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Human Skeleton
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This fearsome foe showcases the powers of the Vadrigar, for it has no true life of its own. But it begs the question: Where do the gibs and blood come from??

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Entering a game

"Yo, [random enemy], I got a bone to pick with you."
"This place is dead."
"I'm NOT gonna need to work my fingers to the bone to beat this crew."
"I'm here to cut out the dead wood."
"What's this? Only a skeleton crew here today?"

Exiting a game

"I'm rattling on out of here."
"Dead man walking ... right on outta here."

Level start

"What better time to fight than the dead of the night?"
"Bring out your dead!"
"'Into the valley of death rode the six hundred!'"

Level end

"And here I was hoping to finish in a dead heat."
"[Winner], you are now wanted 'dead or alive' -- and you know my preference."

Level end: victory

"Yeah! This is LIVING... uh, so to speak."
"Score one for the dead guy."

Level end: defeat

"I'm dead to the world here."
"Dead last again! Arrrrrrrr."
"I need a stiff drink."
"Looks like I've been given up for dead again."

Hit when talking

"So it is true-- 'Dead men really tell no tales."
"This [fighter]'s bad to the bone?"

Hit by an attack (no death)

"That one cut close to the bone!"
"Well, you'll be the death of me..."

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

"I need a bigger gun."
"A marrow Escape. Sorry. Make that A NARROW escape."

Death by telefrag

"Like being cremated and having your ashes scattered."
" Anyone for pick up sticks?"

Death by falling damage

"Brittle as an old bone."
"That's going six feet under the hard way... no shovel."
"I'm drop dead sexy!"

Death by lava

"Well, I'm no longer chilled to the bone."
"Well that's definately not the dead of winter."

Death by slime

"Slime. Better non-living through chemistry."
"Hey, how do you think I got this glow-in-the-dark look in the first place?"

Death by drowning

"[Ponder] Drowning? Who would have figured?"
"Got me a condo here in Davy Jone's locker."
"Worse things happen at sea."

Death by splash damage/cratering

"Nothing like digging your own grave, eh?"
"Hey, beats cremation."
"'I still can say... I did it my way!'"

Death by gauntlet

"That was like being savaged by a dead sheep."
"I'm all broken up about this."
"You touching me... now THAT's a fate wose than death."

Death by railgun

"Wooo! Snapped me like a dry bone."

Death by BFG

"Just call me bone meal."
"Ow. When the pony dies, the ride is over."

Death insults

"Oooooo. I am just scared stiff."
"That just tickled me to death."
"Somebody explain all these meaty gibs to me."
"You'll be dead and gone soon enough, [enemy]."
"You're gonna be dead as dodo, [enemy]!"

Death praise

"I'm dead Jim."
"Not bad for a meat sack, [enemy]. Make no bones about it."
"And here I'd already given you up for dead, [enemy]."
"You had me dead to rights there, [enemy]."
"'Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me--'"

Killing with railgun

"How's that for a 'kiss of death?'"
"That had to be good for a broken bone or two."

Killing with gauntlet

"More knuckles than you're used too, eh, [enemy]?"
"This gauntlet thingy gnaws right to the bone."

Killing with telefrag

"That pretty much scatters your ashes, [enemy]."
"Grind you up for bonemeal!"

Another player kills self

"If I was you, [enemy], I'd be turning in my grave!"
"You normally got one foot in the grave like that, [enemy]?"

Kill insults

"Didn't your [random counselor] tell you never to hunt rabbit with a dead dog?"
"[Enemy], that last move of yours was a dead giveaway."
"You've slammed into yet another dead end, [enemy]."
"Gotcha! You are dead as a doornail."
"That ought to put the fear of death into you, [enemy]!"
"You're better off dead, [enemy]."
"You have just reached a dead end, [enemy]."

Kill praise

"Listen, [enemy], being dead and gone ain't as bad as it seems."
"I had you dead to rights there, [enemy]."
"Wrong. Dead Wrong. "

Random insults

"[Enemy], you are already dead from the neck up. So a little more won't hurt."
"[Enemy] you are a dead man walking."
"Oh drop dead already, [random enemy]."
"Good thing I don't lose frags for being bored to death."
"Don't roll the bones with death and expect to win. His dice are loaded."

Random misc

"'Better dead than red?'... sounds like blue-centric bigotry to me."
"Well, yes, I do have a skeleton in my closet."
"You meat sacks just leave those sticks and stones at home, OK?"
"Throw me a frickin' bone here."
"'Fifteen men on a dead man's chest...' better get their sorry butts off of me."
"[Female character] is drop dead gorgeous!"
"'The wages of sin are death'... and I am handing out paychecks here."
"Death is just a part of life... the last part."
"Hey life goes on. Death just goes on longer."
"Yeah, I still miss my old girlfriend, [female character]. But my aim is getting better."
[random one-liner]
"Anyone got a bottle of [liquid]? I'm dry as a bone here."
"Hey! You seen those cuties in Deva Station quad room?! WoooHooo!"
"Is my brother Skully still hangin' around in the training level?"
"I'm outta the closet now. Say it now and say it loud. 'I'm dead and I'm proud.'"