The Birth of Mewtwo

Episode 5: Myuutsuu's Counter Attack

Myuutsuu: (Sound of waves) Sakaki, how many species of Pokemon are there in this world?

Sakaki: Easily over 150.

Myuutsuu: I'll show you my strength!

Sakaki: Team Rocket's ultimate weapon, Myuutsuu's power was incredible.
--Myuutsuu, I'm going to take off your chains, and your armor! Show the Pokemon your powers! Psychic powers! Bind them! Speed Star! Psychokinesis! (All Pokemon opponents are defeated)

Myuutsuu: I caught them.

Sakaki: Monster Ball! (Team Rocket members are heard throwing Monster Balls at Pokemon and capturing them)

Myuutsuu: I caught them!

Sakaki: (To himself) Myuutsuu's powers are splendid. Myuutsuu's various techniques were incredibly strong. I might be able to take over the world with just this one. (Wave sounds end)

Trainer: My Pokemon won't loose! Go, Buuba [Magmar]! (Releases Buuba from its Monster ball) Flame throw! (Buuba attacks Myuutsuu with its flame attack) You did it!

Sakaki: (Chuckles) What, you think you've beat him with just that? Myuutsuu! Regenerate yourself! (Myuutsuu regenerates)

Trainer: What?

Sakaki: Myuutsuu is invincible. Destruction beam! (Shoots Buuba down) (Chuckles) --Monster ball! (Uses his Monster ball to capture Buuba)

Trainer: Wait! You're going to take my Pokemon?!

Sakaki: I won.

Trainer: That's breaking the rules!

Sakaki: Remember this..."Breaking the rules" is a compliment to Team Rocket.

Trainer: Wait! Please!

Sakaki: Chase this trainer away. Speed Star! (Myuutsuu attacks the trainer)

Trainer: Wah! You're going to attack a human?

Sakaki: There's no human nor Pokemon to Myuutsuu. He defeats the strong, takes the weak, and will chase away those who interfere. (Attacks people)

Humans: AUGH! (Explosions are heard in the background)

Myuutsuu: (Thinking to himself) I'm alive. But if someone asks me if my life is fun... (Chuckles) Defeating strong Pokemon was fun. And it was not so bad picking on humans, those cheating creatures who boast about strength they don't have...but now, there's no Pokemon stronger than me. I'm invincible. Team Rocket who follows me only thinks about making's more than hatred for them. They're not even worth me spitting on.'s not only Team Rocket...humans after all are creatures who think only of money and greed. Humans are trash that aren't even worth to be put in garbage cans. Listen to me humans...Strength is what rules the world. Not money...and you Pokemon...not the copies, but the real Pokemon...what's pitiful is that you Pokemon are even lower beings than humans. Once you're captured by a human, you listen to anything he says, and wag your tails. I can't forgive that as a Pokemon. Of course, I'm thinking this way, so perhaps I wasn't a normal Pokemon from the moment I was born.

Miyamoto: (Blizzard wind blows in the Andes Mountains, while Miyamoto breathes hard) I'm not looking for no ordinary Pokemon. What I, Miyamoto, seeks is a phantom Pokemon. Huh? The phantom Pokemon Fiayaa [Moltres]? The phantom Pokemon Sandaa [Zapados]? I'm not Miyamoto-san-daa...I'm Miyamoto-chan-daa! Huh? The phantom Pokemon Friiza [Articuno]? And they expect me to carry around a refrigerator on a one-woman trip?! What's this? Miniryu [Dratini], Hakuryu [Dragonair]? Kairyu [Dragonite]?! All you strange ones don't have to come out! If it's Myuu, you should come out! The phantom Pokemon Myuu! You're the only one for me Phantom Myuu! Everything about me is Myuu! My beloved daughter Musashi [Jessie]...Musashi...Mu-cha-shi [means "unreasonable"]...please understand unreasonable me... (Wind blows)

Sakaki: (In a jungle) Take a look, Myuutsuu. There are millions of wild Pokemon living in this great jungle. There are many ordinary Pokemon here, but there are very rare ones as well. But it's troublesome to go and find each and every one of them. So I want you to use your strength to get them all at once.

Myuutsuu: You want me to fight ordinary Pokemon?

Sakaki That's what you were born for. The world's strongest Pokemon, that's you. If you don't fight, you're not worth anything.

Myuutsuu: My worth?

Sakaki: Now, take off your armor and chains and show your power! (Myuutsuu removes armor) Myuutsuu, psychic power! Binding power! Speed Star! Psychokinesis! Show off all of your powers! (Myuutsuu attacks) As expected Myuutsuu. You've gotten one year's worth of Pokemon.

Myuutsuu: What am I doing? Why am I living? Why am I fighting? (Tries to break out of chains)
--Damn, take this armor off!

Sakaki: Myuutsuu, I can't do that. It's too dangerous for humans if I let you go free.

Myuutsuu: Are you telling me to fight for all of you? To fight for humans?

Sakaki: You're a Pokemon. Pokemon are living beings who exist to be used by humans.

Myuutsuu: I'm no ordinary Pokemon.

Sakaki: That's right. You're a Pokemon made by humans. If you don't fight for humans, what other value do you have?

Myuutsuu: My value? Who am I? What am I living for? The least I know is that it's not for humans!! (Removes armor and chains)

Sakaki: (Shocked) Ah! The chains! The armor! Are you going to go against me?!

Myuutsuu: I was created by humans, but I'm not a human. Since I was a created Pokemon, I'm not even a Pokemon! (Blast destroys the Team Rocket headquarters)

Sakaki: (To himself) What I dreaded had happened. The Team Rocket headquarters was destroyed in one second. (Bitter) Soon, no one can control Myuutsuu anymore...

Myuutsuu: (thinking to himself on New Island as the sound of waves are heard) My strength becomes stronger. I'm the world's strongest. The one who has the right to rule the world are not humans, it's me! Who am I? Where is this place? I don't feel that this world is fun, nor fun...I don't feel pain either. And obviously I have never cried. That's right. I'm Myuutsuu. I'm going to continue living as Myuutsuu.

Myuu: Myuu, Myuu.

Myuutsuu: Hm? Myuu...that's're there too...

Myuu: Myuu!

Myuutsuu: (Waves are heard crashing the shore) I'm the strongest in the world. I have the right to rule this world. (Wave sounds stop)

Miyamoto: (In the Andes Mountains) I am Miyamoto-chan. I won't give up. The daughter I left is almost a hag [Over 24 years old and unmarried]. I have already forgotten her face? Musashi? There's no loss in having too much money. Myuu! Where are you?! After all, I, Miyamoto-chan will chase after the phantom Pokemon everywhere, until the end of time! I'm going to do it!

Sakaki: The whereabouts of Miyamoto after that is unknown.