Keel - bio
Cybronic Human
2.16 m
238 kg

Lance Corporal Ben Keel died during the Spiker Insurrection-only to be revived as a humanoid battle machine by scientists experimenting with captured alien biotechnology.

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Entering a game

"Where am I? This doesn't look like Subic 3."
"You don't seriously think you can beat me."
"Time to show you a new level of pain."
"I trained in a place just like [map name]."
"Ahhh, my old nemesis, [random enemy]. We meet again."
[random quote: hello5]

Exiting a game

"I do not terminate civilians."
"Incoming transmission. Return to HQ."
"Do not expect me to go easy on you when I return."
[random quote: goodbye5]

Level start

"No Commonwealth colors? That makes [enemy] the enemy."
"Obviously this mission calls for a professional."
[random quote: level_start1]

Level end

"These cybronic enhancements are slowing me down."
"Next time, [winner], I'll break your neck with my own hands."
[random quote: level_end2]

Level end: victory

"Give up, [loser]. I was designed for combat."
"I hate dealing with amateurs."
"Mission objective accomplished. Awaiting further instructions."
[random quote: level_end_victory1]

Level end: defeat

"I think I'm ready for the scrap heap."
"Somebody get me to a body shop. Too many dents this time."
"They should have let me die a hero on Subic 3."
"I'm ready for that oil change now."
[random quote: level_end_lose0]

Hit when talking

"Okay, hero. From now on it's no holds barred."
"Okay, [fighter]. From now on it's no holds barred."
"To fight and die without honor is the saddest death of all."
"I ain't letting up on you 'til you squish, [enemy]."

Hit by an attack (no death)

"You little puke, you're gonna need a bigger gun."
"Hey ... they told me this armor was bulletproof."
"That which don't kill me ... "
"Nice shot, [enemy]. Now watch a professional in action."
"Ho ho ho, [enemy]. You're just making the final payback sweeter."

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

"Hurts, don't it?"
"Obviously my human feelings are spoiling my aim."
"I'm going to swab the floor with your bloody carcass, [enemy]."
"Frag is short for fragment ... see the little [enemy] fragment on the deck?"

Death by telefrag

"That's murder on the cybronics."
"Yow! That some kind of EMP you hit me with, [enemy]?"
[random quote: death_telefragged1]

Death by falling damage

"That's what they forgot to build in ... booster rockets."
"Could've made it if I landed on the cyborg part. Figures."
"All this armor ... and I go and land on my head."

Death by lava

"System meltdown imminent ... I wonder if the part that eats will survive."
"At last I am free of this lie."
"Someone oughtta bottle this hot sauce."

Death by slime

"That don't look like no hot wax dip."
[random quote: death_slime0]

Death by drowning

"Great, all this technology and they forget the waterproofing."
"Break out the rust remover. I'm gonna need it."
[random quote: death_drown1]

Death by splash damage/cratering

"Aarrrgh. Friggin' computer glitches."
"They must have programmed me in DOS."
"Triple redundancy in everything except common sense."
"Stink!! My onboard computer just lagged me out."
[random quote: death_suicide1]

Death by gauntlet

"You shorted out my systems, [enemy]!"
"That was one heck of dent you left, [enemy]!"
"Terminal tickling ... what a way to go."
[random quote: death_gauntlet1]

Death by railgun

"Come out, [enemy], and fight like Special Forces."
"Coward! Face me man to... ummm... man."
"At least you ain't a camping BFG scumbag."
[random quote: death_rail1]

Death by BFG

"That will do a number on your ego."
"'Scuse me while I go raid a used car lot for replacement parts."
[random quote: death_bfg1]

Death by kamikaze

"Man! Just my luck to be a ground zero at a gas-passin' contest."
"That fried me right down to the circuit boards."
"Be the BFG Danny!"
"This Tin Man is gonna call an airstrike in on your sorry butt, [enemy]."
"Ain't they outlawed them things yet?"
"I am truly humbled to be in the presence of such skill ... loser."
"You gotta lay off the beans [fighter]."

Death insults

"Your mother, [enemy]. She as ugly as you?"
"Laugh while you can, gerbil-brain. I'll be back."
"I see that mail-order degree you earned is finally paying off, [enemy]."
[random quote: death_insult2]

Death praise

"You are a testament. Courage and heart can overcome the machine."
"A toast to [enemy]. Well done."
[random quote: d_praise4]

Killing with railgun

"I could do that at 1,000 meters in a high wind."
[random quote: kill_rail0]
[random quote: kill_rail2]

Killing with gauntlet

"I just wanted to look you in the eyes, [enemy], while you die."
[random quote: kill_gauntlet2]

Killing with telefrag

"[Enemy]! Your rent is overdue."
[random quote: telefragged0]

Killing with kamikaze

"Special delivery for, [enemy]. You gonna sign for it?"
"Anybody else hungry?"
"Yeah, I forgot to put that Death Wish thingie on my resume."
"Can you say 'Nuclear Devastation?' I knew that you could."
"That's the cabbage and beans talking."
"I thought those servos was overheatin'"

Another player kills self

"Feh. You ain't worth putting back together."
"They could rebuild you, [enemy], but they all outta 'stupid' parts."

Kill insults

"I see no honor in this."
"Remember, [fighter], practice makes perfect."
[random quote: kill_insult3]
[random quote: kill_insult13]
[random quote: kill_insult39]

Kill praise

"For a moment [fighter], I thought you might actually win ... NOT."
"I think I'll donate your body to science, [enemy]."
[random quote: praise2]

Random insults

"Come on, Alice! fight!"
"Do you smell something? [enemy], maybe? Peeee-YEW!"
"This tin man's got his heart. But I think that [enemy] the scarecrow is missing some brains."
"I know cowards when I can't see 'em."
[random quote: misc15]
[random quote: taunt4]

Random misc

"Anybody got an oil can?"
"Sometimes, I imagine I got [liquid] runnin' in my hydraulics."
"I really could go for an order of Buffalo Wings."
"I really could go for an order of [food]."
[random quote: misc]