Copy Cats

Mewtwo is not the only copy cat around here! There are impersonators of Mewtwo himself running around! What is the world coming to?! Here are some look alikes, as well as some characters who are strikingly similar to him in other respects. There are even some impersonators of Mew! *gasp* Is nothing sacred?

Of course, submissions are very welcome! You can also feel free to add to or correct any information posted here. I am personally not familiar with many of the characters that are submitted. All I have to work with in the descriptions is the info I have been sent. So anything additional or corrected would be great. Also, I hate being exposed to spoilers, and I would not ever want to spoil things for other people, so if any information posted here is a big spoiler for the movie, show, game, book, whatever in question, please let me know so that the spoilers can be removed. Thanks!

This characters name is presumably Giegue, and he is the main boss of a game called Earthbound Zero. He cannot be defeated with usual attacks. Besides looking a lot like Mewtwo and being especially strong, he also seems to be in sort of a case with bubbles and tubing. Like Mewtwo was! (Thanks Person-Who-Sent-This-In!)

This is mostly an excuse to stick Nightcrawler's picture somewhere. hehe. Mewtwo and Nightcrawler (from X-Men) have a few similarities. The each have three fingers on each hand, animal-like feet (each standing on just 2 toes), tails with something on the end, and can teleport. Nightcrawler was abandoned by his mother, sort of like how Mewtwo is well, somewhat abandoned by Mew. They are both worried about being considered freaks (to a degree). I like Nightcrawler. ^_^;;

Renamon, a yellow fox-like creature from the third season of Digimon, looks a lot like Mewtwo, as far as physical build goes. Look at their legs, their three-fingered hands, their waists, their ears, etc! Renamon is also like Mewtwo in that she can teleport and has psychic abilities. She apparently went on an attacking spree early in her Digimon career, comparable to Mewtwo's earlier zest for fighting. Renamon is also described as being powerful, quiet, and loyal as Mewtwo is (Thanks Renatwo!).

That demented thing is Deoxys, a Pokemon from the Ruby / Sapphire generation. Like Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi, it cannot be obtained in the game by normal means and must obtained from Nintendo (or you could probably cheat). But then again, why would anyone WANT to?? Besides being a total rip-off of Mewtwo, it's not even a GOOD rip-off. Any of this sound familiar? It's known as the DNA Pokemon, it's psychic, and its Sapphire Pokedex entry says "It is highly intelligent and wields psychokinetic powers!" They do add some hogwash about it being a space virus that was zapped by a laser or something...pssh, I say if they were going to make it so much like Mewtwo, they could say Giovanni's computer tried to make an android with some of Mewtwo's stored DNA. Just compare it to Mewtwo's Ruby/Sapphire pic! ...arm up, same stance... Deoxys's got basically the same structure and pose. Yet wherever Deoxys doesn't look like Mewtwo, it looks like a gelatinous blob. What's up with the Mew tail for one arm and an oversized... thing... on the other arm? Deoxys just confuses and disgusts me overall... Let's stop talking about it and pretend it never existed, k?

Mewtwo and Stitch, from Disney's Lilo & Stitch, might not look very much a like, but consider their characters. Both were created by scientists to be fighting machines. Neither have any purpose besides destruction and are tormented by this lack. Both look for a place to call home, and others to call family.

CC (short for Carbon Copy) was the first ever real life cloned cat. Mewtwo was the first ever real life cloned Mew. In addition, both cloned kitties are gray in coloring and oh so cute! (Thanks Phoenix!)

Mewtwo looks very much like his fellow psychic Pokemon, Alakazam. In fact, these similarities have lead some fans to speculate that some Alakazam DNA was used during the cloning of Mewtwo, possibly to fill gaps that had formed in the deteriorating DNA of the Mew fossil, or just as an attempt to make Mewtwo more powerful. Both Pokemon have similar ears, feet, and hands. Also, Mewtwo's psychic aura, instead of being pink like Mew's, is blue like Alakazam's.

Mewtwo and the Master Chief, from the Halo series, are also alike. Both are first seen in glass tubes that keep them alive. Both were bred for battle, and enhanced with technology. Both Mewtwo and the Master Chief are armoured (at least at some point). Both are the 'ultimate' forms of their species (Pokemon and humans respectively), and are incredibly powerful. The Master Chief sort of meets an equal in the Arbiter, and so does Mewtwo, in Mew. There were more SPARTAN soldiers (like the Master Chief), but they were all killed. Similarly, there were more clones before Mewtwo, but they all died. (Thanks Crystylla!)

Talikat was an April Fool's Day joke on Neopets. Even if it never was a real pet, it still gets pinned as being majorly similar to Mewtwo. I mean, just it's overall stance is one of Mewtwo's frequent poses. Then its legs and feet are almost identical, it has three-fingered hands and long arms, a long tail, a different colored belly, big upwards ears, similar eyes, and a mouth that isn't readily visible. (Thanks InuMimi!)

Before the Diamond / Pearl generation Pokemon Rukario / Lucario was completely revealed, we had just this silhouette of him to work with. I must say, Rukario / Lucario himself really doesn't look all that much like Mewtwo, but his shadow sure does. You can't blame me and all those other people who were fooled, it looks like Rukario has similar legs, feet, and arms. Plus he has a skinny waist, a muzzle, tall ears, and a tail. And I'm sure it didn't help to know that he would be in a movie with Mew. The next Pokemon the mind jumps to is, of course, Mewtwo.

This character is Copy Rezo from the fantasy anime The Slayers. The original Rezo studied magic in hopes of curing his blindness. He resurrected the Dark Lord of the Monster race, Shabrinigdo, in exchange for gaining sight. Shabrinigdo was reborn into Rezo's body. When Shabrinigdo was killed by Lina Inverse, Rezo died too. Later in the series, a copy of Rezo was created through magic by Eris in order to continue Rezo's research on controlling the power of monsters. Eventually, Copy Rezo turned on and killed Eris. He then set out to prove he was better than the original Rezo by withstanding Lina's ultra powerful spell. Copy Rezo is similar to Mewtwo in several ways. They're both clones, both created to be used. Copy Rezo is somewhat enhanced over Rezo in that he can see, like how Mewtwo is enhanced over Mew. Both killed their creators. Copy Rezo wanted to show that he was more than a copy and prove he was better than the original, also like Mewtwo. In addition, he uses powerful magic, similar to Mewtwo's psychic powers. And, uh, Copy Rezo has purple hair, heh. (Thanks Strawberry Eggs!)

Goshinki is a demon character from Inuyasha. He's purple, has horns that are reminiscent of Mewtwo's ears, three-fingered hands, a thin waist, and similar legs. He also hates humans and can use psychic powers. (Thanks InuMimi!)

I'm not a Dragonball fan, but apparently in the GT show, there is a character named Baby. He was born in a tank similar to Mewtwo, with the wires and all that. He was created by Dr. Myuu (yes, that's pronounced Mew, and the same as her Japanese name) to be a fighting machine and kill humans. Wow, that is suspiciously coincidental, eh? (Thanks InuMimi!)

The big red guy is Delrith, a level 27 demon from a quest on Runescape. He has many similarites with Mewtwo: the three fingers, the funny feet, a tail, horns that sorta look like Mewtwo's ears, and a muzzle (though Mewtwo's is smaller). Delrith was "created" or summoned by Dark Wizards, planning on using him as a weapon to destroy the world. (Thanks Zephyr Analea!)

Shadow from the realms of Sonic the Hedgehog is kind of similar to Mewtwo, particularly when looking at his past. Shadow is an ultimate life form created by a scientist named Dr. Robotnik. Dr. Robotnik also had a daughter named Maria that he loved dearly. Maria and Shadow were great friends. One day, the military attacked the ARK Colony, the place in space where they all lived. Maria saved Shadow by putting him in a capsule and sending him to Earth, but Maria ended up dying. Shadow lost most of his memory after the incident. Sound a bit familiar? Besides those parallels, Shadow and Mewtwo both were curious when they were young (Shadow was curious about Earth). Plus, he looks a lot like Sonic, almost as if he were a clone. Shadow also has a teleportation-like ability called "Chaos Control," has a similar personality, and is not exactly evil. (Thanks Ryouka!)

This character is Waffle, from the Nickelodeon show Catscratch. I've only seen one episode, but this cat, appearance-wise, for some reason struck me as being Mewtwo-ish. He is a similar light gray color, with lavender details. He also has long ears (though his droop down). His bipedal-ness also makes me think of Mewtwo for some reason. Their personalities are nothing alike though; Waffle is hyper and very silly, if not dumb. That other character, the black cat Mr. Blik, probably acts much more like Mewtwo, and his ears stand up sharply. But Waffle has the coloring, and I like him better... Oh well. Me finding any relationship at all between the characters of Mewtwo and Waffle is probably just the product of having Mewtwo on the brain. Heh.

Rhypher is an adoptable creature on Zetapets. It is reminiscent of Mewtwo in appearance. It has similar legs and feet, three-fingered hands, a similar chest, and a muzzle. It's tail is also a bit like Mewtwo's even though there are two of them and they have fins on the end. Plus, you can get a purple one, which definitely makes it easier to compare with Mewtwo. Its pet info is: "Rhyphers have incredible agility, defense, intelligence, and endurance. It is one of the most feared pets, an unstoppable force searching for victory." This also makes one think of Mewtwo, what with the high stats and fierce battle tactics. (Thanks InuMimi!)

The copy cat from Tales of Symphonia has been temporarily removed, as I have started playing the game, and the information here was either incorrect or contained massive spoilers. I'll put corrected or spoiler-censored information back up once I have beaten the game. =)

Forgive me if I mangle this; I personally know nothing about this anime. I happened to see the plushie bag pictured above, and I thought for sure it was of Mewtwo. But no, it turned out it was of Yuki from the anime Fruits Basket. Yuki is apparently a hot guy with dark purple-grey hair and purple eyes. Click here to see. Everyone admires him, but he has very few true friends. He also has this curse, where if he is hugged by a girl, he turns into a rat. Not very good for getting dates, I guess. But it does make him cute and Mewtwo-like. Hehe.

In the anime series Spiral, there is apparently a character named Eyes Rutherford. Eyes is a member if the Blade Children, one of several children created in a genetic engineering experiment. They were created to be the "ultimate humans" as Mewtwo was created to be the ultimate Pokemon. Both Eyes and Mewtwo have violent tendencies, and both are incredibly intelligent. Eyes acts as the leader of the Blade Children just as Mewtwo was the leader of the enhanced clones he created. Eyes often questions why he and the other Blade Children were ever created, much as how Mewtwo questions his purpose really was. Both are characterized by being very angstful individuals. And, as you can see above, Eyes's constant cold look is very similar to Mewtwo's. Eyes's silver-white hair is comparable to Mewtwo's light grey fur. Also, both characters were aided by a spiky haired boy in some way. (Thanks Strawberry Eggs!)

Attila from the syndicated comic strip Mother Goose and Grimm makes me think of Mewtwo a little bit. He is the cat owned by Mother Goose. He is a dull purple-grey color with a partially purple tail. He also has long pointy ears that stand up. Attila doesn't really act like Mewtwo, however. He sometimes outsmarts Grimmy, but usually strikes me as being a bit of a pushover.

Pictured above is one of the Gorganites from the film Small Soldiers. They don't really look like Mewtwo (in fact, they come in a variety of designs) but they are like Mewtwo in that they were created to be evil but ended up being good. (Thanks Shadow!)

This is Ramirez, an antagonist from the awesome video game Skies of Arcadia. I will try not to spoil too much, as everyone reading this must go and play this game as soon as possible, but, anyway, Ramirez is like Mewtwo in several ways. He started out as a very innocent and altruistic person, yet his discovery of the cruelty of humanity, and the influence of a person who believes only in power to achieve one's own ends, leads him to seek destruction and world domination. Ramirez's loss of innocence, hatred for humanity, influence of a power-hungry individual, and efforts to change the world through force all mirror similar events in Mewtwo's history. There are a few other similarities, but I can't tell you what they are, because you have to get off the computer now, and go play this game, heh.

Greys are a type of extraterrestrial that is very commonly reported in UFO sightings, and were also, by my guess, probably a big influence in Mewtwo's design. Greys are commonly reported as having thin bodies, with long thin necks and long arms that hang down to the knees. They also are commonly described as having oddly jointed legs and three or four fingers on each hand. Their large bald heads hold large brains, and they have flat noses with slit-like nostrils, small mouths, and large eyes. They are said to either wear tight fitting clothes, or no clothes at all, and, as one would guess, are grey in color. Mewtwo looks a lot like the illustration of the grey above. Just tack on some ears and a purple tail, hehe.

You might have a bit of a problem if you are playing Mario 64 and start seeing Mew and Mewtwo in the clouds... (lol, just kidding, InuMimi, thanks for the submission). You can click the picture to see it bigger.

On Neopets, there is a Petpet, the Pink Kadoatie, that looks quite a bit like Mew. Well, it is a cat, and pink, and says "Mew" on the avatar. I know it's tough to have a pink cat that doesn't look like Mew, but there you go.

Just as Mewtwo looks like Alakazam, Mew looks quite a bit like Abra. They have similar cat-shaped heads, triangle ears, and big feet. And they are both Psychic, though Mew's aura is pink.

This green creature's name is Carbuncle, from Final Fantasy VIII. It, like Mew, is cute, with long three-toed feet, short arms, and an otherwise similar body structure. Carbuncle is able to cast reflective barriers, and Mew can do the same. (Thanks Beverly!)

Yoda, from Star Wars, actually has a lot in common with Mew. Both are small in stature but can really kick your booty. Both are wise, yet playful. Both have three-fingered hands, three-toed feet, and pointy ears. Both try to avoid fighting when possible. Yoda's use of the Force is similar to Mew's psychic abilities.

Rocket J. Squirrel, better known as Rocky the Flying Squirrel from Rocky and Bullwinkle, reminds me a lot of Mew. Both have large, elongated feet with a small number of toes, large eyes, sticky-outy nose areas, and long tails. Both also can fly and have really cheerful dispositions.

Denret is an adoptable creature on Zetapets. While I personally think it looks more like, say, Furret, if I look at the pink one, I cannot deny the similarity either. It's sort of that pink cat thing again. Most pink cat-like creatures will look like Mew. But, anyway, if you also bring in the pet info, there is more in common: "Denrets are shy creatures, and try to stay away from others. However, when threatened, they can be a very powerful enemy. They usually stay in woodlands and are omnivores." I don't know what Mew likes to eat, but it still is reminiscent of Mew's skilled hiding and latent power. (Thanks InuMimi!)

Alright, this may be seen as stretching things, but bear with me. Kirby is small, pink, and blue-eyed, like Mew. Plus, in all the pictures I have seen, I would guess he's a generally happy critter, as Mew is. Yet the even greater similarity lies in their versatility. Kirby is able to obtain the abilities of any enemy he can suck up. Mew likewise is able to transform into any Pokemon, and learn any move that is available through TMs, HMs, and Move Tutors. And if you do the Transform/Sketch trick, Mew really can learn every move, literally stealing the move as Kirby does. (Thanks Rocky!)

Where Mew is the first Pokemon, Mega Man and his identical-schematic brother Protoman (Original Series versions) are the first two fully humanoid robots built in their universe. Where Mew has the ability to take on the form and powers of any Pokemon in existence, Mega Man and Protoman both have the ability to use the attack abilities of the boss robots of the series and change colors when they use these alternate powers. Also, these powers are probably installed by taking some chip or circuitry from amongst the enemy's remains, (it doesn't actually show it in-game) so it's not too different from the ability to use all the TMs that have ever been made. Also, Mega Man is blue and Protoman is red, and the two colors Mew can have in-game are a very light blue and pink, which could be considered a very light shade of red. (Thanks Tim!)

This is Amy Rose from Sonic. She is pink and has pointy triangle ears, like Mew. Her eyes are also green, which is sort of close to Mew's blue. I don't really know anything about her, except that she is my least favorite character to play as in Sonic Advance because she can't ball up and move fast like Sonic and the other characters. Isn't the point of the Sonic games to move fast? Amy Rose does get to use a giant mallet at least, but it doesn't really compensate enough for me. Anyway, I digress. I don't know how, but Nikki assures me that Amy Rose acts like Mew. Could I have some examples of this? (Thanks Nikki!)

These are real legendary Pokemon, from the Diamond / Pearl Pokemon games. The yellow headed one is Yukishii / Uxie, the pink one is Emuritto / Mesprit , and the blue one is Agunomuu / Azelf. They appear to float like Mew, and there is something about them that reminds me of Mew. It might be how their tails are reminiscent of Mew's tail. In fact, they look like someone tried to take the designs of Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi and combine them, at least to me anyway. (Thanks InuMim!)

The squiggle to the left is mu, pronounced "mew," the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet. It symbol for the coefficient of friction, strain, the arithmetic mean, chemical potential, the mobility coefficient, magnetic permeability, dipole moment, viscosity, and some other mathy and sciency things. It also represents "micro" as in micrometer. Fun stuff!

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