Bitterman - bio
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This hero of the Strogg War may also be its most tragic victim. While a captive on Stroggos, vile experiments transformed his flesh into something both far more and far less than human.

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Entering a gameExiting a gameLevel startLevel endLevel end: victoryLevel end: defeatHit when talkingHit by an attack (no death)Hitting an opponent (no kill)Death by telefragDeath by falling damageDeath by lavaDeath by slimeDeath by drowningDeath by splash damage/crateringDeath by gauntletDeath by railgunDeath by BFGDeath insultsDeath praiseKilling with railgunKilling with gauntletKilling with telefragAnother player kills selfKill insultsKill praiseRandom insultsRandom misc

Entering a game

[random quote: hello]
[random quote: hello6]
"Hang the gore, [random enemy], let's get it on!"
"[Map name] again! I guess you campers are happy!"

Exiting a game

"My work here is done, Adios!"
"All y'all take care and watch your six."
"I just can't stand being near [random enemy]. I'm outta here."
"I'm fixin' to leave."
[random quote: goodbye]
[random quote: goodbye4]"
Level start
"Crank up the tunes, this ol' boy's back in Dodge."
"Well I think its time to dance!"
"Y'all should know that [map name], is my favorite killing grounds."
[random quote: level_start2]

Level end

"Don't you be thinkin' you good ol' boys got me runnin'."
"Dang! Whumped by a carpet-baggin' Yankee [fighter]."
"The South will rise again!"
"Hey there, [loser]. Wear all that blood like a badge of honor."

Level end: victory

"Wahoo! The music roars and I bow to the crowd."
"Looks like this bronco is done kickin!"
[random quote: level_end_victory2]
[random quote: level_end_victory3]
"Shoot, I don't even need my dog to flush you city folk."
"[Loser], thanks again. Y'all made some really great targets."

Level end: defeat

"Don't push me, [fighter]. I've been to hell and back, and back I'll be!"
"I've seen tougher, killed 'em too."
[random quote: level_end_lose2]
[random quote: level_end_lose1]

Hit when talking

"We have names for y'all's type, sissy!"
"[Enemy], I can see your yella stripe a mile away!"
"Dang! Ain't no one got any manners in this universe?"

Hit by an attack (no death)

"Is that my blood I taste? [Enemy] may just survive after all!"
"If y'all fire enough rounds you're bound to hit something, I guess."
"[Enemy] thinks a little poke like that is gonna bring me down."
"A [weapon used by enemy]? Who exactly are you trying to hit with that, [enemy]?"

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

"Just my way of sayin' 'howdy', Amigo."
"Don't y'all be hiding, [enemy]. I got your blood trail now."
"Looks like [enemy] has sprung a few leaks."
[random quote: taunt]
[random quote: praise2]

Death by telefrag

"Guess ya'll'l be seeing my pieces in all the familiar places."
[random quote: death_telefragged2]

Death by falling damage

"I really hate that first rush of air on my brain."
"I feel like an overloaded skeeter."
"Now I know what bird doo feels like."

Death by lava

"Looks like a BAR-B-Q and I'm the only one invited."
"This is like an Alabama August!"
[random quote: death_lava0]

Death by slime

"Dang, killed by that sissy hair goop."
"Let's grease y'all with this, [enemy], and see who catches you the fastest." (unused; commented out)

Death by drowning

"Guess they'll tell Ma I was buried at sea."
"You think a little water will slow me down."
[random quote: death_drown1]

Death by splash damage/cratering

"All I said was 'Hey, lookit what I can do!'"
"Ironic ain't it! I won't give anyone else that pleasure."
[random quote: death_suicide3]
[random quote: death_suicide4]

Death by gauntlet

"What was that? Did a fly come land on me?"
[random quote: death_gauntlet0]

Death by railgun

"Could you use anything smaller? I got enough scars as it is."
[random quote: death_rail1]
"Skeeters hit harder than that, [enemy]!"

Death by BFG

"Yeah sure, any [fighter]'s a hero with a gun like that."
[random quote: death_bfg1]

Death insults

"How about that. [Enemy] CAN pull a trigger!"
"Dang it! Why do I have to be here when [enemy] gets a lucky shot off!"
[random quote: death_insult2]

Death praise

"Good shootin' [fighter]. A good eye means a long life."
"I tip my hat to y'all, [enemy], It's been a pleasure."
[random quote: d_praise1]

Killing with railgun

"Whoaaaa. I can see light on the other side of that hole, [enemy]!"
[random quote: kill_rail0]

Killing with gauntlet

"I have always been good with my hands."
[random quote: kill_gauntlet1]

Killing with telefrag

"Pull yourself together, [fighter]."
[random quote: telefragged2]

Another player kills self

"Y'all'd do anything to collect insurance, wouldn't you?"
"Y'all think I'm gonna hold my shot now, don't you?"

Kill insults

"Hey, [enemy]! A sleeping cow makes a tougher target than you!"
"I think [enemy] enjoys standing in front of my gun."
"Are you a masochist, man? RUN!"
[random quote: kill_insult3]
[random quote: kill_insult6]

Kill praise

"Sometimes it hurts to kill the good ones."
"Congrats, amigo! You died well."
"You earned your tombstone, [fighter]."

Random insults

"[Enemy]'s guts look mighty pretty all over that wall."
"I'm gonna give y'all a new purpose in life ... dying gloriously."
"I'm determined to make something of all y'all ... fertilizer."
"Feel the pain. Feel the pain."
[random quote: misc10]
[random quote: misc12]
"Every time I get in [map name] , I just wanna break my [random weapon] over [enemy]'s head."

Random misc

"Y'all ain't from around these parts are ya, [random enemy]?"
"Y'know, I'm craving some [food] and a cold [liquid] 'bout right now."
"Hey [random enemy], you got family in [place]? You remind me of someone I know."
"Hey [random enemy], it's good to see some new faces in this hole."
"[Random enemy], will I have to show you how to use that [random weapon] again?"
[random quote: misc2]
[random one-liner]