Lucy - bio
1.78 m
77 kg

A former prison guard, Lucy crossed the line and ended up on the other side of the bars where every hour was a battle for survival.

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Entering a game

"I'm here to frag someone's lazy butt and I'm not leaving until I do."
"What's a girl need to do to get some action around here?"
"Somebody told me [random character] was hanging here."
"Hey, looks like someone gave [map name] a new coat of paint."
"Whose hawg was that parked outside?"
"Mistress Lucy is in the house."
[random quote: hello5]

Exiting a game

"*YAWN* I'm going to find some real excitement."
"Typical [fighter]s ... all talk, no action."
[random quote: goodbye2]

Level start

"Alright , [fighter]s, these boots were made for kicking heinie and that's what I came to do."
"Normally, I got no time for this... but I'll make time just for the fun of fragging [random enemy]."
"Back to your cells or Momma Lucy spanks!"
[random quote: level_start0]

Level end

"This will NOT look good on my work evaluation."
"Stink! I can't move in these heels."
"Sunuva ... I'm writing [winner] up for harassment."
[random quote: level_end2]

Level end: victory

"Hey, [loser], I was a state employee. I kill smarter not harder."
"Aw poor baby. Come here and let Lucy give you a hug [loser]."
"Tap the keg, [fighter]s. We're partying down tonight!"
"Drinks are on me, boys!"
[random quote: level_end_victory1]

Level end: defeat

"Daddy must be rolling in his grave."
"Oh, this girdle is killing me ... literally."
"Hey, [winner]. Let's grab a couple cold ones and you show me those fancy moves of yours."
[random quote: level_end_lose0]

Hit when talking

"You must be some kind of management trainee, [enemy]."
"Big Mistake there, [enemy]. BIG mistake."

Hit by an attack (no death)

"Come here, [enemy], and let Momma show you how to use that thing."
"You do that again, [enemy] and I'm going to take that away and beat you with it."
"I can't believe you hit a lady."
"Payback's a bitch, and so am I."
[random quote: taunt_fem1]

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

"You think that hurt, [enemy]? Wait until I put my boots to you."
"you got nothing, [enemy]. And I'm making less of it with each shot."
"I never frag 'em right away ... (wink, wink)."
"Did I shoot off anything important, [enemy]?"
[random quote: taunt_fem4]

Death by telefrag

"Oooh, I can feel those diet pills working."
"She's everywhere!"
"Now that's spreading myself a bit too thin."
[random quote: death_telefragged2]

Death by falling damage

"Oh great, gravity. That's all I need."
"I hope I splattered all over you, [enemy]."

Death by lava

"I can just feel the pounds melting off me."
"Now that's Barbeque!"
[random quote: death_lava0]

Death by slime

"Hey, nobody said they were serving key-lime pie from the chow hall."
"Come on in, [enemy]. Your whole family's here."
[random quote: death_slime0]

Death by drowning

"Someone lied to me. There ain't no lifeguards here."
"I should be floating. Must be the boots."
"I really hope that's a candy bar."
"Hey, [enemy]! Got time for a skinny dip?"
[random quote: death_drown1]

Death by splash damage/cratering

"Dang state trooper hand-me-downs."
"Well, that's just about it."
[random quote: death_suicide4]

Death by gauntlet

"Oooh, can I have your phone number, [enemy]?"
"You sure know how to show a lady a good time, [enemy]."
[random quote: death_gauntlet2]

Death by railgun

"What the .... I wear a badge, not a target."
"Yeah, be a happy camper, [enemy]. Be very happy and be VERY afraid."
[random quote: death_rail2]

Death by BFG

"**[Sniff]** ... **[sniff]** ... Is someone frying bacon?"
[random quote: taunt_fem3]

Death by kamikaze

"You trying to tell me something, [enemy]? Is it my breath?."
"Yeah. I thought I saw you sneaking something into your cell, [enemy]."
"[Enemy], you just became a grease stain on the pages of history."
"Blast it, [enemy]! I told you not to put batteries in that thing!."

Death insults

"You wouldn't have lasted two minutes in the joint, [enemy]."
"Lousy [fighter]!"
"Can you find anyone else to hammer on?"
"You must have planted a locator bug on me, [enemy]."
[random quote: death_fem_insult]
[random quote: death_insult6]

Death praise

"You should be a C.O." (unused; commented out)
"Alright, you've convinced me to go on a diet."
"So, [enemy], you think you've got my moves figured out?"
"OK, [enemy]. You're buying the first round tonight."
[random quote: d_praise1]

Killing with railgun

"Never mess with a woman on a diet."
"I spent a lot of time in deer stands."
"I took my degree in target shooting at the academy."
"Always wanted to do that to the cons."
[random quote: taunt_fem7]

Killing with gauntlet

"I just wanted to show you one of my special toys."
[random quote: taunt_fem2]

Killing with telefrag

"Come back when you think you're ready to handle a real woman."
"I felt so close to you then, [enemy]. Maybe too close, huh?"
[random quote: telefragged5]
[random quote: telefragged7]

Killing with kamikaze

"I needed to lose a couple pounds anyway."
"I hope to hell I took some of you with me."
"Whew! That had more kick than I thought it would!"
"OK everyone. You can start whining now. Big bad Lucy is done letting off steam."
"Just call me 'Ms. Spontaneous Human Combustion!'"

Another player kills self

"Hey, who had the suicide watch on [enemy]?"
"They always make me clean up after this kind of thing."
"There's easier ways out than the way you done it, [enemy]."

Kill insults

"Let me give you some advice about real women, [fighter]. Awwww ... forget it."
"I hope it hurt. You deserve to hurt, [fighter]."
[random quote: taunt_fem4]

Kill praise

"Well at least you lasted long enough to make me sweat, [enemy]."
"You done well for a rookie, [enemy]."
"May the best man win ... yeah, I love THAT saying."

Random insults

"Who gave you permission to dress that way, [enemy]?"
"I've been on diets that lasted longer than you, [random enemy]."
"If my dog had a face like [enemy], well, I'd just kill it."
[random quote: taunt_fem]
"yeah, keep yapping, [enemy]. You're just like a dog barking at both ends."

Random misc

[random one-liner]
"I ain't yer type, [enemy]."
"Buy a girl dinner?"
"Hey! Somebody send out for some [food], OK?"
"I am PMS personified today."
"What do you mean 'time of the month?' I'm always this ornery!"
"Does this gun make me look fat?"
"When's that roach coach gonna get here? I'm starving."
[random quote: misc9]