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New feature! You can now see all the questions answered on a particular page and click the link to jump right to the question you want. I recommend reading the page all the way through, as sometimes earlier questions influence the answers to later questions, but if you've read it already and want to jump the particular question, now you can! I also hope this feature will minimize duplicate questions.

Answering Questions
Page 1 Floor Care, Miyamoto, Pink, Stronger, Gender, Weather, Parkways/Driveways, Ash's Death, Roswell, Ai, Second Neck, Zebras, Cloning, Favorite Pokemon, Clear, Mewtwo's Birth, Human Characters, Decorating, Catnip, Mewshipping, Pokemon's Heros, Favorite Ice Cream, Fan Characters, Some Praise, The Barthroom.

Page 2 Woodchuck, Sensitive Pipe, A Human Crush, Worshipping, City, Mewtwo's Sleeping Habits, Pipe Powers, Mew's Daily Life, Mewtwo's Exact Location, Fangirls, Misbehaving, Other Mewtwo, Quest for New Island, Female?!

Page 3 Mewtwo in Melee, Fanfiction, Square Bubbles, Sailor Moon, Favorite Type, Human Characters Revisited, Mew in Melee, Mew's Usefulness in a Team, Mew in Melee Clarified, Quest for New Island Part 2, Mew's Date, Mewtwo's Plate, Punishments, Chicken Nuggets, Ice Cream Response

Page 4 Show Off, Favorite Pokemon of Favorite Type, Levels, The Legendary Dogs, Reincarnation, Puppy, Pronounciation, Mewtwo's Cuteness, Offended, Marriage, Another Date, Age, Singing Voices, Favorite Clones, Birth, Cloning Fluid, Mew's Mountain

Page 5 Missing the Clones, Rant About Giovanni, The Legendary Dogs Return, Mew's Attention Span, Favorite Meal, Computer Parts, Denise's Crowbar, Rusty's Date, Favorite Musical Genres, Operating System, More Challengers, Mewtwo's Ego, Favorite Movies, Favorite Books, Eating Candy, Insulting Oneself, Remote Wars, Hyper, Annoying Songs, Soap Operas

I'm sorry, but the rest of the Ask Section is not up yet! But I am frantically working on it! See my sweatdrop? Heh. However, you CAN submit questions, and I will save them until the time comes. And Celebi is still accepting questions as well, if you have any more for her.