Anarki - bio
Anarki (displayed as Anarki)
Cybronic Human
1.91 m
124 kg

Always seeking an edge, this cyber-board surfer paid with his humanity for a seemingly endless array of cybronic implants.

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Entering a game

"I feel the need for speed. Road trip on the cyber-highway!"
"Hehehe, I am the master of your cyber-space nightmares."
"Jacked in, powered up, and ready to scatter."
"Oh d00d! [map name] is like my totally favorite place to hang."
"Whoaaaa, [random player]! You are like, totally ancient."

Exiting a game

"'O-H' time, d00d. Outta here!"
"Cya, [random player]. I'm looking for some real talent."
"I ride in kewler circles, lamer. CU L8r."
"[map name] rocks, but I gotta buzz outa here."
"Hangin' with railbait like you is gonna lower my rep." (Quake Live)

Level start

"Hey, [random player]! Old, slow and ugly is no way to go through life, d00d."
"Woohoo! Can you feel that rush?"
"Welcome to life on the edge!"
"Anarki has entered the tube!"
"Whoa! Headrush. I haven't even had breakfast yet."

Level end

"Reboot! Reboot!"
"Totally bummed, d00d. The fun's over."
"Charging the board for round two."
"I need a better ping."
"Anyone up for a [food] break?"
"This is totally bogus. You were totally bogarting all the weapons, [winner]!"
"Next round, I'm using my board."

Level end: victory

"Whoa! I just completely messed you up, [random player]."
"Boring tour, [fighter] d00dZ. Like, how do I get into the main room?"
"Anarki: 1, Llamas: 0."
"Major bummer for you, [loser] dude."
"You lamers running 96 baud, or what?"
"I'm the undertaker, cuz you were dead before we began."

Level end: defeat

"Bad connection ... gotta be the connection."
"Static on the line. Yeah, it was static."
"System overload, d00d. I'm multitasking way too much here."
"Not possible! Check your data tables!"
"How did I lose to a llama like you, [winner]?"
"Fragged by vidiots."
"Fragged by [fighter]s!"

Hit when talking

"D00d! like, you're taking this age-and-treachery crap too far, [enemy]!"
"New board, d00d. You're about to see it up real close."

Hit by an attack (no death)

"D00d, you, like, totally slagged my board!"
"Temporary glitch, [enemy], I'm telling you."
"Enjoy the moment, ancient one. It ain't lasting."
"Watch where you're pointing that thing, d00d."
"Aim higher, [enemy]! Watch out for the board, man!"
"Whoa, d00d, that was, like, totally hostile!"

Hitting an opponent (no kill)

"Hey, [enemy]! I smoked your six, man."
"Hehe. [enemy], I can't believe I hit you with my eyes closed."
"Nice catch, [enemy] d00d. Next time try it with your mouth."
"Your server kick you yet, [enemy]?"
"[Enemy], you can't even catch my vid trail!"
"Hehe, there's an asterisk for your URL, [enemy]!"

Death by telefrag

"You knocked me off my board, d00d."
"Wow. I feel like I'm in the middle of a download."
"Whoaaaa, like, overclockin' brain drain!"

Death by falling damage

"Woaaaah, Take a load off granny."
"Ctrl-Alt-Del! Ctrl-Alt-Del!"

Death by lava

"New road! Oh man! Tar's not dry yet!"
"Save the board! Save the board!"
"Hard to mosh in here."

Death by slime

"Oh man! Old d00d filled his diaper."
"Ewh. Feels like I caught a virus."
"Cafeteria food! Oh, puke, d00d."

Death by drowning

"I'd rather drown than fight you lamers."
"Who filled the pool? d00d!"
"Crashed and splashed!"

Death by splash damage/cratering

"Permanently kicked."
"There's a report card I'm not taking home, d00d."
"Is there, like, a make-up quiz?"

Death by gauntlet

"[Enemy]! You overcharged my batteries, d00d."
"Illegal search! Illegal sear..."
"[Enemy] d00d, how'd you get through my surge protector?"
"Whoaaaaa, [enemy] d00d! I think you knocked a coupla my chips loose."
"You are like way too stressed out, [enemy] d00d."

Death by railgun

"What? No fair, d00d!"
"Pisser shot, [enemy]."
"Are you, like, jacking in from [place], [enemy]?"
"Now there's one happy camper."

Death by BFG

"D0000d, you, like, totally fragged me!"
"Metal, dude, lots of metal."
"D00D! I'm Pi22a toppin6! [enemy]."
[random quote: death_bfg0]

Death by kamikaze

"Whooaaaa, trippin'!"
"You like totally wasted my bandwidth with that one d00d!"
"Like, total roadkill, [enemy]!"
"That was major unfriendly-like, d00d."
"Whoaaa, old d00d. Don't strain yer M4d 5k1LL2 on my account."
"That one reformatted my hard drive!"
[random quote: death_kamikaze0]

Death insults

"I can't believe a lamer like you got me, [enemy]."
"You must have, like, gone to church this morning, right [enemy]?"
"How many walls did that bounce off of before it hit me, [enemy]?"
"Scoreone for ol' [enemy]. 1 more 'K' like that and I'll let you try my board."
"Chaos theory in action, [enemy]."
"Nice shot, PC Junior. What's that, [enemy], like a Y1K thing?"

Death praise

"Bow to the [enemy] d00d, king of the tube!"
"Catch some air, o' worthy old one, and hold your fists up high!"
"[Enemy]! D00d, you have obviously been at this for a long time."
"Who's the Man? Who's the Man? "
"I didn't know you could still move like that, [enemy]!"
"Whoa! Stretch that old arm, [enemy], and pat yourself on the back."

Killing with railgun

"Commuter rail, exit left!"
"Gotta move quicker than that, [enemy]."
"See, [enemy], that's what V-Chips are made for."
"D00d! That puddle was your brain? Awesome!"
"You've got rail!"
"Whoaaaaaa! D00d!! I, like, knocked your frags all the way to [place]!"
"Totally awesome."

Killing with gauntlet

"I'm too quick and you're too lame, [enemy]."
"Board movin' too fast for you to keep up, O' [enemy] d00d?"
"D00d! Up to my elbow! Awesome!"
"Spankity Spank!"

Killing with telefrag

"Go defrag your drive, [enemy] d00d. You're scattered."
"You think you own the sidewalk, [enemy]?"
"Yer stew meat, [enemy]?"

Killing with kamikaze

"That totally kicks 455!"
"Anarki has got game 2-NITE!."
"Splat, splat, splat!"
"Call me 'Mr. System Overload!'"
"Bet ya didn't see that one coming ol' buddy."
"That wiped your drive for sure, [enemy]."

Another player kills self

"Face it, [enemy], you suck."
"It wasn't even pretty. [Enemy] dude. You can't even do that right."
"Is your picture in the dictionary next to 'lamer', [enemy]?"
"Self-inflicted frag! [Enemy] enters domain of the totally stupid!"

Kill insults

"Don't bleed so much, [enemy] d00d. Makes the road slippery."
"You've got Virus, [enemy]."
"[Enemy] at dead dot com."
"I'm lightning and you got no surge protector, [enemy]."
"I am the busy signal on your dial-up modem, [enemy]."
"What a lamer!"
"[Enemy] is now connecting to MORTICIAN.COM."
"[Enemy], I formatted your sorry butt."
"[Enemy] = LAMER!"

Kill praise

"Not your fault, [enemy] d00d. You don't got the 'gig' to handle my code."
"Cool, d00d! You should see the look on your face."
"Nice move, [enemy]. If you had a board under you, I never would've got you."
"Not bad for an opening act, [enemy]."
"I'll put that notch high on the board, [enemy]."
"Good fight, [enemy] d00d. Next time we'll run together."
"I'll high-five you, [enemy] ... if you re-attach your hand."
"D00000d, I almost feel bad! "

Random insults

"Are you, like, pretending to be a statue, [enemy]? Good disguise!"
"Who wrote your program, [enemy]? Like, Benjamin Franklin?"
"Try a game-pad, fat fingers. You're, like, hitting all the wrong keys."
"Bend over and hold your arm out straight so I can catch a slide."
"How do I get into your Lamers' Clique?"
"Charging my batteries is tougher than fragging you, [last victim]."
"[Enemy] looks like a binary meltdown to me."
"[Enemy] d00d, you're a waste of good silicon."
"[Enemy] d00d, were you like, sad, when the dinosaurs died?"

Random misc

"Anyone wanna sell a ticket?"
"Aww! Freakin' gum. Who dropped it on the stairs?"
"Dude cut the cheese."
"Hey, if you rearrange the letters, this URL spells [anagram]."
[random one-liner]