Daemia - bio
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The bounty hunter, Daemia, long ago stopped caring who or what was in her sights. Enemies are enemies whether they're human, alien, or demons from the pits of hell.

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Entering a game

"Daemia enters the Arena, stage left. You [fighter]s can all cower."
"I think I'm gonna like this place."
"Name's Daemia, and I'm hauling all of you in."
"[Random enemy], I got a warrant for your destruction."
"[Random enemy]'s here again? What am I ... loser bait?"
"I love [map name]!"
"Buenos Dias."
[random quote: hello4]
[random quote: hello6]

Exiting a game

"Better worlds to conquer than this [fighter] heaven."
"I got contracts to catch up on."
"Hasta la vista."
"Te hablo luego."
[random quote: goodbye5]

Level start

"Do I make you [fighter]s nervous? If you are smart, you'd be nervous."
"It was a dark and rainy night in [map name]. Suddenly, A shot rang out!"
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Level end

"Ay de mi'! It smells like purgatory. Huele malo."
"Hmphh, [loser], looks like you've got a lot of work to do."
"You're so good, [winner], we're promoting you to Xaero's punching bag."
"As far as I'm concerned, you're all a bunch of numbers and I'm about to win the lottery."

Level end: victory

"Superior training, superior tactics, superior everything."
"I'm surprised ... that it took me so long."
"And just how many times did you fall for the 'your-shoes-are-untied' bit, eh [loser]?"
"Do I have to lead you around by the nose, [loser]? If you had one left, I mean."
"La venganza es dulce."
"Te gane'."
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[random quote: level_end_victory4]

Level end: defeat

"Caramba! When did hell freeze over?"
"Look at you [fighter]s! Now I know what's below the bottom of the barrel!"
"Ay de mi'! This is a very bad thing. Que' malo."
"Me ganaste, [winner]."
"Este el fin."
[random quote: level_end_lose0]

Hit when talking

"If you're shooting, you're not listening."
"I spit on you, [enemy]!"
[random quote: taunt_fem2]
[random quote: taunt_fem5]

Hit by an attack (no death)

"Ow! Don't make me come over there, [enemy]."
"You are SO gonna wish you could take that back."
"I was gonna go easy on you ... but no more, jerk."
"Score one for [enemy]. We'll put that on [enemy]'s tombstone."
"Gracias, [enemy]. I had an itch I couldn't reach there."
[random quote: taunt_fem5]
[random quote: praise3]

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

"That's like putting money in the bank."
"Keep running away, [enemy]. I can hit a moving target, no problem."
"I'm a pinball wizard, [fighter]."
"Es suficiente o quieres mas?"
"No lo creo."
[random quote: taunt_fem]

Death by telefrag

"You could've knocked first, you know."
[random quote: death_telefragged1]

Death by falling damage

"Caramba! I've just enrolled in the WILE E. School of Stupidity."
"It's not how you fall, [enemy]. It's how you land that coun ... "
"No, jerk, I can't see my house from up there."

Death by lava

"To me, Hell is like tropic resort. A vacation."
"No big deal. I had that stuff in my back yard."
[random quote: death_lava0]

Death by slime

"At least the goo that killed me was brighter than [enemy]."
"Revenge of the lime gelatin."
"The slime, he reminds me of my ex-husband, only cuter."

Death by drowning

"Well, this pool's going to need a good brushing down."
"You could've marked the deep end, [enemy]."
"Ay chihuahua! ... and my gear's dry-clean only. Figures."

Death by splash damage/cratering

"You know you're getting too old for this when ..."
"Someone had to do it. I was getting tired of you being last every time, [loser]."
"Madre de dios!"
"Ay chihuahua!"
[random quote: death_suicide2]
[random quote: death_suicide4]

Death by gauntlet

"Scratch a little lower, [enemy]."
"I don't do 'patty-cake' on a first date, jerk."
[random quote: death_gauntlet0]
[random quote: death_telefragged3]

Death by railgun

"Way to go, [fighter]. Let's get us a 'pic-a-nic' basket and go camping."
"How did you fire that thing? Chickens don't got fingers."
[random quote: death_rail1]

Death by BFG

"It's not how big your gun is jerk ... well, maybe for you it is."
"No skill needed there [enemy]."
"You liked that, si?"
[random quote: death_bfg1]

Death by kamikaze

"Madre de Dios!"
"Caramba! You sure know how to impress a girl."
"I bet you don't get invited to many parties, [enemy]."
"So those weren't flying toasters after all."
"So, [enemy]. I see you are now buying the large economy cans of Whoop-Ass."

Death insults

"You got me because I aimed for your brain, [enemy]. Impossible shot."
"Te veo en el infierno!"
"Asi' se hace!"
[random quote: death_insult2]
[random quote: death_insult4]

Death praise

"You're all right, [enemy]. You just might be around for a while."
"Nice job, [enemy]. Maybe next time, they let you carry a real gun."
"Ay caramba! You do that pretty good, [enemy]."
[random quote: d_praise2]
[random quote: d_praise4]

Killing with railgun

"Train leaving on track four! All aboard!"
"Splat. Nothing to take back for a bounty."
"Me gusta asi!"
[random quote: kill_rail1]
[random quote: kill_rail2]

Killing with gauntlet

"Give me that! You'll hurt someone with it."
"Es suficiente castigo?"
[random quote: kill_gauntlet0]

Killing with telefrag

"You know when those little hairs on the back of your neck stand up ..."
"Did you eat something that didn't agree with you, [enemy]?"
"Con ganas!"
[random quote: telefragged0]
[random quote: telefragged5]

Killing with kamikaze

"Awesome. I never get to play with the big toys."
"Oh. You meant don't press THAT button."
"Sort of like a group telefrag."
"That was a blast!"
"Ugh. Someone call housekeeping."

Another player kills self

"Well, I can see you don't need me, [enemy]."
"Typical low-life. Always looking for the easy way out."
"You really shouldn't look down the barrel to see if it's loaded."

Kill insults

"Don't worry, that toe tag will let your mommy know who you are."
"Who's your Mommy?"
"It's never too late for a change of career, [enemy]."
"Trust me when I say this: '[enemy], you suck.'"
"Te das por vencido [enemy]."
"Te gane'."
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[random quote: kill_insult1]
[random quote: kill_insult5]
[random quote: kill_insult9]
[random quote: kill_insult35]
[random quote: kill_insult33]

Kill praise

"Well [enemy], you move better than a mannequin. There's that."
"You did your best, [enemy],...that's what should really bother you."
"Bueno! I didn't hear you whine once when I killed you, [enemy]!"
"Gracias! You die pretty good for a [fighter]."
[random quote: praise4]

Random insults

"[Random enemy], anyone ever mistake you for someone dangerous?"
"So, [enemy] is supposed to be the best. Yeah, sure."
"Is that your face, [enemy], or are you mooning me?"
"Hey, [enemy], I'm salt and you're a slug. Bad combination." ;
"Let me guess, [enemy]. You ate a lot of paint chips when you were a kid?"
"So you got brain damage, [enemy]? Looks like an improvement to me."
"El mas fuerte no es siempre el mejor."
[random quote: kill_insult25]
[random quote: kill_insult30]
[random quote: taunt_fem7]

Random misc

"El que rie de ultimo rie mejor."
"The bounty on [enemy] is worth the extra effort."
"See the universe. Frag interesting people."
"I'm hauling all you, [fighter]s in."
"Hey, [enemy]. Your Mom did a great job dressing you this morning."
"Medic! Quick! I'm laughing so hard I'm choking."
[random one-liner]