion!"
"Wahoooo! I am on my way to the top!"
"Outta my way you [fighter]. The train is comin' through."

Level end: victory - 4

"You gotta earn this spot the hard way, [loser]."
"My Momma would be so proud."
"I dedicate this victory to ... ME. Yeah baby."

Level end: defeat - 0

"Great match. Just don't expect to repeat it the next time, [winner]."
"Of course I lost, I was playing hurt!"
"Don't get used to it, [winner]-- lightning doesn't strike twice."

Level end: defeat - 1

"Yeah, I let you win this time, [winner]."
"I let you win."

Level end: defeat - 2

"I hate losing."
"I hate losing to a worthless [fighter] like [winner]."
"I'm not a poor loser. I seem to be pretty good at losing."
"Losing stinks."

Killed when talking

"I can see that you're not much into the honor and fair play thing, [enemy]."
"Talker Killer."
"You know, [enemy], that was a remarkably cheap shot."



Synonyms for good

"so good"
"sooo goood"

Synonyms for loser


Synonyms for nerd


Synonyms for boys

"boyz & grllz"


[random one-liner]




[family member]




"rocket launcher"
"machine gun"
"grenade launcher"
"BFG 10K"
"lightning gun"


"So What?"
"Now that's something."
"So you say."
"Oh really?"
"Are you crazy?"
"That's crazy!"
"That doesn't sound right."
"How charming."
"Don't give me that."
"Here we go again."
"Not again."
"Oh come off it."
"That's bull and you know it."
"That's ridiculous."

Responses: insults

"What is this, a radio talk show?"
"Are you just gonna blabber me to death?"
"Will you just shut up and fight?!"
"Bite my ass"
"Discussion time is over!"
"Take that conversation outside!"
"**[unacceptably rude gesture]**"
"You're confusing me for someone who wants to listen!"
"You've confused me with someone who gives a rip!"
"I can't hear you!"
"What am I supposed to be, your private [random counselor]?"
"Less chatting more shooting!"
"Oh bite me!"
"Bite me fan boy!"
"Oh whatever! Can we just fight?"
"Fight, or get the heck outta Dodge."
"This arena isn't big enough for me and your chat balloon."
"[Negative] We are not working this out by talking."
"This ain't no war of words we got here."
"This is an arena, not a confessional."
"You trying to talk me to death here?"
"Keep talking, I'm reloading!"
"That mouth of yours makes a great target!"
"That chat balloon makes a great target!"
"I ain't your [random counselor] [fighter]."
"We're not here to work out your personal problems."
"You got personal problems, take 'em to your [random counselor]."
"I'm not in a talking mood."
"Will you SHUT UP already?!"
"Shoot me here already, OK?"
"Enough with the talking!"
"Whatsamatter, you not getting enough attention at home?"
"Talk to the [weapon], because the ear ain't listening."
"Keep talking, I need more ammo."
"The arena masters didn't set up a debate club here."
"This is an arena, not a chat room."
"You some kind of touchy-feely, granola-eating nut?"
"Ugh. You gonna get all touchy-feely on me?"
"You want therapy? Therapy this!"
"You need help and I ain't the one to help you."
"We FIGHT here. We TALK somewhere else."
"Can't you see I'm busy here?"
"Shouldn't you be doing something about all that pent-up aggression?"
"Cut the chatter."
"Zip the lip, [fighter]."
"You wanna keep it down? I'm trying to frag here!"
"Ohboy. Non-moving target!"
"Somebody shut this [fighter] up!"
"I don't wanna argue! I wanna fight!"
"Somebody kill this [fighter] before we're all bored to death."
"Gahhh! You just yakked my ear off!"
"Blah, blah, blah!"
"Am I supposed to be taking notes here?"
"Just, Shut, UP."
"Will you just stop with all the whining?"
"You're whining again."
"[Affirmative] Now just SHUT UP!"
"Who do you think I am, Sigmund Freud?!"
"Your MOM!!"

Random counselors

"guidance counselor"
"psychic pal"
"sex therapist"
"hair dresser"
"witch doctor"
"radio talk show host"
"[family member]"
"imaginary friend"

Random family members

"second cousin"
"weird uncle"
"goofy aunt"

Random nicknames


Different modifiers

"better looking"
"more beautiful"
"more disturbed"
"more sane"
"less friendly"
"more friendly"
"more powerful"
"more manly"
"more effeminate"
"more alien"
"more normal"
"better educated"
"longer winded"
"more boring"
"more dangerous"
"better off"
"worse off"

Random nicknames

"bottom feeder"
"camping punk"
"cheap frag"
"frag bait"
"little kitten"
"monkey butt"
"miserable excuse"
"slime surfer"
"stupid cow"
"week-night warrior"
"frag farmer"
"spawn camper"

Anarki's URL anagrams

"my mom's name"

Negative responses

"No way."
"Heck no."
"Not on your life!"
"Of course not."
"I don't think so."
"Homey don't play that."
"Sure ... NOT!."
"I think not."
"No way, Jose."
"I think maybe ... NO!"
"Forget that!"
"Belay that."
"Forget that."
"Not a chance."
"Not in a million years!"
"Not now. Not ever."

Affirmative responses

"It is agreed."
"You bet."
"Of course!"
"You betcha."
"Darn tootin'."
"That's a big 10-4!"
"10-4 good buddy!"
"That is right!"
"You got it!"
"Precisely right."
"That sounds right."
"You know it!"
"You got that."
"You know it."
"Ain't it the truth."
"Yeah, whatever."

Neutral responses

"What are you talking about?"
"Beats me."
"Wait a sec ... what?"
"I don't understand."
"Not sure."
"Let me think."
"What do you mean?"
"Am I supposed to tell you?"
"How should I know?"
"I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you."
"I will never tell!"
"I have no idea!"
"Don't ask me."
"What is this, 20 questions?"
"No one said there would be a test."
"I thought YOU knew!"
"I'm not gonna tell you!"
"I know nothing about that!"
"That information is top secret, sorry."
"Can't say."
"Search me!"
"Do what?"
"I don't know that!"
"Sorry, dunno!"
"I am clueless here!"
"I'm too sleepy to think straight."
"Answer hazy. Try back later."
"I dunno, man."
"That's for me to know and you to find out."
"I am not knowing."
"I really don't know."
"No idea."
"Haven't the foggiest."
"Can I get back to you later?"
"Don't know."
"Definitely ... maybe."
"I don't know ... what do you think?"
"Whatever does it for you."
"Uhhh . . ."

Confused responses

"You are confused?"
"Why are you confused?"
"I'm not confused!"
"Sorry confusion caused you."
"I understand perfectly."
"Maybe you have weasels in your brain."
"I understand, don't you?"
"Do ... you ... speak ... English?!"
"Are you confused?"
"What don't you understand?"
"I understand everything"
"I think you understand perfectly well."
"Did I speak too fast for you?"
"Are you a newbie or something?"
"*[sigh}* ... Newbies."
"[neutral response]"


"I'm falling asleep here."
"I;m getting sick.. ughh."
"I'm bored."
"I'm really tired."
"I hate life."
"I just ask for belonging."
"What is everyone talking about?"
"No doubt!"
"I am being repressed by The Man!"
"I see."
"I think I'm getting a cold."
"Anyone else smell smoke?"
"Anyone here actually have any intelligence?"
"Explain further."
"Go on."
"Ho hum"
"La de dah."
"School sucks."
"So what shall we talk about?"
"That's nice."
"Tsk tsk tsk."

Random items

"2x3 flat-sawed board"
"8-track tape player"
"aluminum can"
"athletic supporter"
"bar code reader"
"belly button stud"
"bongo set"
"bucket of money"
"can opener"
"car battery"
"ceiling fan"
"cell phone"
"chemistry kit"
"console game"
"construction toy"
"curling iron"
"demonic soul"
"digital alarm clock"
"DVD player"
"facial tissue"
"floppy drive"
"FM radio"
"German sports car"
"gold coin"
"hard drive"
"kielbasa sausage"
"mouse ears"
"mouse pad"
"MP3 player"
"new car"
"Picasso painting"
"pop-up toaster"
"pressure gauge"
"riding lawn-mower"
"rubber ball"
"rubber frog"
"snow shovel"
"soccer ball"
"soda pop bottle"
"sports bra"
"table saw"
"toe fungus"
"tubes of epoxy glue"
"weed trimmer"
"wooden chair"

Random places

"Lake Titicaca"
"42nd Street"
"a pasture"
"Isle of Man"
"Lake Geneva"
"my parent's basement"
"New England"
"New Hampshire"
"New Jersey"
"New Mexico"
"North Dakota"
"North Carolina"
"Nova Scotia"
"New York"
"outer space"
"Rhode Island"
"San Jose"
"South Carolina"
"South Dakota"
"St. Etienne"
"St. Paul"
"the 3rd planet from the sun"
"the area behind the bleachers"
"the attic"
"the basement"
"the farthest star"
"the ghetto"
"the high plains"
"the Left coast"
"the Midwest"
"the moon"
"the Netherlands"
"the North Pole"
"the Pacific Northwest"
"the planet Uranus"
"the Rocky Mountains"
"the U.S.A."
"the wetlands of Florida"
"Tierra Del Fuego"
"United Kingdom"
"Washington D.C."
"West Virginia"
"Yellowstone Park"

Random classes

"English language"
"Spanish language"
"French language"
"German language"
"Latin language"
"Hebrew language"
"Mandarin language"
"Cantonese language"
"Japanese language"
"computer science"
"political science"
"elementary education"
"nuclear engineering"
"electrical engineering"
"environmental engineering"

Random liquids

"soda pop"
"mocha latte"
"orange juice"
"gin and tonic"
"bottled water"
"mineral water"
"hydrochloric acid"
"cherry cola"
"bitter lemon"
"rum and coke"
"rain water"
"iced tea"
"pond water"
"celery soda pop"
"cocoanut milk"
"paint thinner"
"pool sanitizer"
"sulfuric acid"
"bicarbonate of soda"
"wine cooler"

Random numbers

"a billion"
"a trillion"
"a million"
"billions and billions"
"a gross"
"a dozen"
"a couple dozen"
"a baker's dozen"
"around 11"
"like 2 or 3"
"like 8 or 9"
"a buttload of"
"a bunch of"
"a hundred"
"a bazillion"
"a trillion"

Random professions

"bank robber"
"brick layer"
"courier "
"dish washer"
"fast food clerk"
"fast-food manager"
"female impersonator"
"game designer"
"grease monkey"
"marine biologist"
"pizza deliverer"
"police officer"
"pre-school teacher"
"radio announcer"
"system administrator"
"truck driver"
"car salesman"
"hair dresser"
"mercenary soldier"

Random names

"the FBI"
"the CIA"
"the KGB"
"President McKinley"
"the ghost of Teddy Roosevelt"
"the evil emperor"
"the evil empire"
"some guy"
"the Cult of Quake"
"the Cult of Cthon"
"the Silver Dawn"
"the Illuminati"
"medieval recreationists"
"elite hackers"
"survival nuts"
"doomsday cultists"
"Y2K survivalist wackos"
"the Mexicans"
"the Aussies"
"the Dutch"
"the telephone company"
"the Cubans"
"the Canadians"
"the Iraqis"
"the Libyans"
"the Communist Chinese"
"the Argentinians"
"the Brazilians"
"the Strogg cyborgs"
"the Russians"
"the Texans"
"the Brits"
"the French"
"the liberal left"
"the left wing media"
"the conservative right"
"Sorg reptiloids"
"a demigod"

Responses to insults

"I suppose you're going to test all those other 'special' words too?"
"That's pretty much where I draw the line!"
"I just forwarded that message to your mom."
"I just forwarded that message to the police."
"I just forwarded that message to your ", random_counselor, "."
"*[sigh]* Yeah, you and every other 14-year-old on the planet."
"Still waiting for puberty to hit, eh, ", 7, "?"
"I was right about you."
"You disgust me ", 7, "!"
"Oh grow up."
"Do you have to talk about that?"
"Did I really need to know that?"
"Not that again!"
"Immature little pervert."
"You're sick, leave me alone."

Responses to propositions

"Hmmmmm. Let's talk about that later."
"Sure. But we should finish this first."
"[Random character]" may go for that , but not me."
"Tell me more."
"You might want to take a moment and get ready."
"Sure. Meet me in [map name]. I'll be wearing the Battle Suit."

One-liners - male only

"He shoots! He scores! The crowd goes wild!"
"I'm the BFG king! Thank you, thank you very much."

One-liners - female only

"She shoots! She scores! The crowd goes wild!"
"Call me 'Cleopatra,' because I am the queen of denial!"


"Been there, done that, got the t-shirt."
"Been there, done that, sent the post cards."
"They got post cards for this place?"
"Ow. Not a good time to get a hang nail."
"You got an early retirement coming up, [enemy]."
"We are definitely not going there."
"Time to dance on the avalanche again."
"Run, run, as fast as you can. Can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!"
"Time to reap the whirlwind."
"I'm your one-way ticket to oblivion."
"If you can't keep up with the big dogs, stay on the porch."
"Brain, brain, blown away, respawn back another day."
"The pain ... it's so ... motivating."
"Welcome to Etermination Central."
"Welcome to Frag School. Lessons are free today."
"The freight train is a-coming through."
"There will be NO survivors."
"Chew on this!"
"Get ready to join the dinosaurs [enemy]."
"Well blow me down!"
"Shiver me timbers!"
"You're pretty fly for a meat pie."
"I have not yet begun to fight."
"Ink this on your tailbone!"
"Fear stalks you like heat!"
"Taste the fever wind!"
"Feel my shrieking rocket blast in your gibs!"
"Is this a bad time for you?"
"Winning's not everything -- it's just my middle name."
"Too bad about your ribcage."
"You better see a doctor about that."
"Is that weapon licensed?"
"Watch your back -- I am."
"Hey, was that your chest or yesterday's spaghetti I stepped in?"
"It's Killer time!"
"Spot & splatter."
"Did you see that? I didn't think so."
"Have a double-ought forget-me-not."
"It's dangerous sneaking up behind a cyborg."
"Didn't your mother teach you never to run with a rail gun?"
"I thought I told you to shut up."
"I'm sure I told you to shut up."
"Hey, little kitty-cat, I have a treat for you."
"Guaranteed to remove unwanted brain tissue."
"I found this rocket -- it has your name on it."
"You ain't near fast enough, Tex."
"Try pulling that little triggery thing."
"Juggle grenades -- it's a blast!"
"Neither snow, nor sleet, nor rain of gibs will prevent delivery of the rail."
"Paper, scissors, ROCKET!"
"I'm bad to your bones."
"Your mom should have warned you about me."
"I don't like to speak ill of the dead, but you suck."
"Pain clears the mind."
"I can take away your pain."
"You're runnin' with the big dogs now."
"You shouldn't oughtta have made me mad."
"It's not too late to apologize."
"We accept all leading surrender cards."
"Welcome to Generation Ex."
"Annrkee Roolz!"
"Loose lips need to be sewed shut."
"You got real purty eyes."
"Why do you run away? Won't you be my friend?"
"Put down the gun and we'll talk."
"I swear, you got no sense O' humor."
"Ping! Found you!"
"What's the sound of one hand slapping?"
"I don't know which came first, you or the egg."
"I can't carry all this ammo. You want some?"
"I got blisters on my trigger finger!"



Random colors

"crystal clear"
"emerald green"
"bloody red"

Random time

"next week"
"next month"
"a long time from now"
"2 million A.D."
"not now"
"in one year"
"in [number] years"
"in the next millenium"
"next year"
"in 2010"
"in the year 2025"
"in 2001"
"when the cows come home"
"in an aeon or two"
"who knows when"

More random times

"1 million BC"
"a very long time ago"
"just this morning"
"last week"
"last month"
"[Number] years ago"
[Number] weeks ago"
"last week"
"before breakfast"



Random foods

"asparagus puree"
"baked potato"
"beans and wieners"
"beef jerky"
"black jellybeans"
"buffalo chicken wings"
"canned meat"
"cheese puffs"
"cheese spread"
"Chinese take-out"
"chips and salsa"
"cottage cheese"
"dehydrated Brussel sprouts"
"french fries"
"fried chicken"
"fried pork rinds"
"greasy fast food"
"head cheese"
"kung pao chicken"
"liver and onions"
"mammoth meat"
"olive loaf"
"onion rings"
"pate fois gras"
"pickled pig's feet"
"porkchops and applesauce"
"rutabaga paste"
"shrimp cocktail"
"sliced white bread"
"sweet and sour"
"Texas toast"
"tuna fish"
"vegetarian meat loaf"
"goat meat"

Random animals

"giant eel"
"spotted owl"
"blue-footed booby"
"head louse"

Random weather

"showering meteors"
"raining acid"
"threatening tornadoes"
"snot-freezing cold"
"melt-your-brains hot"
"bitter cold"
"hot as Hades"
"cold as Hades"
"pretty cool"
"a bit warm"

Random weird substance

"breath mints"
"stamp glue"
"cottage cheese"
"fruit juice"
"ice cubes"
"doggie biscuits"
"durian candy"

Uriel's dramatic measurements of liquids

"swirling rivers"
"bottomless oceans"
"cascading fountains"
"churning seas"
"steaming lakes"
"endless streams"
"raging tides"

Ranger's mission statements, part 1


Ranger's mission statements, part 2


Random curse

"Curse you, "
"A pox on you, "
"Blast you, "