Feel free to submit your own nicknames for Mew and Mewtwo! I'm not promising they will like them or anything, but it's fun to see what you could name them. If your name absolutely must have an explanation, please include it in the original email, and only use a handful of words. It is nice to know what show or whatever it came from, but other than that, it is sometimes more fun if Mew and Mewtwo don't know exactly why you chose a name.

Mewtwo Nicknames

Myuutsuu - the Japanese name, for purists.
Watashi wa dareda?
Psyblast - nicked from Pokemon UK.
It's got sort of a nice ring to it... but how about something that more strongly conveys my power?
Mewtilator - nicked from Pokemon UK.
Good play on words... but I'm not sure if I'd actually like to be called that.
Master - nicked from Pokemon UK.
Mwhahaha. You got one thing right. I own the competition!
Mewtant - nicked from Pokemon UK.
Ha. Okay.
Two - Sacrean's Mewtwo, as mentioned first on Ask Page #5.
Short and to the point. It does kinda make me feel inferior though. Like I'm second rate... which I'm not.
Mew - Purple Kecleon's Mewtwo, as mentioned on Ask Page #8.
WHY?! What did I ever do to YOU?!
Misteros - Suggested by Sailor Jupiter on Ask Page #9.
Please, no.
Psy - Bmp90's Mewtwo, as mentioned on Ask Page #15.
It works, but I think everyone already knows I'm psychic.
AmityPurp1 - Suggested by Mewtwo himself, on the Flames Page, and modified to fit nickname length.
Blast that tiny character limit!
Purple One - A variation of the name above, minus the "almighty".
I wish the almighty would fit, but at least this one looks less like a screenname...
Copy Cat - Please notice the site's name.
Oh yes, I never tire of having my status as a clone thrown in my face...
Frankie - As in Frankenstien's monster.
Do I look like a Frankie to you?! And the monster was nameless!
Gene - It's a name, and a part of DNA!
No comment.
Ryoko - Suggested by Strawberry Eggs, from a character from Tenchi Muyo.
I'm not really familiar with the show, but isn't my own show cool enough?
Tiara - Suggested by Strawberry Eggs, from a character from Shamanic Princess.
Why are you naming me after a wimpy crown? Not even a king's crown, but a girly one? Gah.
Apparently Tiara is a very powerful magic user who can transform into an even more powerful demon.
Oh, why didn't you say so! I guess that's okay then, heh.
Pickle - Suggested by RainbowRayquaza.
Um... why?
Cheese - Suggested by Restricted (?), based on the Flames page
I'm a little disturbed by the current food-based nicknaming trend, but I love cheese! Cheese = completely awesome!
Nathaniel - Suggested by Iykonia
You're making a reference to Hawthorne, correct? But... Nathaniel? Me? Ehh...
Lestat - Suggested by Iykonia
Ooh, a vampire name!
Lucifer - Suggested by Iykonia
Miyamoto - Suggested by Gs Lucky as being Japanese for "Mew again."
I hate to break this to you, but I don't think your translation is 100% accurate. It still could be a cool name, being the name of a famous samurai and all, but, unfortunately, this name is also the name of Jessie's mother... and that would be kinda weird...
NOT EVIL - Suggested by Mewtwo Gal to stop people from calling him that.
Yeah, I probably do need to get it tattooed on my head before people will get it that I'm not really evil...
Shadow - Suggested by Nikki, from Sonic
I hear we are similar... though this name is again a not-so-subtle reminder that I am indeed a clone... a mere shadow...
Blake - Suggested by a.c.
Hmm, that's a sophisticated, standoffish sounding name. I think that could work.
Sirts - Suggested by Gaz the Mewthree, claiming Mewtwo needs a breath-mint.
First of all, it's "Certs," and secondly, my oral hygiene is already impeccable, so I do not know what you are trying to imply.
RulerOfAll - Suggested by supermewthree
Muuuuch better.
Amethyst - Suggested by RubyMewtwo
It's purple, and apparently my birthstone. Hmm, neat... but not enough power.
Owtwem - Suggested by RubyMewtwo
You might get away with silly stuff like that with Mew, but not with me.
ThunderCat - Suggested by RubyMewtwo, for a Mewtwo that knows Thunder
Ho! Just one problem: wouldn't that give the opponent a hint about my attack strategy?
GrimReaper - Suggested by RubyMewtwo
I've come to harvest souls...
Tails - Suggested by RubyMewtwo
I neither have multiple tails nor am a coin.
Azrael - Suggested by Llori
The angel of death, nice.
Sunny - Suggested by RubyMewtwo.
Kane - Suggested by RubyMewtwo.
Score, another common vampire name.
Yojimbo - Suggested by Alucard, based on fanfiction.
That's already a Pokemon character. Yo, Jimbo, how long are you going to chase after that Pikachu?
Ronin - Suggested by Alucard
I get that this is kinda a dark name, but, ehh, not really me.
Apparently, this suggestion of Ronin was referring to a masterless samurai, with no superior or leader.
Oh, I was thinking of the name in general, or maybe the centaur in Harry Potter. The reasoning makes sense, but, ehh, still not really for me.
Doomsday - Suggested by Alucard
That works.
Bankai - Suggested by Alucard, as Japanese for "Full Power."
Not a bad choice, but let's not just go finding random Japanese words now.
Tisu - Suggested by Tigermew
Um... I'm not sure if I like the sound of that or not...
Shinigami - Suggested by Alucard, as Japanese for "Death God"
I like Death Note too much to not feel odd being called this, sorry.
Hades - Suggested by PokemonGod, the Greek god of the underworld.
I wonder how many death related deities and such are left to nickname me with. It seems to be a recent trend... I kinda like the sound of Hades though.
Storm - Suggested by Quanyails
I am NOT a female X-man!
Cronos - Suggested by Quanyails
More Greek gods, nice! Unfortunately, I do not want to be named after someone who regularly ate his children, sorry.
Opal - Suggested by Quanyails
Waaaay too girly!
Wisp - Suggested by Quanyails
Seriously, what's up with these girly names!? That one is much better suited to Mew.
Rage - Suggested by Shadow_Lugia
I wonder where you got the idea for that name from. I guess it could work.
Twooy - Suggested by Ash Nichole
Blech. Too cutesy, ick!
Tuoy - Suggested by Shadow_Lugia, from the "Krakish" language from Guardians of Ga'Hoole for "Rage"
I'm sorry, it's too much like Twooy.
Lance - Suggested by Tigermew
Not a bad name, but already a Pokemon character.
Ace - Suggested by Tigermew
I guess that's okay. I trump them all.
Alien - Suggested by Tigermew, due to thinking Mewtwo was an alien
I am not part of this world...
Pyromaniac - Suggested by Tigermew
Agent Two - Suggested by Tigermew
The name's 'Two. Mewtwo. *hums James Bond theme*
Darkheart - Suggested by Mew2/MewRock
Sounds like a Care Bears villain.
Thunderwind - Suggested by Mew2/MewRock
Ultimate - Suggested by Mew&2
That is correct.
Omber - Suggested by Dragondream the Flygon, a variation on a word meaning darkness
Not a bad name, but dark-types think they are better than me, due to a contrived elemental advantage (I beat them anyway).
Happy - Suggested by Shadow_Lugia, as a joke
While this is not exactly a fitting name, I don't appreciate what you are insinuating. I can be content.
Lickilicky - Suggested by Shadow_Lugia
Go catch a Likitung and leave me alone.
Mewtwo - Suggested by Shadow_Lugia
Akil - Suggested by Twitch, Arabic meaning "intelligent" or "thoughtful."
I could go along with that.
Stitch - Suggested by Twitch
Denise says I'm like the character, but I am already associated too much with a small, annoying creature, I don't need another one.
What are you talking about?
Behemoth - Suggested by Twitch
As if I am not picked on enough about my weight around here...
Saeran - Suggested by Twitch, meaning "noble"
Hisoka - Suggested by BlueEspeon, meaning "reserved" in Japanese
I may be quiet, but I am not reserved when attacking!
Toshihiro - Suggested by BlueEspeon, meaning "wise"
Haha, I got the name meaning wise and Mew didn't!
Yukio - Suggested by BlueEspeon, because he gets what he wants
I get what I want, but I am not sure I want that name.
Vlad Masters - Suggested by BaronOfBeefDip, from a Danny Phantom character.
Sounds kinda... generically villainous...

Mew Nicknames

Based on what I have read online, a received-from-Nintendo Mew cannot have any nickname. It was simply installed into the game rather than caught, and is technically traded to you from Nintendo. Therefore, the name cannot be modified. However, I'm sure most people with a Mew do not have an "official" Mew, so...
Myuu - the Japanese name, for purists.
Myth - nicked from Pokemon UK.
Oooh, nice.
Mystery - nicked from Pokemon UK.
How mysterious. Teehee.
Psycat - nicked from Pokemon UK.
That's me!
Wem - Purple Kecleon's Mew, as mentioned on Ask Page #8. It's "Mew" backwards.
*flies backwards*
Rose - Suggested by Mew herself, on Ask Page #10.
It goes with my coloring, and it's a flower!
Mystic - Suggested by Mew herself, on Ask Page #10.
Like I said, good, but kinda overused.
Dream - Suggested by Mew herself, on Ask Page #10.
Sometimes that's the only way people do see me.
Spirit - Suggested by Mew herself, on Ask Page #10.
I am a protector and all.
Molly - Suggested by Mew herself, on Ask Page #10.
Well, I thought it was cute...
Phantom - From Mew's title, "The Phantom Pokemon" or "The Phantom Mew."
Kinda makes me want to go to the opera though...
Mirage - Based on the Pokedex
Sounds cool, but those so called "experts" have no idea what they're talking about.
Nyozeka - Suggested by Strawberry Eggs, from a character from Alice 19th.
Well, that sounds... interesting...
Kyoko - Suggested by Strawberry Eggs, from a character from Full Metal Panic!
I think I could make that work... but I have no idea what the character is like.
Nariko - Suggested by Iykoni
Is that from something? Either way, it sounds cute.
Mint - Suggested by Iykoni
Random, but I like it!
Kitty - Suggested by Nikki
Simple, but cute.
Pinkitty - Suggested by Mewtwo Gal
It is neat how you use one k to stand for 2 different k's, but I would want to make sure people don't mistake this name for Pin Kitty or Pink Itty.
Kitten - Suggested by Nikki
Okay, everyone, I am a cat, yes.
Amy - Suggested by Nikki, from Sonic
That's a cute name.
Katnip - Suggested by supermewthree
I do like catnip, bit I am not sure I would want to be named after it. Also, why the K instead of the C?
Chibi - Suggested by supermewthree
It's fitting, hehe.
Fatale - Suggested by Alucard
Oooh, but do you think that really suits me?
Obito - Suggested by Alucard
Is that as in obituary, or orbit, or what?
Uber Cute - Suggested by Alucard
A bit direct, but thanks!
Wildcard - Suggested by Alucard
It does go with me learning virtually any move.
Vanera - Suggested by Tigermew
That sounds beautiful.
Trinity - Suggested by Tigermew
Oh! Like that cool girl in the Matrix!
Fluffs - Suggested by Quanyails
Hmmm, could work... maybe... I'm not very fluffy though.
Destiny - Suggested by Quanyails
That's good! Only thing is, it sounds like something that might be used a lot, though I am not sure.
Whirl - Suggested by Quanyails
I like it! *flies in a spiral*
Divine - Suggested by Quanyails
Just remember, no worshipping Mewtwo or me...
Pearl - Suggested by Quanyails
That is nice. And pearls can come with a pinkish sheen.
Ruby - Suggested by Quanyails
Maybe a bit too red. And video gamey. Pearl can work, but this might be pushing it.
Sunset - Suggested by Shadow_Lugia, since Mew is pink like the sky at sunset
That'd be a nice name.
Mewy - Suggested by Ash Nichole
Hehe, simple and cute.
Colette - Suggested by Tigermew
That's a nice name.
Felicia - Suggested by Tigermew
It's a name implying happiness and luck!
Shirley - Suggested by Tigermew
Only because of personal preference, I do not like this name as much.
Anise - Suggested by Tigermew
Eh, not a fan, sorry
Lilith - Suggested by Tigermew
Wait, isn't that the name of a demon?!
Dawnflower - Suggested by Mew2/MewRock
Moondrop - Suggested by Mew2/MewRock
CuteíníPink - Suggested by Mew&2
Hehe, thank you! Not the easiest name to roll off the tongue though...
Song - Suggested by Dragondream the Flygon
Harmony - Suggested by Dragondream the Flygon
I do try to preserve peace and balance.
Angel - Suggested by Dragondream the Flygon
Eterna - Suggested by Dragondream the Flygon, due to Mew's immortality
A cool name, and a good meaning.
Kute - Suggested by Shadow_Lugia
I think I prefer the usual spelling in this case.
Chocolate - Suggested by Shadow_Lugia
I love chocolate! Though wait, I'm not made of chocolate! Stop looking at me like that!
Genesis - Suggested by Eminai
Good name!
Mew - Suggested by Shadow_Lugia
Um, aren't you supposed to be sending in, you know, nicknames?
Keene - Suggested by Twitch, meaning "ancient"
Hm, interesting.
Kiernan - Suggested by Twitch, meaning "little on from the past"
That's a well-fitting name meaning.
Kijika - Suggested by Twitch
Is that an existing name? If I am pronouncing it right, I think I like it.
Mhiri - Suggested by Twitch
I dunno how this name is pronounced either, but it seems regal and refined to me.
Moto - Suggested by BlueEspeon, meaning "origin" in Japanese
Cool, that works.
Naomi - Suggested by BlueEspeon, meaning "pleasant and beautiful"
Mitsuko - Suggested by BlueEspeon, meaning "child of the light"
Jin - Suggested by BlueEspeon, meaning "gentleness"
Hm, this is a good name, but has the poterntial for being mistaken for "gin."
Butterfly - Suggested by BlueEspeon, since Mew is graceful and pretty like a butterfly
Hehe, thank you.