Mewtwo's Origin

Dub Transcript

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(Located in the Amazon Jungle, with Mankeys climbing in the trees, Butterfree fluttering over flowers, and a curious Mew following a team of explorers)

Prof. Smith: (narrating, as if writing in a journal) August 16: Today my colleagues will reach the site where an ancient civilization may have created a shrine to Mew, the most powerful Pokemon to have ever existed, now believed to be extinct. Giovanni is financing the expedition. When he learned of my work in the field of cloning, he agreed to fund my research, but only if I would try to create for him an enhanced living replica of Mew. I had to agree, for he wants to control the most powerful Pokemon the world has ever known. I, of course, want something more... much more.

(Explorers enter an ancient ruin. Inside there is a giant carving of Mew.)

Explorer: Mew... (Mew's shadow momentarily covers the carving, before quickly moving away) Huh?

(Explorers find a green, glowing fossil)

Prof. Smith: Our team is bringing back what we believe to be a Mew fossil. I pray it's authentic. If so, I may finally have the DNA I need to create a Pokemon powerful enough to survive the cloning process. Perhaps then I can unlock the secrets to restoring life itself.

(Mew, who was watching the explorers through a hole in a cloth flap covering the door, flies away towards a distant, snowy, mountain in the Andes.)

(Zoom in on fossil, followed by flashing computer screens showing the cloning process)

(Zoom in on tank containing amneotic fluid and bubbles)

Mewtwo: (very young, surrounded in darkness) Where am I? Who am I? What am I?

Scientist: (looking at Mewtwo from outside his tank) He's just like all the other clones, doctor. He hasn't gained consciousness.

Prof. Smith: I just don't understand it. Its other vital signs are strong.

Scientist: (Mewtwo, in darkness, opens his eyes and listens) We're measuring brain activity...

Mewtwo: I sense others near me... what are those strange sounds they make?

Ambertwo: (appearing in a bright light) Those are words. They're talking.

Mewtwo: Huh? (turns to bright light, which is forming into the shape of a girl.) What are you?

Ambertwo: (totally appears) What do you mean? I'm a girl. A person.

Mewtwo: (floats toward Amber) A person? Am I person?

Ambertwo: Well, you look like a Pokemon, but you talk! I didn't know a Pokemon could talk like a person!

Mewtwo: Pokemon? Person? What are those? Which one am I?

Ambertwo: Maybe it makes a difference to you if you are a Pokemon or a person, but not to me (giggles and twirls around). If you are in this place, maybe you are the same as all of us are!

Bulbasaurtwo: (appears) Saur!

Charmandertwo: (appears) Char!

Squirtletwo: (appears) Squirtle!

Scientist: (in labratory, looking at computer monitors desplaying brainwaves of the clones) What's that?!

Female Scientist: I'm not sure, but Mewtwo and Ambertwo seem to be communicating with the other clones!

Scientist: But how?

Female Scientist: They could be using telepathy.

Prof. Smith: (listening to other scientists while looking at the glowing light inside a glass tank that is Ambertwo) Soon...

Ambertwo: (floating in the darkness in a slowly rotating circle with the other clones) Everybody here's a copy. That's why there's a "two" after all of our names.

Mewtwo: I don't understand.

Ambertwo: They call me Ambertwo, but I'm still really Amber!

Squirtletwo: Squirtle!

Bulbasaurtwo: Bulbasaur!

Charmandertwo: (breathing fire) Charmander!

Ambertwo: (giggles)

Bulbasaurtwo: Bulbasaur!

Charmandertwo: Charmander!

Squirtletwo: Squirtle!

Prof. Smith: (looking at Ambertwo through her tank) Please... please let my theories be true. I must see my little girl... smile... again.

(Flashback -- Prof. Smith is at a computer besides Ambertwo's tank in what appears to be a basement. A woman comes to the top of the stairs)

Mrs. Smith: Dear...

Prof. Smith: I've reawakened her consciousness! Here, in this chamber! I just need to keep it viable long enough to complete the process!

Mrs. Smith: Why are you doing this?! You can't bring Amber back.

Prof. Smith: You're wrong. Look, she lives within this light! Her energy's undeniable. If my cloning theories are correct, we'll have Amber back with us one day soon.

Mrs. Smith: (reading what she wrote in a letter, which is lying on a table with her ring and housekey, below a family photograph from before Amber died) I loved our daughter as much as you did, but she's gone. No one can bring her back, and I can't go on watching you try. I'm sorry. Goodbye.

Prof. Smith: (in his basement lab, sitting in a chair looking upset. He gets up and walks to Ambertwo's tank, and starts stroking the glass.) I'll do anything... to see you again.

(End flashback -- Prof. Smith and a scientist with an accent are walking down a hallway towards the lab)

Prof. Smith: So, how are they doing today?

Scientist: You should be very pleased, doctor. The Pokemon clones are in stable condition, and Mewtwo is growing stronger everyday. One of them is bound to survive. It looks like all our hard work is finally paying off.

Prof. Smith: Yes, Giovanni will be very happy, I'm sure. He may soon have the most powerful Pokemon in the world. But I'll get something much more precious: knowledge... on how to recreate life. Then... I'll use it to bring her... back.

Ambertwo: (floating with the clones over the town Prof. Smith saw in his flashback) I call this my remember place. This is where I used to live.

Mewtwo: (the sun appears) What is that?

Ambertwo: That's the sun.

Mewtwo: What's it for?

Ambertwo: It makes the whole world bright and keeps us warm all day.

Mewtwo: Ah... (reaches for the sun; suddenly the wind blows) Oh...?

Ambertwo: That's called 'wind.'

Mewtwo: Wind?

Ambertwo: The wind helps us along. Sometimes its soft and sometimes its very strong. (they fly over to a city, when the sun begins to set) And that's the sunset. That's when the sun says, "Goodnight! See you tomorrow."

Mewtwo: (The moon appears) Is that a sun?

Ambertwo: No. (giggles) That's the moon. And the stars are the little lights that twinkle all night just so we won't feel alone in the dark.

Charmandertwo: Char... (starts to fade away)

Female Scientist: (looking at readings on the computer) We're losing all readings from Charmandertwo!

Scientist: No! Not again!

Squirtletwo: (back in dream world) Squirtle... (fades)

Bulbasaurtwo: Bulba... (fades)

Female Scientist: (by computers) Squirtletwo and Bulbasaurtwo are fading the same way!

Scientist: They look like another failure.

Mewtwo: (flying around Ambertwo, looking for the vanished clones) Where did they go? (Ambertwo doesn't respond and starts to fade as well)

Female Scientist: Doctor... we're... losing her too...

Prof. Smith: Amber... (places hand on her glass tank and watches her light fade away)

Mewtwo: (in the rapidly deteriorating dream world) What's wrong Amber? What's happening?

Ambertwo: It feels... like it's time... to say goodbye...

Mewtwo: Goodbye? (eyes start welling up) I feel... something... (wipes eye, leaving a glittering tear on his hand) What are these?

Ambertwo: They're tears... you're crying...

Mewtwo: Crying?

Ambertwo: My daddy used to tell me a bedtime story... that when Pokemon are sad... and they cry... their tears are filled with life.

Mewtwo: I'm so... sad. (tears start pouring from his eyes now)

Ambertwo: I have to go.

Mewtwo: Why??

Ambertwo: I don't know... but its all right. Thank you for caring about me... and don't cry Mewtwo. You should be happy. You're alive, and life is wonderful (she totally vanishes, leaving Mewtwo in darkness once more)

Mewtwo: (he makes a weird noise, sort of like 'aw' and keeps crying for a time, until he stops, and is surrounded by a blue light) These tears... what good are they?! (becomes angry, so that an psychic attack starts eminating from his unconscious body inside his glass tank) Please, Amber! Come back! Don't go! Please! Amber!!!

Female Scientist: Doctor! Mewtwo's brain waves are out of control!

Prof. Smith: It's getting too upset! It mustn't remember this! Administer the serum! Do it immediatly!

Female Scientist: I'll try 100 units (types on keyboard) 10... 20... 30... 40... 50... 60... 70... 80... 90... 100

Prof. Smith: What's happening? Is it working?

Female Scientist: It's brainwaves are going back to normal. Everything seems okay, doctor.

Prof. Smith: Nothing is okay! My Amber is gone forever. Only Mewtwo survives...

Mewtwo: (time has passed) I have slept for so long... it seems like... forever. (voice sounds older) I remember something... someone (voice is fully matured) Life is wonderful... but... why?