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5. Extras and conclusion

I mentioned this before, but I would like to talk at more length about the horrible Borderlands: Origins comics. First of all, as a warning not to get them; they're shit, and this is not an opinion but a fact. I wish I could just complain that it's incompetently drawn and incompetently written, but there are far bigger problems than that: it has virtually no ties to the canon material - it completely disregards the one fucking paragraph of background information the main characters had! The thing is, these people presumably got paid for such a shitty job. So, I advise against buying it. You'll waste your money and you'll be disappointed.

Borderlands: Origins - wtf?

Anyway, I went on this tangent because I wanted to show this beautiful panel over there. In the context of the comic it even looked as if he was commenting on the bullshit going on in the panel above him. Now it kinda looks as if he's commenting on my tirade about the comic itself. That can make a good reaction picture. Please, save it for yourself. You can thank me later.

Different worlds

For the fun of it, I would also like to mention a few characters who are very much in the same vein as Mordecai. Some of them are other favorites of mine; you could probably make a chart of things I love to see in characters. If you can think of anything else that I'm missing, feel free to let me know!

Bass and Treble

Bass from the Mega Man videogame series has a lot to share with Mordecai. Bass is an antagonist to the titular character of the series; he bases his entire sense of self-worth on being stronger than Mega Man because of his huge "clone complex" - he was created from Mega Man's blueprints with the sole purpose to destroy him. Mordecai doesn't have that - he puts a lot of emphasis on his skills, but this is not the main reason why I think the two are very similar. As shown on the right, Bass has a canine robot companion that responds to the name of Treble. Personality-wise, Bass can be summed up as a rude asshole, but he would do anything for Treble. He is very much like Mordecai in this respect - he even experiences a similar personality switch when talking to Treble. Also, might I mention the fact that the helmet Bass wears makes him look as if he has a goatee...

Sniper Wolf

Sniper Wolf from the game Metal Gear Solid gets her name from the two important things about her - she's a sniper, and has a pet wolf. Very straightforward. These two things alone make her very similar to Mordecai, but there's more: not unlike him, Sniper Wolf takes part in a revolution, even though the player has to fight against her. To be fair, though - Handsome Jack is the hero of Borderlands 2, and in any other game you'd be playing from his perspective, so there's that. Mordecai can't claim to have Sniper Wolf's tragic background: she grew up in a war zone and she saw everyone she knew being murdered under the indifference of the world. Nevertheless, the end result is very similar to Mordecai: an emotionally distant loner. As she herself will say, what she's really looking for is freedom - both from the world and from herself. It's another take on one of Mordecai's themes.

It is known that Metal Gear Solid inspired another character from the Borderlands series: Zer0, who is an obvious homage to Gray Fox. It is not too far-fetched to think that maybe Sniper Wolf was in the back of the developers' minds when they thought of Mordecai.

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