ANGER a dedication to malice from riviera

welcome; prepare yourself

Welcome, visitor. You have arrived at ANGER, a dedication to Malice, one of the antagonists from the videogame Riviera: The Promised Land. At first, she appears to not be unlike any other enemy in her villainous endeavors, although she is of much greater power; as the plot unfolds, it is revealed that her motives go deeper than it seems.

This website aims to explore the character of Malice through a series of essays.

The introduction to Riviera is spoiler-free; everything else delves more deeply into the character of Malice, and, as such, contains major spoilers. After the essays, you will be able to visit a media gallery, and lastly the exit page.

The pages of this site are meant to be read in a sequence; use the navigation on the bottom to move from page to page. Please enjoy your stay.

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