Let's Play...

3 in Three, by Cliff Johnson

One day in Corporate America, a freak power surge zaps the number 3 off her cozy spreadsheet home and into the heart of the computer where numbers don't count and the letters spell disaster.

This is my Let's Play / Walkthrough of 3 in Three, one of my favorite games growing up.

Feel free to read straight through "Let's Play" style, but if you have the game and are just looking for help with a puzzle you are stuck on (or, if you don't have the game, but still want to try to guess the answers to some of the puzzles), I also have this set up to be a spoiler-free walkthrough with hints. I won't just blind you with the answer; you can click the links to first reveal progressively more revealing hints. You will also need to click a link to see anything that happens after the puzzle is solved, so you do not need to worry about ruining any surprises!


Start Here: Prologue

This game is semi-non-linear, in that, if you get stuck on a puzzle, you can jump to a certain number of unlocked puzzles and work on them instead. If you complete the puzzles in "order", there is a bit of continuity, except sometimes the continuity reaches an end and the game will ask you to pick another puzzle from the menus. The puzzles are ordered in the menus like so. I am not sure if the order has any significance, but it is not by continuity. If you follow along in the Let's Play / Walkthrough, I will have things in the order that I am playing them this time. I will try to keep as much of the continuity intact as possible.

- 1 - - 2 - - 3 - - 4 - - 5 -
Prologue Dove Owls Half A Mind Race Ahead Finale
For Letter or Worse Show Your Colors Why Pick on Me Mesh Around Finders Keepers
No Business Doing Take Your Pick Yet Another Mesh Whale of a Time Inside Track
Account for Yourself Trust in Us On Speaking Terms Pick on You Temple of Rhyme nor Reason
Meltdown The Mesh Beg the Question Half-Hearted The Letter Legislature
Outside In Learn your ABC's Meshed Up Third Degree Birds of a Feather
Safety in Numbers Another Mesh A Sole Soul Foreign Objects Central Processing Unit
Level Two Crash of the Symbols Pick a Fight What a Mesh Character Recognition
Level Four Roaming Numerals By Virtue Of B's in her Bonnet Mind your P's and Q's
Level Eight Pick up the Pieces Mesh About Pick up the Tab Hang in There
Mind's Eye Half a Notion Fall From Grace Actions Speak Louder This, That, and the Other
The Lift Lift Off Lift Up Lift a Finger Lift and Separate

Last Update: May 18, 2012