ANGER a dedication to malice from riviera

a soul is best at the height of emotion

Fighting Serene

The main characters' first clash with Malice is in Lacrima Castle, where she's giving chase to Serene; we soon learn that the "black-winged woman" is the reason why the Sprites of Elendia and the Arcs of Rosalina Island have lost contact. Serene's village was destroyed and everyone's souls were taken, and she is the only survivor.

When fighting, Malice seems strong and confident; however, at a deeper level, her taunting reveals not-so-subtle traces of her own personal tragedy. Her sadistic attitude towards the Sprites' suffering is part of her process of catharsis, as she's beholding the fall of the ones who took the life of her mother and destroyed her own; and when she's asking her enemies to unleash their pain and hate against her, she is asking them to do as she did.

Oh, how they screamed... Yes, that's the spirit. Let your hatred flow!

Is there more to it?

Malice presents herself as a full-blown villain, down to being appointed as the sole responsible of a massacre. However, from her viewpoint, the Sprites are the enemy, and what she's doing is not different than what Ein is doing against the demons. Hector told Malice that, in order to make his utopia come true, she had to kill the Sprites of Riviera, who were but demons blocking the way to a better future; attempting to validate her existence by serving Hector and to avenge her mother, she was overrun by her feelings of anger and hate and became the ruthless murderer who killed the Arcs of Rosalina Island.

Are you insane!? How many will you sacrifice?
All of them. Sprites exist solely for that purpose.
Sage and Fool

The theme that different viewpoints exist and that everyone is seeing a different side of the story, often misunderstanding things, is a major one in Riviera. There are more characters who bring attention to this issue, the most important ones being Blue Fool and Red Sage, two demons attacking Ein's group to defend themselves.

Blue Fool:
Sis, we can't do it...
Red Sage:
Blue Fool:
Let's give it up...
Red Sage:
But then, everyone'll be torn limb by limb...
We wouldn't do that!
That's right.
Blue Fool:
Red Sage:
Don't be tricked, Fool! They're Sprites!
No, you're wrong...We don't want to fight.
Blue Fool:
Red Sage:
But I heard Sprites eradicate everything...

It's not like Blue Sage and Red Fool are misinformed. Ein and his party are destroying all the demons they can find in their path, and Sage and Fool were rightfully scared they would have been next, and conjured up a plan to stop them. The main characters do fight them, confirming that they are the villains from their perspective. And the option to kill them even after they have asked for mercy does exist.

From Malice's point of view, she feels like she is as right sacrificing the Sprites as Ein feels for fighting the demons; it's part of her mission and she feels like, by doing this, she's paving the way to a new, bright future, while getting rid of her angst about her past.