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Once, she was Doom's military instructor. Now the Arena Eternal tests Crash's mettle to the extreme-extreme patience, that is. She is the trainer who introduces new warriors to the skills of battle.

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Entering a game

"Welcome to the Arenas Eternal, warrior."
"You have entered the Arenas Eternal, [random enemy]. Prepare to fight."

Exiting a game

"Yeah, I think the new warrior may be on the the fast track."

Level start

"Alright, let's see what ya got."
"It's time for Crash to lay down the law here."
"If it's not too much to ask, would you make this interesting for me."

Level end

"Not what I expected. Definitely not."
"Can we try that again, [winner]? I think you were just lucky."

Level end: victory

"Don't go for a perfect record, [loser]. Try to win some matches."
"If you can't beat me, it's time to take up something less challenging."
"Do it again. But this time, with feeling."

Level end: defeat

"I guess I had that coming."
"Good luck. Don't be a stranger ... well at least not stranger than you already are."
"Have fun storming the castle."
"Good luck, [winner]. But I think Ranger is going to toast your biscuits."

Hit when talking

"Now that was nice manners. Bet you fart in public too."
"Keep that up and you'll be REAL popular here."

Hit by an attack (no death)

"I'm tougher than I look. Really."
"My momma didn't raise no cream puff."
"Just a flesh wound."

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

"Not my day. Need to correct for windage next time."
"Nuts. Just winged you."
"You want a bandage or an aspirin for that?"

Death by telefrag

"Bizzzzaap!! Got me like a bug in a zap trap."

Death by falling damage

"Like a bug on a windshield again."
"Scrape me off the floor and send me back to the front."

Death by lava

"Always a back flip. Never a swan dive. So predictable."
"Lava. Hazard or nuisance. You be the judge."

Death by slime

"Ever wonder what happens to all that toxic waste they store?"
"Gick. And I just polished those shoes."

Death by drowning

"Back to the kiddie pool for me, I think."
"Hand me a towel, will you?"

Death by splash damage/cratering

"After all this time, I ought to be more careful."
"Even the best of us make the occasional foot fault."
"Don't laugh, but we used to call [male character], 'King of the Lava Divers.'"

Death by gauntlet

"You don't EVER touch a lady like that. You hear me?"
"Now aren't you the tough one."

Death by railgun

"Fastball, low and across the plate! She's outta there!"
"That one hits you before you hear it. Ouch!"

Death by BFG

"Ow. Really."
[random quote: death_bfg2]

Death by kamikaze

"Tactical nukes make poor neighbors."
"Can't we all just get along?"
"You'll hear from the neighborhood association about this one."
"That's a grand slam for the visitors."
"Well, my headache's gone now."

Death insults

"Beginners luck... Again."
"Hmmmmm.I occasionally need to be reminded that I'm not immortal."
"Was that REALLY your best shot?"
"I ought to charge by the hour for this."
"So... you're up to what ... 3 frags an hour?"

Death praise

"Wooo! Looks like some new competition has moved into town."
"Oh my! Xaero look OUT!"
"[Male character] better keep an eye on his rear view mirror now."
"[Female character] can't coast along on her good looks anymore."
"I'd say that this train is bound for glory."
"Sorry. I'm not much of a challenge."

Killing with railgun

"I have a deep and abiding love for power tools."
"Explosive decompression works for me."
"Can I have the slug back? I'd like to have it bronzed."
"That one's out of the park."

Killing with gauntlet

"Oops. Don't know my own strength."
"Well, I am stronger than I look."
"If the glove don't fit... Looks like it fit. Heh."
"Whattayaknow, the batteries in that were still good."

Killing with telefrag

"You have just been vaporized, [enemy]."
"Now that was a classic telefrag."

Killing with kamikaze

"Awesome. I never get to play with the big toys."
"Oh. You meant don't press THAT button."
"Sort of like a group telefrag."
"That was a blast!"
"Ugh. Someone call housekeeping."

Another player kills self

"Don't give up so easily. I'm tough, but not THAT tough."
"And you had so much to live for."
"I'm not cleaning that mess up."

Kill insults

"I told you to duck."
"Of course you don't have an ounce of brains in your head -- they're all on the wall there."
"Easy frag."
"Wheee. I love fragging easy targets."

Kill praise

"You blow up real pretty."
"Were you trying to give me an easy frag there, [enemy]?"

Random insults

"Remember to take the training wheels off before you leave, [enemy]."
"What a coincidence. My grandmother said she whupped your behind just last week."
"There must be worse nicknames than 'Ol' Harmless.'"
[random one-liner]
"Any time you want to start the fight, just let me know."
"Big clue here. Don't quit your day job, [enemy]."

Random misc

"How do you say [list_sort] in [language]?"
"Huh. I was going to say something, but now my mind's a blank."
"Hope you're having fun."
"I told [male character] that you're the one who dented his new [random weapon]."
"When you see Doom, ask him why he never calls."