Klesk - bio
Alien Chitinid
1.78 m
86 kg

Half religious zealot, half gifted mystic and all bizarre alien, Klesk cleanses his soul with the purifying fire of combat.

"Yekki-kampt-nikka-klesk-ki-kampt-pikka" means "people of one mind" in this chitinid's chittering tongue. But this being no longer touches the one mind. New voices speak to it, telling it that once it stills the churning minds that clutter the psychic plane around it, it will become the progenitor of a new and powerful people.

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Entering a game

"We am to kill everyone in [map name]. This we like."
"We hunt. We kill. We leave. We happy."
"We see [random enemy]! Good sacrifice. Much joy."
"Klesk lord of [map name]. All die."

Exiting a game

"Bigger bone to break than skinny-neck you."
"We go chase others now. Head start you get."
"[Map name] not good for Klesk. Klesk gone."

Level start

"Breath of Klesk hot like fire wind. It burn you."
"One mind many. All want dead you."
"No chance for single-brainers in [map name]."
"Creed says kill. You are my offerings."

Level end

"[Winner] must come into my mind and join."
"[Winner] bone harder than [loser] bone. Next time both break."
"Minds must on more than one focus. Next time kill all."
"We need ascend. Find one within many."
"Too many inside Klesk head, choke Klesk skills."

Level end: victory

"Chosen to lead. We am chosen."
"Blood of victims bring we power."
"Silence to psychic voices. Klesk like quiet now."
"Your mind screams revenge, [loser], but only to die again."
"The road before us grow straight. We run fast to glory."
"Is happiness to see you gory."

Level end: defeat

"No good. We must fulfill destiny."
"Clutter! Clutter all about. Head will explode."
"We go to find new way. We return."
"You not happy, [winner]. You soon dead."

Hit when talking

"Cheat is inferior!"
"No place for [enemy] in perfect Klesk world."
"You die hard. It hurt. We happy."

Hit by an attack (no death)

"It hurt! Hurt! Make pain! Be angry!"
"All minds find focus hate on [enemy]."
"Now we shoot back. You still stand [enemy]?"
"Feed hunger, make focus. Not good day for [enemy]."
"In pain, we learn."
"[Enemy]! You see? You see? Still here."
"Hunt only [enemy] now."

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

"Choose to kill you slow. Is happiness."
"Armor break. Bone break. Soft inside."
"[Enemy] fear smell good, [enemy]. You scream make music."
"All voices of [enemy] speak fear and pain. One line they take. We hear."
"Too easy. [Enemy] is no challenge to grow."
"It is what we do. It is destiny. It is joy."
"Mind feed on [enemy] silent scream."
"Too much that hurt, [enemy]. We know. We like."

Death by telefrag

"Too many! Too many!"
"Enter mind, not body!"

Death by falling damage

"They say we can. They wrong!"
"Voices catch me ... ungh ... voices not enough."
"All see ground! Ground see we!"
"Road end cliff. Klesk fall."

Death by lava

"Abandon mind! Get out! Too hot!"
"All voices scream to pain."
"Find new host for psyche. Must."

Death by slime

"It burn in body and creep in mind."
"No thought, just eat us. Consume."

Death by drowning

"We birth new in here. New and better."
"Shoot We... it too slow. No happiness."
"Little bubbles not pretty. Run life away..."
"Find peace. Find harmony. Find ..."

Death by splash damage/cratering

"Confusion! Sort out...too late."
"Pain burn yellow. Burn red. Burn white. White pain!"
"Some in We want this. We know."
"Not planned. No ascent."

Death by gauntlet

"Touch of single-brainer burns many."
"Energy scatter. Discord! Die, die, dying."

Death by railgun

"No sense it. No happy."
"[Enemy] ruins all world."
"No thoughts to sense. Just... ssssss... camper ..."
"No good this destiny, [enemy]. We change. You get eat."

Death by BFG

"Too many poppers!"
"Each voice get boom-boom."
"Shrieking! Too many noise. Too many hurt!"
"My pieces make altar. You need to pray."

Death insults

"Now We know mystery you not know, [enemy]."
"Forever all know [enemy] kill Klesk. All hate [enemy]."
"All is chaos! [enemy] win? No order to universe."
"Single-brainer [enemy] too stupid to find joy. No deserve."
"We devolve to [enemy] level. We fail."
"Colossal ridiculity is [enemy]."
"We will find you, [enemy] ... kill body, swallow soul, scatter thoughts. Nothing of [enemy] remain."

Death praise

"Peace now. We thank."
"You alpha one. [enemy] make new race."
"Too easy for [enemy]...[enemy] is chosen."
"We come to your mind now, [enemy]. We stronger."
"Now you learn secret. We be you."
"Is sad."
"Bigger voice, [enemy], than all in me together."

Killing with railgun

"We see you always, [enemy]. Nowhere to hide."
"Poke little hole in [enemy]. You spill out. Happy."
"Poor [enemy]. So much left, but voice is quiet."

Killing with gauntlet

"Close ... close, [enemy]. We smell you fear of die."
"We watch light leave eyes of [enemy]. We like."

Killing with telefrag

"Many voices one place. Many bodies not fit."

Another player kills self

"[Enemy] accept inevitable. Good logic."
"We think [enemy] good. We wrong."
"Still We like. Less to hear."
"Single-brainer [enemy] wrong compute. Hee hee."

Kill insults

"My egglings in you hatch, [enemy]."
"Much happiness me. I wish you back so kill you over again."
"To followers We feed you."
"One little voice to silence. Not enough, but happy."
"[Enemy] mind weak, body weak. It follows. Too easy."
"Glide on [enemy] spill guts. Dance of joy."
"Hollow skull, make [enemy] candle. Need focus."

Kill praise

"Worthy sacrifice [enemy]. They pleased. Klesk stronger."
"Take pride, [enemy]. Klesk outnumber you."
"Now [enemy] find mystery and peace."
"More thoughts I gather to kill [enemy]."
"[Enemy] find focus. Klesk need follow thought line."
"[Enemy] strong, but we strongest."
"We remember [enemy] long time."

Random insults

"We hear you, [enemy]. Your mind cry out inferior."
"We am many, you only one, [enemy]."
"[Random enemy] voice run with spilling blood and gut. Is ecstacy."
"Better [random enemy] serve as nest for egglings."
"Only great survive. [enemy] easy die."
"You think stupid, [random enemy]. You weak! Klesk do favor killing you."
"There only black empty for [enemy]. No revelation."

Random misc

"Silence! All of you! Too much talk."
"Big boom-boom poppers make quiet faster. Need quiet!"
"Ascend...climb...lie down, [enemy] so [random enemy] can stand on top you."
"The new psyche begins. Many voices as one. Join or be silence!"
"We am never alone."
"Single-brainer know privacy. Envy..."