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1. Introduction

As Claptrap would say - greetings, traveler! Welcome to Rakkaholic, a website dedicated to Mordecai from the Borderlands game series. Mordecai is one of the four playable characters of the first game, and he makes a great return in Borderlands 2 as a major non-playable character. Just like all the other protagonists of the series, he came to the hostile wastelands of planet Pandora seeking a mythical cache of unimaginable riches known as the Vault, not knowing that of course there's much more to this secret than what anyone could have possibly imagined.

I've been wanting to write about this game for a while now, and especially about Mordecai. His design and style caught my attention since the opening of the first game, because let's face it, I have a thing for goggles and goatees. He was also spinning a giant machete and being a total showoff, and that I like too. Then it turned out he was into falconry; ah, Borderlands, now you're just pandering to me, I thought. Now, in the first game, the main characters don't really have a lot of depth beyond the manual blurb and the little things they say when killing enemies, going idle and so on, but even from just that, the personality that transpired was that of a self-absorbed hot air balloon that might just fly off into space with his ego alone, and I found him awesome.

One thing about this universe is that there truly are no heroes on Pandora. In the end, the main characters are really a bunch of despicable treasure hunters of variable moral turpitude, and that is why I love them. But there was so little about them, and I wanted to know more. I guess I was heard, seen how Mordecai and the first group of Vault Hunters returned in Borderlands 2 as supporting characters, which gave them room to get more fleshed out.

Anyway, now there are enough things about Mordecai that I can actually elaborate on the reasons why I like him beyond "HE SO COOL". I have thoughts about this character, dammit! So, this page will provide information that's canonly stated in the series along with my own theories and speculation.

Since Borderlands is an ongoing game series (check it out! I'm writing about something that's not from fifteen years ago!), I promise I will try to keep this site as updated as possible. Were some new information render some of my points obsolete, feel free to let me know.

Last updated on: January 18, 2014
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