ANGER a dedication to malice from riviera

do you know what I gave up?

Finishing off Ledah

After their first meeting, the main characters won't see Malice for a long while, until their journey into the world tree Yggdrasil to prevent Ledah from destroying its defenses - the Aquariums - and leaving Ursula open to attack. Or, at least, they thought it was just Ledah; Ursula talked about a Grim Angel infiltrating, never specifying which one.

Ein thinks to be looking for Ledah; he does find him, and learn that his views on the Retribution have not changed, and that he still thinks that he is actuating the will of the gods. The two angels confront each other in battle, and Ledah is defeated; Malice then appears to finish him off, and thinking him dead reveals that the Grim Angels are only serving Hector and his plans to become an absolute god. She leaves again to go destroy the last Aquarium, with Ledah asking Ein to run after her.

She does not follow the will of the gods... She has become Hector's puppet...

When they find her, the third Aquarium has already been shattered. Ein fights her and, after a long battle, manages to defeat her. Although wounded, she tries one last attack; Ledah intercepts the killing blow intended for Ein, and dies in his place. Malice flees, and the party follows her to the Maze of Shadows to prevent Seth's resurrection and the destruction of Riviera.

I feel it again...
That sense of rage?
Yes. It's getting stronger and stronger... Malice...

By then, all the main characters know about her is that she's an evil Grim Angel following Hector's will. As they're stepping in the eternal darkness of the Maze of Shadows, they meet Malice once again, and Ein tries to reason with her and understand why is she working for Hector. It is at this point that they finally learn the truth about her motives.

Malice! Why do you side with Hector? Grim Angels are supposed to be...
Supposed to be what? I owe everything to Master Hector... Do you know what I gave up to become a Grim Angel? My future!

If her existence has no future, it means that all she can do is try to bring her mission to completion and serve Hector in any way she can. Even though she won't be there to live in the new golden age he promised her, she felt that by sacrificing her own future in a life which was already destroyed in the first place, everyone else in Asgard would be able to enjoy better lives, and her experience would not be repeated. In a way, Malice's objective is as selfless as it can get. In her view, she's trying to pave the way towards a better world, despite the fact that she won't be there to see it.

I've yet to fully recover from that last battle... But, I have to settle this now.
There is no future for me... If that's the case, then I have nothing to lose.
This shall be the final battle, Ein.


An interesting point about this last battle with Malice is that, if an S-rank is obtained, she will drop her weapon, the Diviner Skadi. If the weapon is used in battle, Ein or a member of his party will say about it, "Malice's it crying?!".
Even though it's an artificial Diviner which doesn't hold the true power of Asgard (a point that was even clearer in the original Japanese name of the weapon - Toolus, from "tool"), it somehow collected all her pain and all the pain she caused. As already said in the previous page, one important point about the character of Malice is that she is looking for her victims to mirror her feelings. Although she can never truly show it in front of Ein and the others, her pain is reflected in the weapon she traded her future for. And so, Skadi cries when Malice cannot.

I threw away my future, and was able to become a Grim Angel. An existence with a sealed future... I can only manage one more battle. Will Ein be the one to rot away in this land, or... ... ...The wound I received from Einherjar is throbbing... Born as a Grim Angel, and possessing power from the beginning... I won't lose to someone like that! I can't lose!


Clash of Diviners