These quotes were pulled directly from the game files. My only alterations were substituting the in-game code that linked back to a certain target with an appropriate descriptor (for example: ", 4, " linked back to the current map name, so I wrote [map name] instead) and removing the tildes that marked word variations for readability's sake (for example: ~one would be displayed as either one or 1, but I reported it as one).

I took the freedom to add an infobox with each character's basic information and the manual description on top of each page. The pictures used in the infobox are from Quake Live and not Quake III because the original manual pictures were very small. Character models have just some minor differences between the two games, though, so I guess it's no big deal. Since Cadavre doesn't appear in Quake Live (as far as I know?), his picture was cut out of another Quake III artwork.

Some lines are shared among more than one character, and a lot of things are pulled from a list of random things. You can see all of them here.