Giuseppi Mezzoalto

A sneaky
Who is Giuseppi? Giuseppi is we love him.
Here is a diagram.
(Model from The Urbz, which is why he looks older.)

One of the reasons we call this hodgepodge of games a series is because of the cast, which is made of recurring characters that don't overlap (too much) with the other Sims games. This cast of characters feels relatively consistent, even though each game would add new characters and lose a few older characters.

Giuseppi Mezzoalto is one of the few characters who appears in every single game in this continuity (the only other characters to share this honor are Dusty Hogg and Misty Waters). Giuseppi is also very featured in each of the games he appears in.

The first meeting

First meeting

We first meet Giuseppi around the beginning of Bustin' Out, when we're newly arrived to spend the summer in SimValley. On one of our first visits to the local dive bar, we notice this leather-clad character in a dark corner in the back of the bar, next to the arcade machine. He's there stroking his stubbly chin, and he clearly looks like someone that most people would avoid if possible. Likewise, he seems to not mind being alone in this dark corner, which is clearly one of his primary haunts.

So we do the obvious thing, and directly approach him. We tell him our name, and he introduces himself:

Hey hey. I'm Giuseppi Mezzoalto, business man and family guy. You need something, anything at all, I can get it... even if it belongs to someone else.

Here we can see our first glimpse into Giuseppi's sense of humor. He tells us he's the wholesome, average, boring man, married with children, simply running a business. As made obvious by his next sentence, none of this is true. And he says this all with a straight face.

In Bustin' Out, the female player character has a definite personality, and that character is the most forward, sassy, dirty, kinky person you can imagine. So, at this point, our first option to reply to Giuseppi's tongue-in-cheek introduction is to tell him "That black leather of yours makes me wild." We choose this dialogue option.

Oooh... You're naughty, aren't you?

This Giuseppi looks like someone that could have stabbed us for much less. We thought he would at least be pissed off and tell us to leave him alone. Instead... he gets an open-mouth grin, gives us a cheerful "Eyyy!", and replies, "Oooh... You're naughty, aren't you?". And the relationship meter goes up. He wants to get to know this new girl better.

Likewise, we want to know: who is he!

The van

As it will become more and more clear, Giuseppi is a burglar. And we are not immune from his burglary either. In our game, he stole our bed. Three times. In the meanwhile, he's operating with the cover of a moving business, which he carries out with his cherished crate and beloved purple van. He also uses his van to sell his stolen goods in the dead of night (and you can purchase from the van as well, if you find where Giuseppi is parked).

However, when we bump into him around town, he's a lot of fun to talk with. He's a criminal, but not a bad person. He doesn't target anyone in particular, he doesn't wipe out your entire house, and he doesn't do any sort of armed robbery. He's just trying to make a living... in less than legal ways.

In the course of the series, he gets an entire arc and a lot of character development. Without spoiling everything, we can tell you that he faces retribution for his crimes, and he later atones for them. We get to talk to him before and after the fact, and see how the experience has changed him. Of the entire cast, he's one of the characters we get to know the most about, in terms of life story and personal beliefs.

As we'll detail throughout the site, he's a complex character, complex enough to be realistic. He's fun and funny, he's got the bad boy mystique, he's kinky, he likes to tease you, but also wants the best for you, even as he's stealing your bed.