Orbb - bio
Alien Cybronic Construct
1.78 m (antenna included)
158 kg

Designed by the Vadrigar to monitor combat in the arena, Orbb evolved beyond his [sic] specifications and became a deadly combatant.

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Entering a game

"[random quote: hello]"
"[random quote: hello6]"
"Hey Cow!"
"Ahhhhh. I see we are in this place again."
"Salutations to all, and to all a good fight."
"Guten Tag"
"Buenos Dias"
"Oh look! [enemy] is here! So much fun will be had."

Exiting a game

"[random quote: goodbye]"
"[random quote: goodbye1]"
"[random quote: goodbye4]"
"Au revoir, mon amis."
"Auf Wiedersehen"
"Happy Trails to You, until we meet again!"

Level start

"[random quote: level_start2]"
"This will be so fun."
"You will all die. It will be fun. Yes?"

Level end

"So soon? This unit is only warming up now."
"Always the fun ends too soon."
"[random quote: level_end2]"

Level end: victory

"This unit wins match? Really?"
"Win ... lose. All the same."
"This unit is so very happy. It feels tear welling up in its eye."
"This unit would like to thank the academy ..."

Level end: defeat

"Win ... lose. All the same."
"This unit does not understand its feelings. Feel ... sad."
"This unit very happy for winner. But next time this unit frags you better."

Hit when talking

"Boooo!! You interrupt this unit talking, [enemy]."
"This unit don't think it like you, [enemy]. You bad sport."
"Ohhhhh! You think blue balloon mean 'shoot this unit now', [enemy]? Yes?"

Hit by an attack (no death)

"Ow! You hurt orbb. You not nice person, [enemy]."
"Is Orbb correct in assuming that you not know how to use that weapon, [enemy]?"
"You must do better than that to beat this unit, [enemy]."

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

"Phooey! [Enemy] unit survived this unit's attack."
"Mmmmmm. [Enemy] unit not die. Must use bigger gun next time."
"Not good hit. This unit must need eyeglass."

Death by telefrag

"Two cannot live in the same space as one."
"[random quote: death_telefragged3]"

Death by falling damage

[no response]

Death by lava

"My sensors indicate melted stone is bad for continued function."
"[random quote: death_lava0]"

Death by slime

"Curse you Dorothy, I'm melting ... melting."
"[random quote: death_slime0]"
"[random quote: death_suicide2]"

Death by drowning

"Note to self: Get swim fins for hands."
"Error. Error."
"[random quote: death_drown0]"
"[random quote: death_suicide6]"

Death by splash damage/cratering

"Error. Error."
"This unit's mistake."

Death by gauntlet

"Ahhh. The Agony of Defeat. Very Interesting."
"Heehee. Very Fun [enemy]."
"Must make note. Do not let [enemy] come near to this unit."

Death by railgun

"Are you cheating, [enemy]?"
"Note to self: Keep an eye on [enemy]."
"[random quote: death_rail0]"

Death by BFG

"[Enemy], you use this weapon because you are not good warrior? Yes?"
"[Enemy] is not very sporting, this unit thinks."
"You are a 'BFG-Camper', [enemy], yes?"

Death by kamikaze

"WOW! Too much fun!"
"Danger! Danger! Danger!"
"No disassemble this unit, [enemy]."
"That was definitely ", different, ", than the last time, you [fighter]."
"Next time you warn this unit. Send postcard."
"[random quote: one_liners]"

Death insults

"Very inefficient [enemy]. Too much ammo wasted."
"Your female parental unit."
"That was fun, [enemy]. Let us do it again."

Death praise

"You make this unit die good, [enemy]!"
"WOW! This unit not see that one coming, [enemy]!"
"Ow! [Enemy] hit this unit in blind side."
"[random quote: d_praise]"
"[random quote: d_praise3]"
"[random quote: d_praise5]"

Killing with railgun

"Hmmmmmmm. Railgun extremely efficient."
"[random quote: kill_rail1]"

Killing with gauntlet

"Mmmmm. Do you like being made to look bad like that, [enemy]?"
"Yes. Yes. Very fun."
"[random quote: kill_gauntlet0]"

Killing with telefrag

"[random quote: telefragged2]"
"[random quote: telefragged3]"
"[random quote: telefragged5]"

Killing with kamikaze

"Better luck next time, ", friendname, "."
"[Affirmative] This unit likes kamikaze."
"Too bad for [fighter]s. Move too slow."
"Can you dig it?"
He shoots! He SCORES! The fans go wild!"
"[random quote: one_liners]"

Another player kills self

"You practice that move much, [enemy]?"
"This unit could have done that for you, [enemy]."
"Can this unit have your weapon, [enemy]?"

Kill insults

"[random quote: kill_insult27]"
"[random quote: kill_insult12]"
"[random quote: kill_insult18]"
"[random quote: kill_insult24]"
"[random quote: kill_insult22]"

Kill praise

"[random quote: praise4]"
"You make a very nice target, [enemy]."
"You die very much nicely, [enemy]."
"So much fun, [enemy]. Now you shoot me."
"You very good at dying, [enemy]. You must practice a lot."

Random insults

"[random quote: taunt_fem4]"
"[random quote: kill_insult32]"
"[random quote: taunt4]"
"[random quote: taunt8]"
"This unit's sensors detect a lame loser in Quadrant A7. Must be [enemy]."
"Are you going to let a big eyeball beat you, [enemy]?"
"Look, another piece of [enemy]. Be first to collect them all!!"

Random misc

"[Enemy], could you love a being with only one eye?"
"This unit blames Steed for its lousy love life."
"Mmmmmmm. [Enemy] is very easy to look at."
"The chicks really dig big eyes."
"Time to party, [enemy]."
"Hey! You crazy kids! Get offa my lawn."
"Hey Cow!"
"[random quote: misc1]"
"[random quote: misc4]"
"[random quote: misc7]"