The Birth of Mewtwo

Episode 1: The Phantom Myuu

Sakaki [Giovanni]: (Narrating as sounds of falling stars and explosions are heard) Space...never ending space. When did space begin? Nothing is known in space...never ending space. When did space begin? Nothing is known in detail. However, once upon a time, at the ends of space, in the galactic one of the solar galaxies, a creature was evolved...humans were born...and again, another time a new creature was born. More than a hundred species of this new creature was born, and eventually people called these mysterious creatures Pocket Monsters, or Pokemon for short.
--The Pokemon did not stop at a hundred kinds. As time went on, new Pokemon were found one after the other. (Music starts)

Announcer 1: Today we, the military government, has intercepted communication waves from a Pokemon discovery ship 1011. About 200 nautical miles away from the coast of Twin Island, I have met an unidentified Pokemon. I am certain that this is the legendary Hakuryu [Dragonair]...

Sakaki: (Narrating) There are many discoveries which have been left in history...

Announcer 2: (Communicating through a radio) Oh, I just regret not letting others see this figure! Gyarados...Gyarados is right here in front of my eyes! We've heard that it's an atrocious Pokemon, and as expected it looks very fierce.'s coming this way...Augh! Don't be so serious Gyarados! (Gyarados attacks the Announcer, followed by an explosion)

Sakaki: (Narrating) The discoveries themselves were pretty hard at times. But people did not stop there...

Announcer 3: A news flash just came in. There was an important announcement from the Pokemon academic circle. Unbelievably, the oldest Pokemon in the world has been discovered. Its name is Kabutops and is said to have retained its original form since two million years ago...

Kabutops: Kabu~tops! Kabu~tops! Kabu~tops! (Sounds of a crowd are heard in the background)

Crowd: Wow! It's for real!

Man: Find more Pokemon!

Woman: New ones... (Sakaki stops tape)

Sakaki: (Narrating) Humans around the world were in a fever to find more rare, and newer Pokemon. (Playing music from Rocketto Dan Yo Eien Ni [Team Rocket Forever]) And in any era, those who were at the top of the Pokemon craze was our beloved illegal hunting and smuggling Pokemon organization, Team Rocket
--Now, let me tell you this before name is Sakaki. However, my true identity is as the current boss of Team Rocket. Right here and now, there is a record of Team Rocket's most important and critical happening. (Music stops, and a film starts playing)
--Twenty years ago on an afternoon, this story began with Team Rocket member Miyamoto's report. Now, the Team Rocket leader at the time was a very beautiful person, very...the previous leader was a very beautiful woman. (Pauses) My mother was such a beautiful mom. Anyway, a report tape was given to my mother.

Miyamoto: Boss, please listen to this tape.

Madam Boss: All right, Miyamoto, oh, Miyamoto-chan ["chan" is an intimate suffix often used for children, close friends, and "cute" animals] "Making good money these days?"

Miyamoto: This is the Team Rocket password: "Well, not too bad, Boss!"
--Anyway, please listen to the tape. (Sounds of Pokemon are heard)

Madam Boss: What is this? Hey, will this tape make money?

Miyamoto: (Stops tape) No, no. This is not for sale. This recording was taken in a South American jungle with our splendid Team Rocket high sensitivity microphones.

Madam Boss: Wait. How much are those microphones?

Miyamoto: (Falls down in embaressment) Um, they were 50% off in Akiba [a district in Tokyo famous for its electronics stores and the bargains they have]

Madam Boss: You couldn't bargain a bit more?

Miyamoto: Aw, that's the best I could do. Anyway, what is recorded was this sound.

Madam Boss: So what is it?

Miyamoto: If one asks this and that. [This is the first line of the Japanese motto] (Speaks quickly) In a jungle where we can't catch sight of Pokemon so easily, we record their voices, and through the analysis of that, we can determine the direction they're in and their location. (Pauses, and takes a breath) This method is low budget and will save us a bit of money.

Madam Boss: I would bring it down a little more, those microphones to 60%.

Miyamoto: I'm sorry to say, but even at 50% off they're high sensitivity microphones. Various Pokemon voices had been nicely recorded. Please listen to them. Can you hear anything? (Plays tape with Pokemon voices)

Madam Boss: What?

Miyamoto: First, we'll eliminate the sounds of the wind, trees and rivers, in other words nature sounds. (Pushes button)
--Oh my, how interesting. Then, we'll eliminate the voices of bird and insect Pokemon that are usually in jungles. (Pushes button twice)
--Oh my, how interesting

Madam Boss: What a waste. If you're going to erase it, you didn't have to record it.

Miyamoto: Be quiet and listen. Please listen to it. (Presses button and music is heard)

Madam Boss: What's that?

Miyamoto: It's a kind of "country music" native to that area. A long, long time ago...people say that among the mountain sand-lakes, a phantom Pokemon lived.

Madam Boss: Hmm...and then what?

Miyamoto: Yes. Once a year, people say that the phantom Pokemon appears with the rising of the sun.

Madam Boss: Hmm...and then what?

Miyamoto: This Pokemon is the world's most rarest, and perhaps is strong, kind, and brave. It's a Pokemon to be thankful for because it watches over all of us.

Madam Boss: Sounds perfect.

Miyamoto: People say this folk song is in honor of that Pokemon.

Madam Boss: I wonder if it'll sell if we make a CD out of it...

Miyamoto: Making profit is what we're going to be talking about now. I, Miyamoto-chan [chan is normally not used to refer to oneself], have targeted this phantom Pokemon and have waited for years. (Sniffs) Even when I had my cute beloved little girl, I didn't leave that place, living alone like a long distance commute.

Madam Boss: Children cost so much money, don't they? My little brat boy at home is horrible!

Sakaki: (Listening to film) Hmph!

Miyamoto: Hehe...well, before my daughter became a prodigal girl, I have already given her to be a foster child.

Madam Boss: That's good intentions.

Miyamoto: Yes, well my life is one: profit; two: economize; no three or four; and five: Pokemon!

Madam Boss: You're the ideal image of Team Rocket.

Miyamoto: Please keep listening. I'll go on and eliminate even the folksong. (Pushes button which ends the country music)
--Hello? Can you hear it?

Madam Boss: Hello? I can't hear it.

Miyamoto: Let's raise the volume. (Turns the knob)

Myuu: (Small cry) Myuu...Myuu.

Madam Boss: Mm, mm?

Myuu: (Small cry) Myuu.

Madam Boss: That's strange.

Miyamoto: (Stops recorder) It's a voice no one has ever recorded. But the sound waves are definitely those of a Pokemon.

Madam Boss: That means...

Miyamoto: After all, the phantom Pokemon exists! The people of this area call this phantom Pokemon Myuu.

Madam Boss: Myuu?

Miyamoto: Myuu's crying went from the South American forest and it disappeared towards the mountains next to it. If we catch it, we'll make a fortune! Strike while the iron is hot, evil must run! Talks of profit go like the super express bullet trains. So go----------! (Miyamoto "runs" to South America)

Sakaki: (Narrating) The boss of Team Rocket at the time, in other words, my mother, sent a three-person unit led by Miyamoto, who recorded Myuu's voice to South America. However, it is said that not one of them has ever returned.

Miyamoto: (Wind blows in the Andes Mountains) So anyway... (Speaks to radio audience) Hi everyone! I'm Miyamoto-chan! This is the peak of the highest mountain in this South American mountain range. Now please look to your right. It's right before dawn, and is free~zing cold. It should be summer, but the mountains offer only blizzards. But it's all right. I, Miyamoto-chan will give my best! (Sighs and speaks to herself) I wonder how many years it's been since then though...
--I've become separated from the other Team Rocket members, the only person accompanying me is the picture of my daughter whom I left behind as a small child. (Cries) But even if I'm like this, I'm going to wait. I'm going to keep on waiting. Yes, I'm waiting for Myuu. Maybe I can see Myuu if I wait here at this mountain peak. I believed such a legend. A phantom Pokemon will definitely make money. I'm going to make money, I promise you that!
(Blizzard stops) --Huh? The's sunrise...The sun is rising! The whole mountain is gleaming silver. It's just like a mountain of coins! Now, that feels good!

Myuu: My~uu...

Miyamoto: You''re Myuu!

Myuu: My~uu...

Miyamoto: My, you look sooo gentle. So you're Myuu. Oh, hey look...look at this picture. This is my daughter, and her name is Musashi [Jessie]. Isn't she cute?

Myuu: Myuu.

Miyamoto: Yeah...oh hey, will you let me capture you? Please? Nursery school, kindergarten...child care cost money. (Blizzard starts again) Huh? Where are you going? Huh?! You're leaving? Hey you! Wait up. I won't let you do that. Once I hear talk of profits, I'm not going let this chance go! (Myuu flies away, as the blizzard returns) Huh? Where are you going?
--(Avalanche sound is heard from a distance) What? This feels bad! [dubbed to "We're blasting off again!"] What? I'm going to fall? After all?! AUGH! (Avalanche crashes on Miyamoto)

Myuu: Myuu.

Sakaki: Well, it was eighteen years after that incident when the secret of the phantom Pokemon was revealed to us again.


Madam Boss: The Rocket Gang Woman Boss. TSURU Hiromi
Miyamoto: Miyamoto. HYOUMA Yumi
Myuu: Myuu. YAMADERA Kouichi
Announcers: Announcers. ITOU Kentarou, HIGASHI Saori, KONISHI Katsuyuki
Sakaki: ...and Sakaki. SUZUOKI Hirotaka ...have brought this [radio drama] to you.