The Prologue

Somewhere in Corporate America

Dude: Okay, just 3 more to go annd we're outta here!

Remember when computers looked like that?

Dude: $6.95 should be $7.95... Guy: Got it.

Dude: $1.15 should be $1.25... Guy: Got it.

Dude: And fix that 3 at the top.  Guy: Which one?

Dude: Here, I'll do it.

Check out that Mac OS 6 Claris Works spreadsheet

Guy: No, I got it.

They are totally fighting over the mouse here.

At that exact same moment



and so...

3.333 3.33 3.333 3.33...


One of the 3s pops out and bounces...


...through the spreadsheet. Great, who's gonna clean that up?

inside the computer...

This game had a huge impact on how I imagine the inside of the computer.



3: Hmmpf... rounded off again!

3: I simply must get transferred out of this spreadsheet...

3: And into a nice, cozy quarterly report!

And the cart zips off to the left.

ENABLE RETURN Another 3: My, that was quick!  5: See?  I told her it was just a typo.  9: Shhh, here she comes now.

3 greater than 5 FALSE

3 equals 5 FALSE

3 less than 5 TRUE

3 greater than 3 FALSE

Tedious, yes, but this is actually a pretty accurate representation. Kinda.

3 less than 3 FALSE

3 equals 3 FALSE

Wait, what?

2, 5, and 8 peer down

The elevator shoots down...


Zooms down past the exclamation points...


Zooms down past the question marks...

*shooting down*

Down, down...


[Ominous closing sound]

3: This is an outrage!

3: Who's in charge here?

3: Hello?

3: Anyone here?



3: Is that entirely necessary???


3: What's your problem, anyway?


3: Oh, really?

3: Could you send me back to the numbers?


And then the elevator shoots down again.

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