Fall From Grace

A: I'm telling you 'ain't' ain't a word 'cause 'ain't' ain't in the dictionary!

T: 'Ain't' most certainly is!  It's a substandard contraction for 'is not, are not, has not, and have not'.

A: Where's the apostrophe, then?

A: There's no nutritional value in a misspelt word!

T: It's misspelled, not misspelt.

A: It can be spelled either way.

3: No, that can't be correct!

3: 1 + 1 can't equal both 2 and 3.

S: Who's the linguistics expert?

T: Don't know.  She just arrived.

S: Really?  I wonder if she knows how to spell our correct word.

3: Your correct word?

3: Ah, a challenge of logic over letters!

Fall From Grace: In 3 moves, rearrange the letters to spell the correct new word. The letter atop the elevator determines what kind of move will occur when the elevator is selected. Each elevator has 3 possible moves.

When you click on a letter, depending on what elevator it is on and what letter it is, it will swap with another letter in another location. You get three moves before the puzzle resets.

3's Words of Wisdom

3: Which is it?  SATIN or STAIN?