The Birth of Mewtwo

Episode 2: The Birth of Myuutsuu

Myuu: Myuu...Myuu...Myuu.

Sakaki: Twenty years ago...the phantom Pokemon revealed a glimpse of its existence to us. The search for it kept on going, but no matter what, no one knew where it was and the silence had continued.

Miyamoto: (In the Andes Mountains as a blizzard is heard) I'm Miyamoto-chan and I'll never give up! My little daughter is already in grade school after all. That takes money. Where are you Myuu?! Come on out! (Blizzard wind blows then stops)

Sakaki: (Sounds of digging are heard) Eighteen years after that... I, Sakaki, had succeeded my mother to become the boss of Team Rocket. Our underground business concerns all Pokemon. We are the "any" Pokemon Team Rocket. Digging and stealing fossilized Pokemon are no exception. And Team Rocket's greatest excavation and steal site were in the mountainous area of South America. (Digging stops when a rock chip sound is heard)

Excavator 1: Woah...what the devil is that?

Sakaki: (Narrating) That was a fossil, less then one centimeter in length.

Excavator 2: It's pretty shiny for a fossil.

Excavator3: Oh! This is...! (Fossil's glitter flashes upon excavators)

Dr. Fuji: My name is Doctor Fuji. Dr. Fuji. That fossil was secretly taken to my secret laboratory in New Island.

Computer: (Inside New Island laboratory) Analysis result: It is a fossil of an eyebrow of some sort of Pokemon. The Pokemon species is unknown. But when we vocalize what we can from the DNA...(electronic voice) Myuu. Myuu. Myuu. Myuu.

Dr. Fuji: Myuu? What's that?

Computer: There is one record in history.

Dr. Fuji: And that is...

Computer: It is the voice of a phantom Pokemon said to originate in the jungles of South America...(Electronic voice) Myuu... Myuu.

Dr. Fuji: The phantom Pokemon, Myuu?

Sakaki: (Appears in the laboratory) Myuu, hmm? Can you recreate the phantom Myuu from the analysis of that fossil?

Dr. Fuji: Mr. Sakaki. If I am asked, "Can you do it?" I will answer, I have succeeded with other Pokemon. (Starts pun-like song) If I make a copy of a Pokemon with its genes, then Poke - Poke mon-mon, we have got ourselves two Pokemon.

Sakaki: Two times the profit.

Dr. Fuji: If we make a copy of Zenigame's [Squirtle's] genes...

Zenigame: Zeni, Zeni, game, game.

Dr. Fuji: We've got two Zenigame.

Sakaki: Making money. [Zenigame means "money turtle"]

Dr. Fuji: If we make a copy with Hitokage's [Charmander's] genes...

Hitokage: Kage, Kage, Kage, Toh...

Dr. Fuji: We've got two Hitokage.

Sakaki: Another profit.

Dr. Fuji: We make a copy of Fushigidane...

Fushigidane: Dane, Dane, Dane, Dane, Fushigidane.

Dr. Fuji: It'll increase to two...

Sakaki: Even a seedless watermelon will grow a flower or two. [Fushigidane means "mystery seed"]

Dr. Fuji: Copy, copy, and copy again.

Sakaki: One, two, two becomes four, four to eight, eight times two is sixteen...thirty-two of them. A fortune is made before you know it.

Dr. Fuji: If we make a copy with Pikachu's genes...

Pikachu: Pi-pika, pikachu.

Dr. Fuji: More and more, it's mouse mathematics. [Mice multiply quickly]

Sakaki: It's a sparkling, sparkling treasure box. [Pikachu means "sparkle squeak"]

Dr. Fuji: If we make a copy with Nyasu's genes...

Nyasu: Nyasu, Nyasu.

Dr. Fuji: ...And the moon will shine.

Sakaki: I don't need that. (Ends pun-like song)

Dr. Fuji: (Sighs)

Sakaki: What's wrong, Doctor?

Dr. Fuji: But I wonder if that goes true for a phantom Pokemon.

Sakaki: What do you mean?

Dr. Fuji: It is not like there were no failures.

Sakaki: We can't make profits if we're afraid of failure.

Dr. Fuji: At least a copy of a human has not succeeded yet.

Sakaki: I don't need a copy of a human. Increasing humans won't make money. Pokemon are what makes money. (Laughs) And to add to that, it's said that the phantom Myuu is the rarest Pokemon in the world. If it's recreated in this laboratory, and is in our possession...even if it's a copy we'll make a fortune. Even if it's a fake we'll make a fortune (Laughs while he walks away).

Dr. Fuji: (Laboratory sounds are heard) It's not only because I want to make Pokemon copies that I'm continuing this research. (Speaks to Ai) Ai...can you hear me? My precious child. Can you hear my voice? (Sound of bubbles are heard)

Ai: (Giggles) Papa! Papa! Why are you papa?

Dr. Fuji: Ai, that's because I'm your papa. Your mama left me, I can't stand it anymore. I'm so lonely. Well, that happens a lot but, if that accident...(flashback--sound of car crash and an ambulance siren)

Dr. Fuji: Ai, are you all right? Ai! Ai! Come back!

Ai: Sorry papa, I can't go back.

Dr. Fuji: No, I want to get you back. I don't want to be by myself.

Ai: (Giggles) It can't be helped. I'm probably going to become a star.

Dr. Fuji: If you're going to be Halley's Comet, you'll come back. [Halley's comet comes within sight of Earth every 76 years]

Ai: Not anything like that...

Dr. Fuji: Oh...if you're not coming back...I don't care if it's a copy or a fake made from your genes...just don't leave me alone! (End flashback)

Ai: That's trouble.

Dr. Fuji: Yeah, papa's in trouble too. I mean, human copies can only live in a test tube, and only for four years.

Ai: Then don't do what's impossible.

Dr. Fuji: That's right, it's impossible. No matter how many times I try it, four years is the maximum. But I realized something...that Pokemon have an unusual life-force...I know now that Pokemon copies can live longer compared to humans. I want to know the Pokemon's secret of life. And I want to use that secret to make you live longer.

Ai: Really, don't do what's impossible. All right? Papa?

Dr. Fuji: No, I'll do the experiment over as many times as I need to...Ai, I've finally gotten hold of the eyelash of a phantom Pokemon. Its name is Myuu.

Ai: Myuu?

Dr. Fuji: Myuu is said to be the world's rarest Pokemon. According to a legend, it's even said that it has a life-force to let it live forever. If I copy that Myuu, and find out the secret of its life...then maybe you can have that strong life-force as well. Ai, I want you to live as an adult and for you to live with me until you're an old woman. To be born and to live life is a wonderful thing. That's why I want you to come back to me Ai.

Ai: I see, that's trouble.

Dr. Fuji: (A waterdrop is heard) One month after that...Myuutsuu was born, based on the genes taken from Myuu's eyelash.

Ai: (Excited) Oh, it's so cute! That's Myuutsuu...Can I be its mama? Can I be its older sister? I wouldn't mind living if I have a child like that. Hello Myuutsuu.


Dr. Fuji: Dr. Fuji. AKIMOTO Yousuke
Ai: Ai. HIKAMI Kyouko
Myuu: Myuu. YAMADERA Kouichi
Miyamoto: Miyamoto. TOUMA Yumi
Sakaki: ...and Sakaki. SUZUOKI Hirotaka ...have brought this [radio drama] to you.