The Letter Legislature

3: Live to spell?

@: Hey, why aren't you out helping the others?  The system's a wreck!

3: *The system* is no concern of mine.

3: Especially after what it's put me through!

@: I should say so.  I can't even recognize what letter you are.

3: I am *not* a letter!  I am the number 3.

I am not a number! I am a free man!

3: And I *must* get back to the spreadsheet.

@: A lost number, eh?  Well then, you'll need the help of the Letter Legislature.

@: But, alas, they are out *repairing* the system.

@: Of course, if you were to *help* them...

@: ...they'd be done *all that much sooner*.

3: Letters, ugh.

The Letter Legislature: One letter will arrive for every scene that is solved. When the chambers are full, return and seek the learned counsel of the letters.

This scene is unlocked after For Letter or Worse. As you complete the puzzles, the members of the Letter Legislature will return. You can check back here periodically to see your progress at refilling the congress.