Biker - bio
1.96 m
133 kg

Biker is crude and coarse: a bully who gets his kicks out of hammering helpless opponents. He may not be smart or brave, but he's brutal as hell.

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Entering a game

[random quote: hello5]
"Make this a good day, cuz it'll be your last."
"Everyone out of the pool."
"You just keep your hands off my hawg, [enemy]. Understand?"
"[Enemy], I'm gonna kick your sorry butt into the next county."
"I squash cockroaches bigger and scarier than you, [enemy]."
"This better not make me late for lunch."

Exiting a game

"I have some boredom to catch up on."
"Screw this."
[random quote: goodbye1]

Level start

"I'm makin' [map name] my playground. Get off the swings, [fighter]s."
"Where'd I park my hawg?"

Level end

"Waste of time."
[random quote: level_end0]
"[Winner] cheats and [loser] sucks. Now that we know, let's go again."

Level end: victory

"Yeehaa! Kick some doggie butt!"
"Did that hurt ya, [loser]? Bet it did!"
[random quote: level_end_victory3]

Level end: defeat

"Aw, you can kiss my bike wheel, [winner] .... but lemme get it spinnin' real fast first."
"That's it! I'm putting me a rifle rack on my hawg."
[random quote: level_end_lose1]

Hit when talking

"You just became road-kill, [fighter]." (unused; commented out)
"[Enemy], you just became a kick-stand."
"Nice one, [enemy]. But now it's my turn."

Hit by an attack (no death)

"C'mon, dawg, I still gots one good eye!"
"Don't dirty the leathers, [enemy]!"
"You cow-poker! I'll show you what's what!"
"OK, you gave it your best and now it's my turn."
"I'm gonna hurt you, [enemy]. I'm gonna hurt you bad."
[random quote: death_insult2]

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

[random quote: taunt1]
"Yer as slow as ya are ugly."
[random quote: taunt8]
"You look mighty pretty in blood red."
"Lousy, cheap ammo."
"Sheee-oooot! I gotta get me a bigger gun than this one."

Death by telefrag

"Them trucks never give a hawg-rider no respect."
"That was some serious road rash."
"Anybody get the license plate on that elephant?"
[random quote: death_telefragged]

Death by falling damage

"Them Kneivel boys ain't got nothin' on me."
"May be somethin' to them helmet laws ..."
"Dang! Colorado Rocky Mountain high!"

Death by lava

"Dang! That's hotter than a tailpipe runnin' jet fuel."
"Hoooooweeee! Too much lighter fluid on the grill there."
[random quote: death_lava1]

Death by slime

"Any biscuits with this gravy?"
"This is like showerin' in degreaser."
"Hey Lucy, this stuff's better'n yer maw's cookin'!"

Death by drowning

"Leather's heavy when it's wet. Dang."
"Great, now I smells like a wet dog."
"Stupid place for a swimmmin' pool."

Death by splash damage/cratering

"You so much as giggle, [enemy], and I break yer face."
"Did that truck run over my bike too?"
[random quote: death_suicide0]
[random quote: death_suicide5]

Death by gauntlet

"Get yer slimy paws off o' me, [enemy]!"
"Last guy that touched me can only count to five now."
"Ain't nobody touches me like that."
[random quote: death_gauntlet2]

Death by railgun

"[random quote: death_rail2]"
"This ain't no campground, [enemy]."
"Let's settle this outside, face to face."

Death by BFG

"And the friggin' rockets red ... uhhh ... green glare!"
[random quote: death_bfg2]
"Ha, ya missed, [enemy]! 'Almost' only counts in hand grenades and ... oh, puke ..."

Death by kamikaze

"If you hit my bike with that ...!"
"Real funny, [enemy]. You're like a one-man BFG."
"Loser! You wait there so I can kick yer teeth in."
"Get that carburetor checked out, [enemy]. It's back-firing again."
"I ain't impressed."
"I hate that Commie-Cozy crap."
[random quote: death_kamikaze0]

Death insults

"I take my coffee stronger'n you, [enemy]."
"You just stepped on the highway to hell, [fighter]."
"I can't believe a [fighter] like [enemy] fragged me!"
[random quote: death_insult0]
[random quote: death_insult4]
[random quote: death_insult5]

Death praise

"Yeah, big hairy deal, [enemy]. Ya killed me. So what?"
"Well, ain't [enemy] a hero? Come and get your special prize."
[random quote: d_praise2]
"[Enemy] killed me to death! Dang!"

Killing with railgun

"Turn into the wind, [fighter], I wanna hear ya whistle."
[random quote: kill_rail1]
[random quote: kill_rail0]

Killing with gauntlet

"Up close and impersonal."
"Like swattin' flies offa roadkill."
"That's the kind of action I like most."
"Yeah! Gimme some more of that!"
[random quote: kill_gauntlet0]

Killing with telefrag

"Here's the beef!"
"Get off the Road!"
"Popped you like a Prairie Oyster!"
[random quote: telefragged0]

Killing with kamikaze

"That one's for lookin' at my bike, [enemy]."
"That wuz real pretty."
"Who sez I never give you nuthin'?"
"You is just like bugs on my windscreen!"
"Dang. I wuz savin' that for Lucy's birthday!"
"You want fries with that?"

Another player kills self

"Hey moron, AIM, then fire!"
"Must tickle, cuz I'm laughin'"

Kill insults

"I'm gonna bury [enemy] face down so I got a place to park my bike."
"Ahhhh, you ain't worth the trouble to run you over."
"Biker 1, Roadkill 0."
[random quote: kill_insult0]
[random quote: kill_insult4]
[random quote: kill_insult8]

Kill praise

[random quote: kill_insult36]
"You'll make good maggot food, [enemy]. That's something."
"You was brain-dead anyway, [enemy]."

Random insults

[random quote: taunt7]
[random quote: misc6]
"All the sex appeal of open heart surgery!"
"Yer like sand on the road, [enemy].I just blow it away."
"Your mamma's gonna see you on a milk carton, [enemy]."
"You stay away from my dawg, [enemy]."

Random misc

[random quote: guytalk2]
"I eat my road kill."
"*[Bu-u-u-u-u-u-urp]* "
"Anybody got a six-pack on 'em?"
"Okay, any o' you pretty ladies want a ride on my hawg?"
[random one-liner]
"Don't go tellin' Lucy I was here ... she'll whip my butt."
"[Female character] better git her ass back in the kitchen and finish making me that chicken pot pie!"
[random quote: misc0]
[random quote: misc8]
[random quote: misc12]