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When her village on Tau Ceti was decimated by the Sorg, Hunter vowed to seek out and destroy the reptiloids wherever they might hide.

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Entering a game

"Come forth, scum Sorg! Meet your dire destiny."
"We are Hunter. You are prey."
"Forward! Forward we march to the extinction of the reptiloids."
"We will use this time to sharpen our tactics."
"We know well the hiding places in [map name]."
"In the name of our lost people, we greet you."
"Aha! [map name] is one of our favorite places to be."
"Today, we are death incarnate! Fear the name of [random enemy]!"
"Avaunt, [random enemy],! We have a light bolt with thy name on it!"
"[Random enemy] is here. There will be no survivors!"

Exiting a game

"We must away to the hunt before the trail grows cold."
"More pressing battles await."
"We are off to find the lizard."
"Pfffah! Bigger prey is to be found elsewhere."

Level start

"The smell of reptiloids infects this place! And we are in need of new boots."
"Scatter quickly, mine prey."
"Set loose the hounds! the lizards are near!"
"'Tis time to learn who are the ruled and who is the ruler."

Level end

"Only we decide where we shall be placed. This is our choice ... this time."
"There is no turning from the path."
"We do not lose. We blend in."
"Know, O' [winner], that the true huntswoman kills only the strongest. The rest are unworthy."
"Patience separates the good from the great. We bide our time."

Level end: victory

"Nyah, there be too much warm blood here."
"The she-wolf reigns."
"We walk the straight road. You move or die."
"Woman is the source of life... and the source of death."
"Trophies, trophies everywhere."
"We know you are believers now... a pity you are all dead."

Level end: defeat

"Bah! You be Sorg sucklings."
"So be it."
"Last? First? It matters not at all."
"Know, [winner], We only find more to avenge."
"This loss is the fuel of desire."

Hit when talking

"You trained with the Sorg, eh [enemy]?"
"Bah! A pox upon your house [enemy]!"
"This speech just became your eulogy [enemy]."
"Pfahhh! We knew we smelled the taint of Sorg on you, [enemy]!"
"We have come to expect such vileness from the accursed Sorg."

Hit by an attack (no death)

"You wound the tigress, [enemy]. More the Fool, you."
"We feel no pain, [enemy]."
"Keep shooting us, [enemy]. Feed the hunger that burns in our soul."
"If you think that scratch evens the score, [enemy], think again."
"We like it rough, [enemy]. It heightens our appreciation for the pain we inflict."
"Do you wish us to scream, [enemy]? Pfahh! We spit instead."
"Who is winning is not important, [enemy]. All that matters is who is left alive."

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

"Ahhh! The blood trail ... there is no hope for you, [enemy]."
"Flee, little mouse. The chase is the sugar of our meal."
"We smell your fear, [enemy]."
"Piece by piece if we must, but you will die, [enemy]."
"You will not die unfound in the forest, [enemy]. We will have your skin."
"Kill yourself, [enemy] ... it will be easier."
[random quote: hit_nokill1]

Death by telefrag

"Choke on our mist, [enemy]."
"Our essence returns to the forest."

Death by falling damage

"Catch us! our life has more worth than thine!"
"The fall is freeing, the ending... sucks."

Death by lava

"It does not kill us ... it but hardens our skin."
"Our blood boils with anger, not pain."
"Perhaps we can alter the flow over the nearest Sorg village." (unused; commented out)

Death by slime

"A death more befitting a Sorg! Argh!"
"A more worthy foe, at least, than those who slew our people."
"This is not how we envisioned our ending."

Death by drowning

"It is so cold, like the blood of a reptiloid."
"Our road has led us astray."
"That we should die this way, there is no justice."
"The blood of our body imparts the venom in our heart. The water is now poison."

Death by splash damage/cratering

"We grow too hungry. We err."
"We have failed our quest."
"We are the last ... is this the end?"
"This is the only honorable path when facing honorless opponents."

Death by gauntlet

"Deceiver! Dog! Sorg!"
"We will tear the nails from the fingers that did this, [enemy]!"
"Do not touch us again, [enemy]. Do you know who we are?"
"Enjoy that touch, [enemy], few have found such pleasure."

Death by railgun

"Come out and fight like a woman, [enemy]!"
"You have no honor, [enemy]! You wear the skin of a reptiloid."
"Where we come from, [enemy], we torture campers."
"[Enemy], those who know they cannot honorably win, hide."

Death by BFG

"The sudden end of a long road."
"It is as if the hatred within us materialized against us."
"Why is it suddenly all so... green?"

Death by kamikaze

"The reptiloid kills this way. Have you no courage, no honor?"
"Ha! Our shattered corpse leaves you no trophies, [enemy]!"
"You shame your tribe, your clan, and your family to strike in this way."
"Pfahhh! We will gain no honor destroying one such as you, [enemy]."
"[Enemy], we take pleasure knowing that you have joined us in destruction."
"You are of Sorg lineage, no doubt."
"The kamikaze is the coward's weapon."

Death insults

"You do not deserve to wear our feathered crown, [enemy]!"
"We have come to expect such vile tactics from sorg."
"[Enemy], you are a newt! It won't get better."
"Vile [fighter]! Treachery is not conquest, [enemy]."
"A starving wolf would spit out your rancid flesh, [enemy]."
"[Enemy], only a diseased mosquito could bring low the graceful deer."
"Come closer, [enemy], that we might spit upon you."
"You killing us is like the slime killing you, [enemy]."
"We die content in knowing that your luck cannot last long, [enemy]."

Death praise

"Take up our quest, [enemy], we beg. You will succeed."
"Well fought, [enemy]. our clan could have allowed you to serve them."
"[Enemy], you have just climbed onto the list of those we must kill."
"You took advantage of our distraction, [enemy]."
"Clever, [enemy] ... you surprise us."
"[Enemy], you fight like a woman ... there is no higher praise."
"Impressive, perhaps ... to some."
"Improve, [enemy] ... there is an absence of greatness in you now."

Killing with railgun

"[Enemy], we killed you only to sharpen our skills."
"We will use any and every weapon in our arsenal to rid the world of scum like you, [enemy]!"

Killing with gauntlet

"There is no bullet cheap enough for you, [enemy], so we used our hand."
"Cherish that mark, [enemy], it was delivered personally."

Killing with telefrag

"Out of our way, [enemy]! We have more important prey!"
"Our thanks, [enemy]. We do so love a morning shower."

Killing with kamikaze

"It was necessary. We take no joy in what we have done."
"Know, oh [fighter]s, that we regret our recent action."
"Gladly would we use this device against the vile Sorg! May they all die in agony."
"Though we be judged for this action, we would do it again to gain victory!"
"Fear us, for we are Death's avatar made flesh."

Another player kills self

"Were you scared to death, [enemy]?"
"Would that we could teach your style to the hordes of Sorg, [enemy]!"
"We expected as much from you, [enemy]."
"Trained by vile Sorg mercenaries, no doubt."
"Clumsy Peasant."

Kill insults

"Next, [enemy], we kill your dog."
"We frag you, [enemy], because there is no respect."
"You are fragged, [enemy]. We move on."
"The world is now a better place, [enemy]."
"Ashes to ashes, [enemy], and slime to slime."
"A pity ... we wished to hurt you more, [enemy]."
"Hmmm. The pieces look better than the whole, [enemy]."
"Your destruction improves the breed, [enemy]."
"Our [random weapon] seems to like you, [enemy]."
"You seem to be faltering and failing, ", fighter, "."
"That was over far too quickly, [enemy]."
"We ask for challenge and we are given this?!"
"We take no joy in this. We prefer a challenge."
"Perhaps a career as a [profession] would be more appropriate?"

Kill praise

"We almost considered enlisting you in our quest, [enemy]. Almost."
"To die is to seek a higher level. You have far to go, [enemy]."
"You are elusive, swift, and cunning, [enemy], but then, we are THE hunter."
"Perhaps you will get lucky and come back as a woman."
"Our applause, [enemy]... that took longer than we expected."
"Let us hope your remains better serve the world, [enemy]."

Random insults

"Your mother died of sadness from seeing you, [enemy], did she not?"
"If we meet again, [enemy]... bathe. We beg of you."
"If we want any lip from you, [enemy], we will scrape it off our boot."
"Your odor betrays your position, [enemy]."
"We doubt you are worth the effort or the ammo, [enemy]."
"We kill you, [random enemy], only so that other inferiors will remember their place."
"In the annals of the skalds, your defeat will be a fairy tale, [random enemy]."
[random quote: misc12]

Random misc

"If Sorg had feathers, our headdress would befit a queen."
"[Enemy], are those boots reptiloid? Very nice."
"Come to us o' pretty lightning gun."
"Sizzling flesh is our perfume."
"There is a peculiar design to [map name]. Reminds us of home."
"Females will learn their place. Men will not be pleased."
"We demand someone show us the 'test' in 'testosterone.'"