3 and Me

3 in Three, by Cliff Johnson

3 in Three was one of my favorite games growing up. I remember my uncle had it, and he started playing it during a family get-together on his old Mac. I remember the adults all trying to solve the Lift puzzles while I watched, thinking a 3 being the main character was an awesome idea. I don't know if my uncle beat the game or not, but he eventually passed the game on to me.

The game came on a floppy diskette, along with a nice manual full of hints. I played it on my old Macintosh Performa, which ran Mac OS 7 (the game was also compatible with OS 6, so it could also run in black and white).

Though I loved the game as a kid, played it a lot, and read the manual front-to-back, I still got stuck on a lot of the puzzles. When I first started college, decided to play it again with fresh eyes. I got really close to the end, but then lost my save file. Now I am going to try to play it again, and hopefully actually beat it this time.

I figured, since I have probably one of the last computers that can play 3 in Three somewhat natively, I should document my progress for posterity and the good of the internet. I have a PowerPC PowerBook running Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger) with Classic installed. Newer Mac OSes discontinued Classic Mode support (which is the primary reason I haven't upgraded. I can't leave behind my old games!) Also, some newer laptops cannot be set to 256 colors, and 3 in Three cannot run if the display is set to more colors than that.

Adjust your monitors...